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The Kentucky Kernel, April 26, 1921

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

best uopy Available ""IT The Kentucky Kernel v VOL. XL Semi-Wcck- SENIORS ARE TO PUBLISH PAY CLASS Professor Unique, delightful, full of fun and gayety was tho miniature banquet given by tho members of tho "Amazon" cast and tho committees in charge of tho play, at tho University Lunch Jloom, after tho performance, Thursday night. Tho long tablo was Attractively decorated with vases of flowers and ferns. A substantial supper was served. Professor Mlkesell, as stage of tho play, acted as toastmaster at tho banquet and made a short delightful talk, briefly outlining the Miss plans for a play next year. Lucille Moore, president of the Phllosophlan Literary Society made a short Important talk, thanking tho cast for and efforts to mako their the play the success that it was. there were short speeches from various members of the cast, M. de Grival and Tweeriwayes making ,the biggest hits with their witty responses. A toast was drunk to Mr. Mlkesell and after singing several songs the banquet ended. ANNUALS HERE SOON June Graduates May Wear Corduroy and Mustaches The name of every Senior who has not paid his class dues by ay 1 will bo published In The Kernel next Tuesday, May 3, It was decided at the meeting of the Senior class last Friday at the fifth hour. These names will be published In every Issue of Tho Kernel thereafter until paid. As the dues are paid the names will bo taken from the list. A motion, was also unanimously passed asking that tho University withhold diplomas from every Senior whose dues aro not paid, as it was pointed out thata Senior who has not paid his dues is not "in good standing," as (the diploma states. The treasurer's of report shows that about thirty-fiv- e the 140 members of the class have. not yet paid their dues. The Kentuckians will be here the first week in May it was announced by business manager. 'Fred Houston-Shaw- , The final plans for the Senior Ball will be made as soon as the total amount of class dues have been collected according to Dillard Turner, chairman of. the committee. Vit was decided to have the Senior strain this year. It will be on Monday of Commencement week. H. B. Lloyd is chairman of the Class Day committees which will Have charge of the plans for this. It was decided (to request the faculty committee In charge of the commencement exercises to arrange to hold the commencement of the University campus, either in chapel, on the parade ground or In the natural amphitheatre in front of Mechanical Hall. iRobt. J. Ratble, permanent secretary of the class, urged every one to join the Alumni Association when approached by one of the members of ;the committee. He said that letters encouraging Seniors to sign up would be sent to every one by May 1, iwho has not joined up to that time. A committee was appointed to men who were not going to finish In June who were wearing corduroys and other Senior accoutrements This to discontinue wearing them. was held to be a privilege of tho graduating class. Piifn-lmncn 4 ; "re-jeu- S. I. A. A. TO HEAD LARGE SPEAKS AUDIENCE Dr. H. D. Phillips Urges University Students to Purify Collegiate Athletics . Dr. Henry D. Phillips, Chaplain of 4he University of itho South, Sewanee, and President and tho S. I. A.. A. Ath-- ' .lotlc Association addressed tho stud-- ' ent body in chapel Monday on tho J ' 1 y value of cleaner athletics, from a sense of honor and lovo of Alma Mater, irather than trying to perfect them by 'law, and commercialized it into a professional gamblers' game. " Dr. Philips' purposo in making the talks to tho various colleges is to appeal to tho honor of tho men who take part in athletics not to corrupt them, but to fllay a clean gamo even though they loose. Many colloges aro under suspicion for having hired men to play Continued on Page 2. man-ang- WILDCATS LOSE TRACK er ' MEET BY CLOSE SCORE Clare Wins Four Firsts, Porter Two, Thornton and Hayden One SCORE 65 TO 52 Lack of sufficient men to be able to qualify for second places proved the undoing of the Kentucky track team The Wildcats at Miami, Saturday. took eight firsts out of fifteen events after forfeiting the relay to the Oxford men, but won only four second places while their opponents took ten. The Kentucky boys were too worn out from their other exertions to run the relay, which gave the Ohloans the long end of a 65 to 5$ score. Captain Warren 'Clare was again the star of the meet, winning first place in the 1Q0 yard dash,, the 120 yard high hurdles, the 220 yard dash and the 220 yard low hurdles. Thornton won the half mile and was second in the mile, while Porter copped the mile and two mile races. So far as the running part of the meet is concerned the Kentucky boys won, but lost In the weight events. The summary: Das'h of 100 Yards 'Clare, Kentucky, Time, first Measell, Miami, second. ;.ll Mile' Run Porter, Kentucky, first; Thornton, Kentucky, second. Time, 4:54. iltun o 440 Yards Measel, Miami, first; Smith, Miami, second. Time, :54. Shot Put Somdhl, Miami, first; Distance, 3C Essig, Miami, second. feet 4 inches. Polo Vault Carlisle, 'Miami, first; Height , 10 Gregg, Miami, second. feet. High Hurdles, 120 Yards Clare, Kentucky, first; Munns, Miami, second. Time, ;1G Run of 880 Yards Thornton, Kentucky, first; Schults, Miami, second. Timo, 2:05 ., Dash of 220 Yards Clare, Kentucky, first; Gregory, Miami, second. Time, :22 Discus Healer, Miami, first; Essig, Miami, second. Distance. 103 foot 7 Inches. Run Porter, Kentucky, first; Clark, Kentucky, second. Time, Two-Mil- 10:51 Javelin Hayden, Kentucky, first: Somdhl, Miami, second. Distance, 144 feet 11 inches. Continued on Page 4. Classes 'BEFORE LARGE CROWD Friday, April 29, will date tho climax of tho collego career of a few envied Juniors, to bo honored with In tho Mortar Board and Lamp and Cross, senior honorary fraternities. Annual tap day held on campus in tho presenco of virtually tho entire student body, is known traditionally as ono of tho most impressive events of Tho three year tho collego year. record of the Junior chosen takes into consideration scholarship, popularity and quality for leadership. Tho members of the active chapter of Lamp and Cross, men's honorary society aro Herndon Evans, Fred Houston-ShaGeorge Zerfoss, Ernest Baulch, Larry Thompson, Earl Wallade, W. H. Thompson and R, E. Dealtry. Mortar Board, until this year only local and known as Staff and Crown, numbers among Us members Roberta Thornton, Lucille Moore, Katherine Christian, Claribel Kay, Lily Cromwell and Elizabeth Craft. Both Teams Indulge In Track Practice Around The Base Line M'KINNEY SHOWS FORM One Pitcher Centre Knocked From Box is The Wildcats triumphed over Centre College Friday afternoon In ono of tho slowest and poorest played games on Stoll Field this season. Errors on each sIdQ were numerous and with' poor plays that could not be counted In tho error column considerably Increased tho score. With proper fielding the score should have been three to two In favor of the locals. contest. The game was a The Wildcats assumed the lead in the first Inning but wrere twice tied before finally winning out. In the first the locals scored three times on Carter's error, Gregg's sacrifice, doubles by Beam and Slompr, RIdgway's single and Bruner's wild throw on Brown's grounder. The Centre boys scored two in their half of the second with the aid of one lonely single, onfa hit batsman, a dropped third 'strike, a pair of stolen bases and Allen's pop hit to center. Kentucky came right back with "another on Bedford's error, sacrifice and a fumble by Bruner at short. The Colonels tied in their half of the fourth. Maver led off with a single after Bedford skied to Muth but was out' stealing, Baugh to Gregg. Propps threw wild to Brown after a good stop of Bruner's grounder. Carter singled see-sa- Continued on Page 2. KEYS ADD THIRTEEN PLEDGE NEW MEMBERS Honorary Sophomore and Junior Fraternities Select Their Successors Keys and Mystic Thirteen, honorary Sophomore and Junior fraternities entertained with their annual Joint dance in Buell Armory, Saturday night; The hosts of the Keys fraternity were the active chapter members: Gilbert Smith, Harry Brallsford, Otis Jones, Bruce Fuller, Carl Llpe, and Ringo and Raymond Kirk, assisted by many alumni. The Keys pledge servico was held at the time of the tenth and the pledges when chosen were presented with arm bands by tho girls who were partners of the memTho bers of tho active chapter. pledges of Keys, who are chosen on their., cholarshlp, activity and prominence in tho University are, E. M. Heavrin, James Oammack, Dan Morse, George Rouse, Henry Campbell, Edward Byers, Coleman HulUer, Robert Glavonolli, Madison Caiweln and John Riley, Tho Mystic Thirteen hosts were tho actlvo' chapter Ed Gregg, Donald Dinning, Silas "Wilson, Walter Morris., Herman Becker, Lawrence Burnham, Burton Prowltt, George Oldham, M. T. Brooks, Robert Lavln and Warren Claro. Tho pledges which number thirteen wore pledged at tho thirteenth danco. They wore, selected In tho same manner and w'ere chosen 'With tho samo requirements as tho pledges for Keys. Tho Thirteen pledges aro Gil bert Smith, Sam RIdgoway, Ryan Ringo, Otis Jones, Scoggun Jones, Gerald Griffin, Carl Lipo, William Finn, Richard Hunter, Emmott Swlssholm, Jamps Shouso, Harry Brallsford, Bow man Grand, ,i. , OF STATE CITIZENS TO INSPECT OTHER UHJVERSITIES Extension Committee Plans To Take Party on Tour Of Inspection WILL AID LEGISLATURE Visit Purdue, Ohio State, Wisconsin and Illinois ' Plans are being made by tho Exten-tloCommittee of the University to entertain a party of forty citizens, selected from various walks of life, who are interested in tho promotion of education and especially In the promotion of the University throughout the State. They have been invited by the Committee to visit the grounds and buildings of the University and Inspect tho general physical equipment of the institution. This body of citizens Is to be taken by special Pullman to four other universities notablve: SPONSORS ARE ELECTED Purdue, Ohio State,' University of Wis consin, and University of Illinois. It Is believed by promoters of tho BY BATTALION trip n better understanding of the needs of the University and thus supply them with data when these Eleven University Women sections they represent will bevarious called Will be Given Honorary upon to make representation to the legislature for needed appropriations. Rank by Cadets The plans for the coming of this ' delesaWon liave not been comPleted WILL WEAR UNIFORM mu win do announced later in the Kernel and other papers. This is ono to the young qm jne comDrehenslve stpns t.baf. tflinsn In compliment women of the 'University, and as a .1....1.J ill n, o mo UIJUU11U111& ui 4.1. mo iui.iiiii,u means of obtaining" better results In University will take toward bringing (work at the University of the military its needs before the legislature in its Kentucky.Uhe Department of (Military forthcoming session. Science and Tactics has instituted tho It will be recalled that in a former novel plan of electing sponsors for the report of the Board of Trustees, Presiwas held at dent McVey stated that 3,000 students battalion. The election the fifth hour Monday but as yet, the ore more would be seeking entrance names of the winners have not been into the University within the next made public. few years and it is imperative that if The sponsor of the battalion and of the university is to meet the demands each company will be of the same rank upon it, that reconstruction plans and as the officer in charge. For example, projects to get the money to carry the girl elected as battalion sponsor them out be taken up now and prose: The cuted vigorously. will have the rank of major. ana sponsors or itne companies The invitation of this delegation of platoons will have the same rank as citizens to meet here and stud Unithe officer In charge and will wear tho versity problems comparatively "with , Insignia of that offlice. other Institutions, is the most outThe purpose, of having the girls act standing forward-goinstep along this as sponsor; Is In the main Jlo creato line that has been token to promote and stimulate interest among the University welfare slncq tho recent men in the battalion and arouse en- survey of the Institution was taken thusiasm In the military work among which has resulted In wide spread tlje girls In the University. A sponsor benefit. , will be expected to be out with her comcompany on field days, days of petitive drill and any other time that TRACK CONTEST WITH She is necessary and convenient. will also act as hostess at the hops and any other social functions the Military CIHCINNATl WEDNESDAY Department may arrange during the yeaf. Although nothing definite has been decided upon in this connection, Ohio Team Strong In Disit Is probable that a uniform similar tance Runs and Weight to that worn by the women in servicq Events during tno war will bo provided for the girls, which they will wear on days of servico or at any other time on tho Tho Wildcat track team will meet campus. the team of the University of CincinTho girls whq were elected yester- nati on Stoll Field at3:30 Wednesday day will probably servo as sponsors afternoon for their fourth meet of tho of next year when season. until Tho cats ran away with a new election will take place. Tho Miami In tho running events at Oxelection includes eleven sponsors .and ford but lost out in the weights and no girl who has less than a standing jumps. They aro training hard for Wednesday's activities, however, and of one is eligible for election. Tho plan as detailed has the. ap- expect to mako their won and lost proval of Dean Slmrall and It Is column balance despite tho fact that thought that It will be of n groat help Cincinnati has an unusually good to tho cadets, tho Military Department team. The Wildcats nosed out tho Ohloans and tho University in genoral to have by ono point in the track meet hold at tho eleven girls not as sponsors. Cincinnati last yoar in ono of the most Charles Plank, graduate of the class flercoly contested Hold encounters over witnessed. This year a good of 1919, in the Department of now on tho staff of tho "Free meet Is expected and Coach Press" of Detroit, was a visitor on tho tracksters aro bringing themcampus, Safurday and Monday, April selves Into shnpo in preparation for 15"and 18. the approaching fray. n g Jqur-nalis- Iiucli-hoit- ".. '4' DELEGATION Will Be Dismissed During Fourth and Fifth Hours GAME FROM COLONELS Mlkesell Acts as Toast-mastat Phllosophlan Gathering i No. 34 Tuesday-Frida- y SENIOR FRATERNITIES WILL PLEDGE FRIDAY E 10 Commencement To Be Held On Campus Decided At Class Meeting 1PIUL 26, J92I BANQUET GIVEN BY "AMAZON" MEMBERS DUES NAMES OF MEMBERS DO NOT LEXINGTON, XY ly - 's .4 A '4