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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 26, 1921

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

available ' ' THE KENTUCKY KERNEL FOR TIIK BEST MOVrNO riCTURF.8 PICTURES WITH THE 8CRICIWS STRAND THEATRE OrKN DAILY AND SUNDAY 1 TO 11 F. M. ADULTS 27c FIX'S 3c WAR TAX, TOTAI THK IIK8T ORCHKSTRA MUSIC, "VISIT" BEN ALI THEATRE AND We AN11 OKI5ATK.ST STAR8J 1C PLUS Jc WAR CHH-DRE- TAX, TOTAI, I.KXINOTON 20c CRNTRRg AMUSKMKNT Cornell Lends Snakes Sophomores Lead In BENNETT CONTEST TO Sigma Xi Will Entertain League Class Baseball To Zoology Student Prof. Ward CLOSE THIS WEEK Tho In Honor of Sigma Xi memAssociation of ALUMNI NOTES bers ot tho Uniivorslty o' Kentucky Twenty Dollar Prize Awarded for Best will entertain with a dinner in honor Essay on Given Subjects of Professor Henry B, Ward of the lnlverslty of Illinois on tho evening , CLASS OF 1916. Students who are contemplating en- of May 14. Tho affair will be in All grnduate& and members ot the tering the contest for the Bennett charge of the local executive commitof 1916 aro earnestly requested Prize are reminded that the contest Class P. P. tee, composed ot Professor to arrange their affairs so as to allow closes May 1, and that their manuBoyd, Dr. C. A. hull and Dr. W. D. nothing to Interfere with their return scripts must be in the hands of Presi Funkhouser. to the University of Kentucky for their , dent iMcVey on that dato. Doctor Ward is an eminent zoologist Class Reunion, June 14, 1921. First The contest, open to all studentjs of secretary of tho Sigma XI, nafor further an- the Urtlversit'y, was founded by Mr. and Watch the Kernel tional honorary scientific society. Ho nouncements. Dennett, of New York, who offered a will bo the principle speaker at the 1921 Five Eventful Years 1916 prize of $20 in gold for the best paper meeting of the Kentucky Academy of Committee: Lawrence J; Heyman, on some subject relating to the Origin Science, to be held at the University Virginia F. Anderson, Eugene Wllker-so- and Development of Parliamentary In of Kentucky,on May 14. stitutlons. Edwin J. Elmer Is requested to Suggestions or advice may be sey TOO MUCH BUSINESS notify Box No. 727, University of cured from Dr. Edward Tuthlll, head and whether ot the department of history, under "I just wanted to see the doctor. to of hi whereabouts , he will be in Kentucky In June 'whose supervision the contest is held. get a beer prescription." Miss Rebecca W Smith wlll'leara "Sorry, but he's laid up with writer's 2 something to her advantage by Inquir- PAY JUNIOR CLASS DUES NOW! cramp." New York World. ing of Box 727, care University of Kentucky. J. W. O'Dell 'there is an important paper for you. Address Box 727, University of Kentucky. By defeating the Juniors Thursday afternoon by the score of 6 to 2, tho Sophomores assumed tho lead in the The Sopho class baseball league. mores havo played three games, winning from the Juniors and Seniors and tying tho Freslfmcn. Tho Freshmen are second In the race with a victory over the Juniors, 7 to 0, and a tie with tho Sophomores to their credit. The Seniors have lost to the Sophomores and the Juniors have lost to both Sophomores and Freshmen. Mrs. Alberta Wilson Server, graduate student in the Department ot Zoology, has received from Cornell University the Cornell collection ot for use In the preparation of her thesis. Mrs. Server Is tho first woman student In tho University to major in her petology and to choJso as he subject of a thesis a problem In the taxonomy of snakes. The Cornell material which Is loaned for this work makes a valuable addition to the collection of reptiles available In the zoology department. water-snake- s n. A WAY TO SAVE MONEY! Ken-tuck- Five Dollars on Each Club Enrollment. ' Becker's Pressing Club BURTON PREWITT, ' THE . Kjiuaa ui vi. Will H. Warder is a Junior engineer 'with the U. S. Engineering Department at Fox Bluff, Tenn. R. C Butner is Supervisor ol Inspection, Federal Bureau ot Markets His territory InChicago. Illinois. cludes Chicago and everything from Minneapolis to New Orleans and Houston, JPexas to Denver, Colo. His wife M. was formerly Miss Elizabeth Hughes. Class of '07. Sam "Jack" J. Patrick, is now a prosperous oil man at Salyersvllle, Kentucky. He Is president of the Commercial Club and of the Oil iMen's Association. Class of '08. C. tR. Galloway Is teaching In the Engineering Department of Idaho Agriculture College, Pocatello, Idaho. ' Class of '12. H. C Galloway was a visitor at the TTniunrsitv Anrll 21. He is again em . ployed with the Champion Fibre Co., Canton, N. C. He was with them he entered the service in 1917 their emand has recently ploy.''' ' Class of '13. Paul Cooke is with the Mine and, Smelter Supply Co., at Denver, Colo. Class of '14. J. W. Whitehouse is County Agent Is of Davies County. His address Bureau, Owensboro. County Farm Class of '15. , Roy Lavercombe Is with the C. B. & Q. Railway Co., Chicago, .111. is an assistant . James V. Karrick bridge engineer with the State Roads Department at Frankfort, Ky. Class of '19. David R. Dudley Is an engineer with 'Hersh Brothers Co., at Allentown, Pa. Address Y. M. iC. A, Allentown, Pa. oil S. S. Elam, besides investing in property at Salyersvllle. Ky., is writing a history of Magoffin County and survey of the schools of the county. Class of '20. Morris Forman was appointed Assistant County Engineer of Cossouth County, Iowa. Wellington iPaitrick a nativo of Magoffin county is on the Business Staff of tho UttlvorsJty and has an office In the Main Building. nativo of N. P. Howard another Magoffin county wh prospered in oil now resides at 903 B. Main St., Lexington, Ky. Phoenix Hotel LEXINGTON, A . KENTUCKY Go-operati- v Somo of tho outstanding CAMPUS REPRESENTATIVE Drug Company ve Metropolitan Hotel, Completely Equipped, Respectfully Solicits the Patronage of University of Kentucky v Faculty and Student Body. ? ' i . - ''Jj a,w 1 Main and Limestone Streets CHARLES H. BERRYMAN President JOHN 4 G. . Drugs, Patent Medicines and Toilet Articles. ' .." ' ' V Articles ! k at Lowest Cut Prices BLOCK'S, PAGE'S AND SHAW'S AND MULLANE'S CANDIES Miss Spurt's' Dancing School Regular Dances For University Students Friday Nights POPULAR SAXOPHONE TRIO . Monday-an- PHONE OPPOSITE PHOENIX HOTEL d The Lafayette A Modern Fire Proof Hotel With Every Convenience. 4503-- ecTVliller School sf Business Three Hundred Rooms With Private Baths The Modern School of Offiec Training Phone 469Y " LEXINGTON, KY. 222 W. MAIN STREET MAUD M. MILLER, Prncipal Faultless Cuisine. -- v Beautiful Dining Rooms i Lafayette Hotel Company (Incorporated) FINEST BALL ROOM IN THE SOUTH Lexington, Ky. KELLER-Flor- ist L. B. 8HOUSE, President CHA8. G. McQRATH, MirvtMrteter Quality Cut Flowers and Corsages, Bouquets a Specialty -I We fextend a Cordial Welcome to College Women To Shop at This Great Quality Ada Meade Theatre Building Phone 554 ,4. Department Store. appoin- tment for next year approved by the Board of Trustees of the University on April C are tho appointment of J. S. Gardner a,s field agent in horticulture, and M, S. Garsldo as field agent in junior club work.' 9. (Incorporated) ' APPOINTMENTS FOR NEXT YEAR . II OTISJONES- - Mitchell, Baker & Smith PAUL P. COOPER Representatives (Iaoerporatea) LI l! : . : J . .