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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, August 23, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

V. J HP'' ksmtocky PAGE TW The Kentucky Kernel The Kentucky Kernel Is the official newspaper of the students and alumni of the University of Kentucky. Published every Friday throughout the college year by the student body of the University. MEMBER K. I. P. A. Subscription One Dollar and Fifty Cents a Year-F- ive Cents a Copy. Entered at Lexington Post-offi- ce as second class mail matter. SUMMER SESSION MARGARET CUNDIFF "Hazel Baucom Pat Rankin Editor-in-Chi- REPORTERS Margaret Hyland Percy H. Landrum BUSINESS MANAGER Roy H. Owsley Phones M02 - University 74 Circulation Manager RUSSELL E. LUTES every college man who has lived through the first term of his freshman year and profited thereby. The term "collegiate" and all the mannerisms and barbarisms that went with It, were largely created by the efforts of college humor magazines to be humorous. Youth was played up for all it was worth. The "glorious drama of American youth" was eagerly gulped down by high school students and parents througout the country. Dilapidated Fords, hatless heads, queer styles, all gave exterior evidence that the American college man was an animal out of the ordinary. But college students themselves have long looked upon freaks, radicals, and outlanders with disfavor. Underneath a attitude they have always maintained a sane and serious conception of their duty in life. They have exercised as good Judgment in picking their officers and their leaders as any group in the had they-beepolitical worWr which would as painted by the feature writers and movie producers. But every freshman knows this. Dean Doyle, like Don Quixote, has perhaps done a great deal in smashing Illusions. He has at least proved beyond doubt that college boys or college men are human. Virginia Tech. AU REVOIR Parting time has come again, but only for a short few weeks. Weeks of repose and quiet on the campus, then the eternal of school will begin anew. The summer, successful from every point of view foretells more successful years of summer sessions in the future. It has strengthened the good old name of the University, provided many and diverse ways profitable hours to those who have been connected with the Institution, and has fostered the spirit of growth so noticeable in the University. The Kernel hopes that those who attended the University for the first time this summer have realized its beauty and true worth as do those who have loved it for many years. The Kernel also wishes that these same students will return in trie fall to claim the University of Kentucky as their alma mater. COLLEGIATISM After much fuss and ado. the report on "collegiat-ism- " compiled by Dean Doyle of George Washington University, has been completed and released to the newspapers. A report of the findings of the deans of the country was published in the Virginia Tech a few weeks ago, and editorial mention has been made of it from time to time. The report may have been worth the time and effort expended upon it in so far as it dispelled some illusions held by outsiders as to what "college boys" really are. But everything said by the learned deans all over the country has been common knowledge to LITERARY SECTION SPIRIT OF BEAUTY She came at dawn from the reddening east While the world was all Clad in a thin grey veil of mist. I know for I saw her blush As she hid from me her features fair And vanished In the morning air. I sought for her in the golden west Where the sunset banners fly; When the ebon mantle of night comes down Out of the scarlet sky. I am sure that I saw, her smiling there With a tangle of stars in her golden hair. The dark hills stretch to the far away, Away to the horizon's blue. I saw her there like a child at play SJnglng the songs my boyhood knew Of kingdoms fair beyond the seas; Of Spanish castles and argosies. Best Copy fp. Dimunltlve as it is, the State the ater has filled a need In Lexington's Rlalo, as may be seen in its recent program of returning popular pic tures at a lower price than first shown here. "Clara Bow Week" went over so well that this week Al Jolson's latest and best liked pic tures monopolize the State silver- We sheet and the vitaphone. hope that this policy will bo continued, for many times high prices or crowded theaters have kept us from seeing our favorite star In a new picture. Bo we throw a large sized bouquet at the box office of the State theater, cool,- - well equipped, and beautifully decorated, and showing first class pictures. Warner Bras. Picture at Kentucky One of the most popular of a decade ago, "The Time, the Place and the Girl," which de lighted audiences all over the country, has been converted into a sparkling screen comedy by Warner Brothers, and Is coming to the Kentucky Sunday. The story concerns a conceited football hero turned bond salesman who draws the attractive Long Island society matron about him but cannot sell bonds. Grant Withers takes the and does it well, so well in fact, that it is not fitting to compare him with others. Betty Compson, who has staged In such a spectacular come-bac- k talking pictures, plays the part of love with the the society matron in college boy, and Gertrude Olmstead carries off a rather inane part of the co-e- d In love with the great big football man, who follows him to Wall street and finally saves him from Jail, then marries him. Peggy Wood at Ben AU "Wonder of Women," epic of mar ried life and the much heralded Suder- fllmizatlon of Hermann I (Continue , c,?tl, Headquarters for University Books Campus Book Store McVET HALL I I Ml Phone Ashland 621 II 1550 II 1 superb thrilling drama pi LniySlCl 1 ' Phones Ashland 4003401 . I .4 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i 111 We Serve to Satisfy I'M We cater to the No Deposit Required wenei Students C ' l Let Us Provide You With In I j I Good, Wholesome Swfcets I an(j Refreshing Cold Drinks. I I IB N 1 WWh III 10 1 1 I . Dandee Candy Shoppe t, n r I I S III WE MAKE EVERYTHING WE SELL I ' 1 II Just Around the Corner From Lime on Main Bij,jjH CO. ALJOLSON 1 133 E. SHORT "The JaZZ Singer" 1 fc RENT-A-CA- R bjffW i jfl A "The Singing Fool" g i jfffg 0B j DAVEY LEE a AINST ZZZ E AST State Theatre Bide. I fii f' . RENT A ALJOLSON Mi Health! spicy daring Yoa'U be crazy aboHt STATE I Fff Fishing Tackle, Golf, Thermos Jugs, Auto Scat Covers, Dog Haberdashery, Cutlery, Knit Wear, Radios and Radio Equipment, Lockwood Outboard Motors Tennis Rackets Restrung by Experts Golf Clubs Repaired. ALL TALKING A h. Frozen Reach, Wright & Ditson Athletic Equipment I s. Limestone yPL. 222 EAST MAIN ST. in BETTY COMPSON BECKER 212 Sporting Goods Radio "The Last of Mrs. Cheyney" I (buddy wet , I Barney Miller's NORMA SHEARER BMSUmW (UmK&uhi Aisnsjtsanwwneei SATISFY 264 W. MAIN ST. SUNDAY woBBiLBigj fflj t1 DISTRIBUTORS I WED. U WOMEN and MISSES LEILA HYAMS PEGGY WOOD la New, Ford - i THE SPORTSMAN'S STORE Talking SUN. SMITH & CO. Corredt Apparel for "Wonder of Women" I M . 1I ea Page Three) Talk - Songs - Sound - Music A story of a man who loved two women -T-HURS..FR..SAT. VIRGIL LEON STURGILL. l! B. B. KENTUCKY STONE Summer Students! PENS, PENCILS and SUPPLIES LEXINGTON, SUNDAY-LE- WIS UjCHn HlflAfni charles Courteous Banking Business MALI I AH Bank of Commerc mann's "The Wife of Stephen Tromholt" will come to the Ben All Sunday as the latest triumph of Clarence Brown, its director. Excellent setting include an entire replica of a German village, a great opera house, concert hall, German railway stations and trains, rcpro- Peggy Wood, famous stage star of "Candida," "The Clinging Vine," and other successes, gives a great performance as the wife of a composer of symphonies who is prey to the beauty of women. Lewis Stone, who has the part of her husband, Stephen Tromholt, plays his role with splendid balance and sureness. 1 The barren birches bend and sway, The tall oaks creak in pain; The dead leaves fall on the cold, dark ground To the drumbeats of the rain. Wherever I would this spirit And Is the chill of autumn and moaning wind. 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