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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, August 23, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

y Available THE KENTUCKY RUtKIL Taylor-Teama- ALL MAKES Typewriters for Rent STANDARD SchaSgeer Special Rates io Students PJtenf 1792 WEST SHORT ST. Off. Courthouse WELCOME SUMMER STUDENTS, Let Us Help You Make Your Summer Schooling Both Pleasant and Economical Try Our..Sandwiches and Plae Lunches The Criterion Cafe 117 NORTH LIMESTONE ment of their daughter, Asca, to Mr. Mllblirn Tayldr, of Bcnhftm. The wedding Is planned for August 27 at the home of the bride-elec- t. The engagement Was announced at a dinner bridge party given the bridc-cle- ct by her mother. Miss Hart was dietician of the Young Women's" Christian Association In Lexington last year and made many friends during her stay hCre. Mr. Taylor Is working on his master's degree at the University this summer. He Is the conch and principal of the high school at Ben-hawhere the young couple plan to live. Mr. Taylor left Thursday for Overlook. n Announcement has been made of the engagement of Miss Isobel Taylor and Mr. Addison Yeaman, both students at the University two years ago'. The wedding1 Is planned for early fall at tho home of the bride-ele- ct In Henderson. Miss Taylor was a member of Kappa Kappa Qamma sorority and Mr. Yeaman was a member of the Phi Delta Thcta fraternity. He was at one time director of Strollers, dramatic organization on the cam pus, and was elected president of the group before leaving the Uni versity. He attended Columbia University last year. PACK Ill, She plans to return home In two weeks'. Miss Hazel Baucom motored to Mammoth Cave Tuesday and spent two days there. A DOLLAR DINNER served ever evening out doors at the Green Tree Te Room Mala, opposite Kentucky Theatre. Miss Martha Minlhan left the first of the week for a motor trip to Washington, D. C where she will be the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Waterman. Fried Chicken Dinner Mr. Hugh Ellis, of Buechell, was the guest of Mr. James Shropshire delightful place for sandwiches, last week end, and returned to his Camping Party tea and Ices at the Gree Tree. home Monday. A,, group., of University students Main street opposite the Kentucky ' ' .f enjoyed a camping party at Idle-wil- d, Theatre. Mr. and Mrs. William Orote, of Clifton, last week end. Miss Vanceburg, were the guests over the PERSONALS Elizabeth OreathoUse chaneroned week end of Mr. Don orote. the camp, which was attended by Miss Mary Armstrong Is recoverMisses Lulu Combs, Frances Bas-ke- tt, Mr. John Bullock, who visited Mary J. Sharpe, Nancy Jones, ing from scarlet fever, an illness friends In Lexington last week, has Frances Loughridge and Avery Hall; of several weeks. returned to ills home in Covington. Messrs. Frank Davidson, Sam Man-le- y, Miss Sherley Orlef, of Elizabeth-tow- n, Layman, Vernon Great-hous- e, Leslie Is visiting friends In LexingBob Thompson and James ton. Thompson. EVERY NIGHT A $1 00 Music, Stage and PARIS THE GREEN TREE Lancheon Tea Dinner BROWN... . r 'c ' New Home Engagement Annoanced Miss Agnes Forman Is the guest (Continued From Page Two) Mr. and Mrs. A .M. Hart, of Over- - of Mr and Mrs. W. H. Avery, and brook, Kas., announce the engage Miss Virginia Avery, In Evanston, duce modern Germany, where the plot is laid. "Last of Mrs. Cheyney" Coming After Norma Shearer's hit as the COMING star of "The Trial of Mary Dugan," she was given the much coveted tiNow Is the time to have your furnace cleaned and repaired, and tle role of the famous stage success, made ready for use. We repair all makes of f arnaces. We also repair "The Last of Mrs. Cheyney," which is coming to the Strand Sunday. all kinds of roofs slate, tin and composition. AU work guaranteed. This extremely witty and fast mov ing drama is from the pen of Frederick Lonsdale, noted British play105 W. HIGH ASH. 2758 WISE FURNACES PHONE wright. Basil Rathbone, Cyril Chadwlck and George Barraud handle the male parts parts adeptly, while Hedda Hopper gives a good performance, as does our old favorite, George K. Arthur. Dialogue Is done exceedingly well as are the screen shots. Sidney Franklin deserves much credit for his able directing. Current Attractions Ben AH The versatile Laura La Plante and reliable Nell Hamilton in "The Love Trap," which has an Two-PIeCleaned and Pressed $1.60 Salts antiquated plot but worth seeing Three-Pie1.25 Salts ... Cleaned and Pressed for the above mentioned players acting. 175 E. High St. Phone Ashland 2259 Buddy Rogers and Kentucky Mary Brian In a "deah, deah" romance of the old South as popularly sentimentalized, "River of RoEAT AT mance." Strand Eleanor Boardman conCHICKEN CROQUETTES HOME MADE PIES tinues In "She Goese to War," which has drawn good crowds all ' STRAWBERRY TARTS SALADS SANDWICHES week. You should see it too. Next to Post Office WINTER'S NEWEST COLORS AUTUMN'S Open in Screen Mr. Rod Keeney was the guest of Lester Witherspoon at the Sigma Nu house this past week. Accentuated in these MILLER BROTHERS SMART THE CLOTHES SHOP Cleaning and Pressing A Keen New . Beret for the Co-ed- s Let Us Keep Those Summer Togs The smartest and daintiest modes of any season . . . Styles that are different. in Shape In Brown Suede Blue Suede Reptiles Mall Orders' Kid nii $6.85 Fiiied" BENTON'S OVER 50 STYLES Famous for Our Chocolate Fudge Cakes To Choose From Benton's Sweet Shoppe $85 141 J .v . Make Us Headquarters In Dull Kid Brown Kid For Your Needs in Smart Slender Vamps Satins Patent Dainty Short Vamps $5.85 Mitchell, Baker SOUTH LIME Smith Engravings, Typewriters, Notebooks, Pens, Pencils, Desk Sets and Other Student Necessities Transylvania Printing Co. Incqrporated NORTH UPPER Students Go Hungry At End of Week Is Found by Professor MADISON, Wis. There are lean days and fat days for the college student. .One, day he eats and another he Hoesujt'eat itY dlk Anyjhow.-Pro- f. P. Tax V the TJwwYslty jof Wisconsin, found out 'that' Thursdays and Fridps .are." fte" leajiet. days, tor ihe restsurajfy pwaeis, :bejrig tif ena of the week and ne'areV thVend ol the t. studenfsbanktoJI. . Satjirdajs and. Sunday, for different reasons, are the "peak" days in the restaurant business, according to Fox. Football games, other athletic activities and dates are the reason for the heavy eating over the week end. Here again as every college lad will witness, women are the cause of more; trouble. "Dates" usually order meals priced above the average, according to Fox, which mounts the week-en- d, toll Invested in victuals to a large sum and forces the average" student to stint his food consumption for the remainder of the SOLIEL and FELT or VIS-A-VI- S especially youthful Fall fashion whose sportive zest will infallibly appeal to young college women. . . Shown in snucuh assured shades as An KAFFA BROWN COCOA BUCKSKIN BEAN INDEPENDENCE BRAMA Conveniently Priced (DENTON'S ... $5 THIRD FLOOR) Clearance of HAND BAGS Values to $2.95 $ The smart small styles Smart small woven bags in plaid and stripe effects with contrasting leather trim. . . Snake grain bags in light tan mottled with darker tan. . . Bright imorted raffia bags with honey colored shell mountings. . (DENTON'S STREET FLOOR) week. 'fa Good Rooms for the Fall Term m -- HI. II The Modes for Fall During the rush and confusion of getting registered it is hard to make a wise choice of your rooming house; so take this list home with you and make your selection this summer. Comfortable 4i ROOMS and BOARD Rooms Across Cool, Fashion decrees genuine Lizard shoes for Fall; also black and dark shades in kidskin, suedes and perennial patent. We have them now always before they become commonplace in less exclusive Pleasant Rooms Pleasant, homelike rooms for students For Students For Students the 'street from University GOOD DOUBLE ROOMS $20 2Meals per day student $5.00 per week 3 Meals per day Rowdies not wanted $10 each 4 double room RATES REASONABLE $6.00 per week 1 single room Apply W. F. PORTER 314 Mrs. Nannie Shearer Harrison Ave. 344 Harrison Avenue Good, Homelike Nice Rooms For Older Students or Teachers No "Rowdies" Need Apply 5 double rooms Also single rooms E. MaxweU a boarding house You will soon like to call us "Home." i 4 double rooms and sleeping Here you $5 and $6 will all that's smart in mater- find ials, original in v design, sound in taste. May we add, whether you intend to buy now or later or elsewhere you'll be equally welcome. porch 25 REASONABLE at $20 MRS. ROBT. BLACKBURN 211 Rooms We are more than shops. $12 MRS. DORA HURST 395 S. Llnie .hi ADVANCE SHOWING '..tfSrtfiufiK! Ashland 3155 RATES REASONABLE RATES 204 E. Maxwell MAXWELL STREET INN MRS. CHARLES DONOVAN 336 Harrison Ave. Brown Boot Shoppe 139 W. MAIN ST.