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4 > Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, August 23, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copy Available THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE FOUR Fall Term Opens September 3 at Southern Brothers Fugazzi School President H. B. Southern, Jr., yesterday that the unusual number of advance enrollments that nre now registered nt the school's ofllcc for students who will enter at the opening of Its fourteenth annual fall term, September 3 and September 9, is a splendid indication that this fall will mark a record attendance in this institution. The Southern Bros. Fugazzi School is now offering a special proposition to all students who enroir-wltthem by mall, thereby eliminating the personal call of a representative. This amounts to quite a saving to the prospective student, and all who are pannilng to take a business course, cither this fall or winter, arc urged to get in touch with the school's office and request information concerning this special offer for enrollment by mail. NEW STENOTVPK DEPARTMENT GROWING RAPIDLY With already a class of some fifteen or sixteen students taking the subject of Stenotypc, which is the machine way of writing shorthand, and with as many more advance enrollments already registered in the school's office for this subject, the new stenotypc department, which was added to the school's curriculum one year ago, promises to become one of the leading departments in the institution. This is due largely to the fact that students, in a shorter length of time are learning to write one hundred and fifty words per minute rapid dictation. Present day business demands good stenographers and Secretaries, efficient and rapid in their work hence the Stenotypc. If you are interested in securing a modern business training, either this fall or winter, it will pay you to communicate with the scholo's office now. Address: SOUTHERN BROTHERS FUGAZZI SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Incorporated 122 N. Upper Lexington, Ky. Phone KERNEL PRESS IN CAMPUS CASE "A Year in the Oil Fields," Confess to Kohbery of J, H. Hnrdymnn & Co. Offices; Is Work of James Levi Take Articles Valued Over City, of Garden S250. Kansas. Our Work and Prices Always Keep Us Busy M. A. MANGIONE & CO. The Colony Book Shop and at Pacific will be in Lcxlnpton In lime for San Francisco opening or the fall ucmeiter. Toy Members Sandcfur's .lr" i R.r"Jn?..! rc: Rhythm Kings orchestra, who have part of September. They are, all While on spent the summer playing on the connected with the University and of landed JcfTcrson Your Vacation You "The College Book Store" THEATER SILVERTOWN TIRES and TUBES i Complete Tire, Battery and Brake Service Phone Ashland 3931 346 E. Main St. 2- - PIECE SUITS 3- - PIECE Washed 75c ; SUITS I , (Incorporated) 146 N. UPPER mmombukm- Irresistible Beauty R. W. SMOCK Watch Your Watch Vividly Radiating Careful Watch and Clock Repairing Style and Comfort in these Charming New Patterns for Fall 1 For Good Eats The COLLEGE INN $4.85. Colored Shoes Enhance the Beauty of Milady's Costume More Than Any Other Part of Her Apparel Whether It Be for Formal, Street or Sport Wear. $5.85 $6.85 ' ALL HEELS 59c PLATE LUNCH 35c Also Sandwiches, Home-mad- e Cinderella Slipper Shop t LEXINGTON, 102 W. MAIN ST. Drinks We Will Lend You SODA FOUNTAIN Cool and Refreshing Drinks Home Made SANDWICHES DIXIE ICE CREAM The New and Different Shaving Creai For smart men who want a smart appearance and no smart irith their shave. return of camera in same condition as when loaned. All Sizes for All Cameras and Kodaks Visit Our BRISK a Camera Your money will be refunded upon The Film for Sunny, Cloudy, Rainy Days MACK DRUG CO. Incorporated LEXINGTON, KY. 104 E. Maxwell Phone Ashland 910 Inscriptions Carefully Compounded' KY. The Mint Julep Shave With a Deposit of $2.00 FILMS Agfa - Ansco Few More Days! WIDTHS ALLV ALL SIZES E. Main Pies, and Fountain Only Dry Cleaned $1.00 Caper's Uuncfry REGULAR DINNER fA.85 Washed $1.00 '...- .- SUITS 2or3-PIEC- E HECKS 161 FL0RSHEIM SHOES Fourth Floor, Embry to Co. Phone Ashland 7725 Always at Your Seirico Let Us Clean Your LINEN SUITS Wot vf v i At the Proper Prices Try Sale $1.25 Nell Osborne Beauty Shop ROAD SERVICE Work called for and delivered 157 S. LIM .PHONE 7638 SHORT TIME $5.00 Shampoo nftd ringer Wave Included Shampoo and Marcel CALL ASHLAND 210 BERKELEY, Calif. Steam shov els have started excavations for the $1,750,000 international house, gift of John D. Rockefeller Jr., to the University of California. The new building, to house stu dents of all nations, will occupy approximately a square block. It will provide accommodations for 450 students, of these being reserved for Americans. In adition to commodious sleeping quarters, the house will contain large social halls, discussion group rooms for consideration of international problems, small dining rooms and kitchens in which various foreign groups may serve dinners in their national style, an auditorium seating between 800 ahd 1,000 persons. In anticipation of 'the opening of the building in August, 1930, Director Allen C. Blaisdell, son of the president of Claremont College, is laying plans for an International student organiflation which will start functioning with the opening of the university this year. BAY NHAM will greatly nppreclnta the' comfort made possible by a Perfect I'ermancnt VMve Taylor Tire Co. Rockefeller Makes $tt,750,000 Gift to California School The ftnjyersity' band'has received roost moa;i?j .ftae. Tiiey are nycoM In bright: blue' with' solid walnut shells, .cJoHble- - tension.: Oth$r ne in trumtfnts whishVliaViS epn' are: two "double T?rench horn.-- , an English horn and a Sou-,- n phone bass horn, We Carry A Complete Line of DRUGS, SUNDRIES and Toilet Goods St. FREE DELIVER V SERVICE I.M IMIIMM4 BELDEN SHOES and '&S Baynhaiti Shoe Co. Temporary Location Opposite Lafayattt Hotel t&if in T""" A wincuyuqi5;ai ine siAiy, fcftd pjipensjve. NON-FICTIO- N KENTUCKY S. 8. President ports, Three men were arrested last Fri"A Year in the Oil Fields," by James Levi Horlachcr, father of L. day morning by police station deJ. Horlachcr, asistant dean of the tectives of the Lexington Police DeCollege of Agriculture, is Just off partment, having confessed to the the Kentucky Kernel press. It is a robbing of the office of J. H. Hardy- 68 page booklet dealing with life man iw Company, contractors, late and problems of the Texas oil fields Thursday night, on the University campus near the site of the new as seen by Mr. Horlachcr. The table of contents shows six library. , The men were Ernest E. Bentloy, chapter headings, including "Starting for the Oil Fields," "Odd Jobs," 33 years old, Lynchburg, Va., who had been out of the Atlanta pent "A Gusher," "New Companies," "Social Problems," and "Labor Prob- tentlary only 25 days; Charles Wil son, and Wilson brother, lems." George, both of Bristol, Va. In the concluding chapter on laBentley and Charles Wilson, ac bor problems Mr. Horlachcr says: to they "In the controversies between capi- cordinginto detectives, admitted conthe oifice of the tal and labor there is a third party .broke struction company Thursday night which is generally ignored and that and stole a transit and tripod val is the public. Strikes and lockouts $250, two tape lines, several are unprofitable to all parties alike, jucd at ncs inasiiiiyiiig glass, ine and there ought to be better meth- arrestunu a;i fourth man, W. H. Mic of ods of settling or arbitrating differkey, 333 South Upper street, for ences. It is a hopeful sign that merly of strikes are not as common as they came whenPilot Mountain, N. C, once were. . . Labor is a necessity Wilson did Bentley said he and not have the stolen but without capital the demand for goods, but had in a it would be small. There is a dignity place for Mickeyhidden themshortly to receive about labor that demands respect alter they left the office on the It has rights that must be recand night of the robbery. ognized and respected." Officers who took part in the In conclusion he says: "Man does case were Capt. Thomas P. Hanley, not attain his greatest development chief of detectives, and Detective where everything is perfect and liv- Claude Embry, Joseph Harrigan, ing requires little effort, but rather Marshall Jelley and John L. Sellers. he reaches the peak where life is something of a battle with the "Heard you were sick, Jim." "Yea; I had the chimney disease.' "Chimney disease? What's that?' "Flu." BOOKS! FICTION OPPOSITE RIIVTIIM KINGS RETURN -- Ashland 1576 University Shoe Shop Cor. HIGH and LIME NEW BOOK OFF 4 MEN ARRESTED Hor-lachc- r, Registrar's Office Is Now Receiving Enrollments for Entrance in the September or January Term MAIN j ANTI SKEETER Keeps Mosquitos Away Electrical Supplies FANS CURLING IRONS HOT PLATES FLAT IRONS TOASTERS HEATING PADS LAMPS 1S TRY NEW - MIX The Guaranteed Tooth I'uet Cleans, Protects, Whiten tWfKUflSJtik