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13 > Image 13 of Kentucky alumnus, vol. 04, no. 02, 1930

Part of Kentucky alumnus

i i i liv . s r *e , . ;= 1 KENTUCKY ALUMNUS 13 fl .1-el ~ late *;; lelp. . I q ;'K i TllE PRESIDENT S PAGE E K our Q On fifteenth of March _iust past, the Alumni ones interest and challenges ones ability. And . , . { is a Aeeeeletien ef the UmVYSltY ef KHlJl10ky re- so it is today that I wish our new secretary much I, dug`- (L1Vd a letter from Mr. Raymond L. Kirk which success in his undertaking. ., real I stated. that "p.ressure of my personal affairs and Now I wish to briefly call attention to the duties meh j conditions which have arisen with the past few or obligations which graduation from a university ~ I days makes It necessary for me to resign my po- places upon a person. The success of an Alumni i rads 1 sition as secretary of the Alumni Association of Association depends on the number and spirit of ~ i mat the University of. Kentucky." He further stated its members. For a number of years the Asso- i g land that he desired his resignation to take immediate ciation has been attempting to develop a real live , ` i l ` Tad; effect, since his presence. in Florida was necessary. and forceful organization, which has met with p. [ 50m- The Alumni Association views Mr. Kirks res- more or less success. In some ways progress has I QQ i, that ignation with deep regret and feels that it has been made, in others there remains much to be ac- _ 2 _tiV lost a secretary who gave full measure of his en- complished and I feel sure that the future holds ty 'giy _ j ergy and talents to the development of the As- much in store for us. jg ; i T that sociation. l The growth of our Association, the success of ii A As D1`SldTll3 of the Almll1_ - the Alumnus Magazine, the at- . gtim ~ Association I regret to say that l ` , p tendance at class reunions, the V i cve _ this resignation causes me to i _ I _,.: . ,,._- ; _ ttt _ ? attendance at our athletic con- . ur lose a contact with Mr. Kirk . _ . { tests and our loyalty to the Uni- {Aj , which has b11 at all lJlIY1S V1`y i_l`' i l :l . V versity at all times, are things wm- g pleasant and I am very grateful I .._ _ ,,, _ Y which demand the services of ii i iii be i to him for his cooperation in ex- Q_ T, _. i i i_ it the secretary and deserve the at- li Y Slieii panding the program of the As- -.` i Q .=..._-- ii _. f tention and careful considera- ~ ii eSiiy' { sociation as it exists today. I ii i _1_. _ tion of each alumnus. _ `, , i Z With these feelings in mind, I 1 . 'l` .1_ Q During the past two years the _ y wish Mr. Kirk good fortune in {jfgji `.-* _ ,_ ` Alumni Association ha s laid his new adventure and hope that .;_c_l ,,_ K - .._ `V-- - ___; particular stress on the develop- ` .; _ ii its . sneeess and happiness may come p. ; ..,.- . .,,._ meet of e iew et iiie eeiiviiiee I li } HOW- to him during the future years and events in the life of an . e eld E end that his thttttst th tht ..r. l Aiumhi AtShtlh which Stems is Y` 5 the l Alumni Association and the Uni- -,,. I :V; to be of the greatest importance. 1; * g x_ . versity of Kentucky will con- V__V The value of the tive-year rota- ._ { , , but , tinue as in the past, , tion of class reunions is well es- , I j , many . At a regular meeting of the iiiiii 6C ER tablished. This system is prac- it - , executive committee cr t h e need by many colleges and unl- . ~. l mms _ Association which was held the evening of March versities in this country. , {gi J [umm . the twenty-sixth, Mr. James S. Shropshire of the The success of the efforts we have made toward _ year, i Class of 1929, was elected to fill Mr. Kirks unex- uniting the interests and forces. of the classes hope i pired term as secretary. I feel that the Alumni that have graduated from the University of Ken- - i S will _ Association is very fortunate in being able to se- tucky will be shown by the number of graduates L. .; _ new e cure the services of Mr. Shropshire as secretary who return to the class reunion at Commence- I l ' Q as he is well qualified to make a success of his new ment this year. A jg ; _ ~ duties. A letter has been sent out to those classes ji ; i e will i In my opinion the value and success of a Uni- whose numerals end in 0 and 5 and the class of te the " versity Alumni Association is dependent in a large 1928. Other letters concerning the details will h em _i l measure on the secretary. Experience has im- be sent by the Association and the class secreta- , which pressed on me with great force the great dif- ries. This does not mean that only these classes ,V iiii do ficulties which confront a secretary of an Alumni are expected to return to Commencement. The . esuiie ` Association. It is difficult because of the many time of Commencement means the time when at it t_` ii this , Doints of contact with complex conditions and in- all those who have graduated should want to *5; 2 T stitutions. The nature of these problems intrigues return. _ Q