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8 > Image 8 of Kentucky alumnus, vol. 04, no. 02, 1930

Part of Kentucky alumnus

tl i~.f`*ifY% i I E C `. _ ` 8 KENTUCKY ALUMNUS I g i I ' DEAN EDWARD mics and Sociology," and which has been a pioneer A . __ _._._.;_...;.; . ._;;1;.;.___;i_ , _ in the subject treated. Several universities have u;.; s . ... Q- organized courses embodying this subject since S - the pubhcation of Doctor W1St,S book. - j ' An anticle on "The Territorial Basis of Educa- . ` i tion" was written by Doctor Wiest in 1923 for I i L Q i SCh00l and Society" and an article in the Ency- g clopaedia of Social Science entitled "Economic ; I D A ;dt}S;<;?;S;Xspects of Agricultural Fairs" is just * M ` J EiE:i1E1E`* \$:*1?.;=:ii:\.*.*$.`;j:;._., t` ;g F A I He is a member of the American Economics i S, i - I , . Association, the Academy of Political Science, the bi L .. American Association of University Professors, 3. . . _ American Economic League, Beta Gamma Sig- f, i g _, Z ` ma, honorary Commerce fraternity; Delta Sigma _ ? g i I i_ , _e- T' Pi, professional Commerce fraternity, and Phi O. i I , -_,_ g ,.b__ J _V`. _ Sigma Kappa, social fraternity at the University 3 P I I [ i ` i.ii s ">- Of K<~>t<=kr . i; y i. _ " ,,_ Mrs. Wiest was Miss Sidney Crews, of Louis- tj i i { =_> _ iana. They have one daughter, Marjorie, fifteen V i i Dr. Edward Wiest years Old' , _ ; g g Dr. Edward Wiest, Dean of the College of Com- FORMER U. K. DEAN DIES AT ITHACA - Q i merce at the University of Kentucky since 1925 _.Y j; and a member of the faculty since 1918, was born Mrs. Virginia Francke York, 29 years old, dean S I in Fairmount, Fla., but received his early educa- of women at the University of Kentucky during J Y X tion in Pennsylvania before undertaking his un- the year 1925-1926, died at the Ithaca, N. Y., C d t , L dergraduate work at George Washington Uni- Memorial hospital, according to word received , 3 I A versity from which he received his A. B. degree here. Mrs. York was the wife of Dr. Webb York, t , r i in 1912. of the Cornell University medical staff. 6 L During his undergraduate days Doctor Wiest Mrs. York came to the University of Kentucky f Y gained quite a bit of business experience with as acting dean of women during the leave of ab- Y i j private firms and in the government service, and sence of Miss Sarah Blanding, who was doing .i. I y after completing his course at George Washing- graduate work at Columbia University. Mrs. York _ l _ 9 ton he entered Columbia University from which was a graduate of Vassar College in the class of it { _ ; he received his Masters degree in 1913 and Sub- 1922. Following the completion of her work there, 1; fi * j * sequently his Ph. D. degree in 1916. she went to Cornell University where she was sec- -_ l ij 1 Y In 1915 Doctor Wiest Was appointed to the fac- retary of the Young Womens Christian Associa- t _ ii Lllty of the University of Ve1`1n0nt HS inSt1ci301` tion. She was also a Fellow in the National Coun- Y . in Economics, which position he held until his cil of Religion in Higher Education, and was ac- h l . Y I t appointment as professor of Economics and Dean tive in the civic organizations of Ithaca. . i . i of the department of Economics and Sociology at i l _ i 3 L the University of Kentucky in 1918. DR. JAMES WEST DIES ' I g With the organization of a graduate school at -;- I H . i t the University of Kentucky in 1924, Doctor Wiest Dr. James Nephew West, formerly of Lexing- V . l was appointed acting dean for one year, and in ton, died at his home in East Fifty-second street, i the spring of 1925 with the evolution of the Col- New York, recently. He was 63 years of age. I ; i lege of Commerce from the department of Econ- Dr. Wests father was Major James Nephew i ~ omics and Sociology, he was named Dean of the West, who was on the staff of General Kirby . i College of Commerce, which position he has held Smith in the Confederate army. Dr. West was 2 ever since. born in Lexington and attended the State Col- V i , C Doctor Wiest has written numerous articles on lege of Kentucky (now University of Kentucky). - l Economic questions and among them is a book later completing his education at Bellevue hos- A i . entitled "Agricultural Organization of the United pital medical college, in New York City. i ` States/ which was published by the University He is survived by his widow, a son and two D ; , of Kentucky as one of a series known as "Econo- daughters. Q