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7 > Image 7 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 73, no. 3, Winter 2002

Part of Kentucky alumnus

i - f if J ` it - % V V. M ~ ` A ~ A #~ ., 1 . VV . . L., _ .;;AV,_ :4; P A j g j V ! _, _ fi , ,_ V j , _ V _ _ ~ * ; - _w__ _ . ` eg , .f;,;_,f , ,V _, _ V .;_ . * ij .,;;,:,=_ V i l E- J . ` r ..V. f e ,Av ~ --44 =>V l _ ` ._ Vg.; . 1; -. 'Y Q., , ,,~` ~ .i* J ,, AA . ._' f %*"* {V M * ,_ T I {QI T] KV 2 . `A . ~ Vq.A I =VA .'`: fz? if 7*%* - i i . J 3 r i f M ii? LM-- ~ r - =1, z _4 _ -_ A. A * A _ ,_ _. .* `* 1 V, * :1 .> ~_._1o; ._. zwk Ig UK Neurosciences Institute Uses Activa First Lady Joms UK President Lee Todd Neurostimulator Device for Treatment m Announcmg UK Center for Research ri of Essential Tremors, Parkinsons on Violence Against Women [ People who suffer from Parkinsons disease and essential First Lady Judi Patton joined University of Kentucky Presi- 3 tremor have difficulty with everyday tasks such as eating, dent Lee T. Todd Jr. in announcing plans to develop a Cen- drinking and writing. Parkinsons disease is a progressive and ter for Research on Violence Against Women at UK. fl degenerative neurological disease that affects approximately "Creation of this center will provide an innovative and l 500,000 people in the United States. far reaching way to address the welfare of women victim- 5 A procedure done by University of Kentucky Hospital ized by violence and to enhance the stature and reputation Z Chief of Staff Byron Young, M.D., can help control the trem- of Kentuckys postsecondary education system across the ors. Young, the J ohnstonWright Endowed Chair of Surgery, country," said Patton in announcing the new center. V professor in the Department of Surgery, chief of the Division "The Center for Research on Wolence Against Women , of Neurosurgery, and associate dean for Clinical Affairs, im- will fit well with the Universitys priority focus on gender is- E planted the Erst Activa Tremor Control Deep Brain Stimula- sues and risk-related behavior and should provide an av- tor (DBS) device for tremor disorder at UK in December enue for accessing research funding to study one of the 1997. Since then, he has completed 50 procedures. most devastating social problems of our time," said Todd. DBS, developed by Medtronic Inc., includes an insulated The primary focus of the center will be to bring faculty to- wire lead that is surgically implanted deep within the thala- gether to conduct research on issues related to domestic mus, the brains communication center. The lead is con- violence, rape, stalking and related crimes against women. nected by an extension wire passed under the skin to an Three major areas of concentration have been identified by implanted pulse generator, similar to an advanced cardiac an initial faculty advisory group: the health and mental pacemaker, which is implanted near the collarbone. health effects of violence, legal issues, and pubhc policy and During surgery the patient remains awake and responds administration. An additional goal of the center would be to questions and commands from Young and the surgical to help create a national research agenda on violence i team as they attempt to find the correct placement of the against women. V q _ A qi q J v_ leads electrodes in the brains thalamus. The improvement jj :Ulqf1