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9 > Image 9 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 73, no. 3, Winter 2002

Part of Kentucky alumnus

Reed Leads Aging with Class BDBPCI i _ Hugh Downs, former co- I P ; L ` l . , anchor of "ABC News" I * T"5*` _ ; lie; is and ~2si2s, isis The UK Beard ef Trust- t. e s. ioiiiiaisbis discussion ees elected Steven S. l rw;} " . e with ionrnalism and Reed ef Leuieville ee l \ ; V rg gerontology students iii eheirpereen fer 2002- i, .0 ,s er. ~. "*-`Y the UK ssiiaeis-Biowii 2003. Reed, a member of I QE Center on Aging in the board since 1994, has i A i E ` . Septemheh The ghyeot. Sgrvfid ee llggzchacirpcp Steven Reed Michael Kennedy and I\/Iyre Leigh Tobin old Downs said that S H Smce ee Su older eo le have much meds BTUY JO? M11s _ _ _ _ to coniiribiute to society, Reed promised a vigorous tenure as Jack Guthrie ofLou1sv1lle, whose term the same society that board chairman. "Were going to move UK expired. Tobin, a retired managing direc- Values youth, and that to even greater heights," he said. tor of Marsh Inc., an insurance broker- _ learning is Gov. Paul Patton appointed Reed to the age firm where she was a casualty broker 1 iM -t a liie_long UK board in 1994. He served as vice chair for 28 years, is a past president of the W- i gy J _ A nroeess from 1999 to his election as chair this year. UK Alumni Association and is an hon- l r . Downs He is a 1986 graduate of the College of Law. oree in the UK Alumni Association Hall rf , is one ot In August, Myra Leigh Tobin of New of Distinguished Alumni. She also owns A _ the most York City, N.Y, and Michael Kennedy of a farm in Breckinridge County, Ky t li familiar Lexington participated as members in their Kennedy, an associate professor in the American first UK Board of Trustees meeting. Department of Geography in the Col- D P television Tobin was appointed by Gov. Paul lege of Arts and Sciences, is one of two l_lnol.i Downs news Patton from three nominees elected by faculty representatives on the board sneaks With oersonalities graduates of UK in balloting this spring in elected by the faculty of the University. loupnoilgm and in the an election conducted by the UK Alumni gerontology history of Association. She is one of three alumni rep- students. the resentatrves on the UK board. She replaces t um.: wwwiut radii muotoos methumsiqe holqs tt post- mas ers egree in gerontology from Hunter = ia i College and a Certificate if ig 0. A ees; L - i ji in Geriatric Medicine l v 1 V V _,,.t I t l E - from Mt. Sinai Medical i ns; ` I ;hlEl` h M a n i -~t . ti"' S ` . .- - " i 1 *t * ie ' ' 7 t'; i ~ r sl W l._i i { r?I'fT*lhir,r;leei:.i lll; U Ng t In S I t iii . *.i t' ~ D s ` SE H i - _ til g Five UK faculty have `i ii ...g?"?--' F" "' g , i ' r are i-~ { A I " f been named Fulbright . rt i ` ' ` jj R - Q _. ; li E Scholars for the 2002- Y {4.. ii aa _t,. _ .. .i.. -e l i li 2003 academic year, per- Y - _ W @77 E mitting them to teach or * M F A iP*Y* CL perform research abroad. I Arturos Art Goes to Court Cii;Ki*;ia W UK art professor Arturo Alonzo Sandoval has completed a commissioned artwork for tslrio Kiler (Reoiiblie oi the new U.S. Sixth District Court building in London. Sandoval, who has taught at UK Czechoslovakia) Ednoa_ for 27 years, is best known for work that combines industrial materials with traditional riori. Marlr Berger (lre_ weaving. This courthouse piece, "Appalachian Knobs, " is made of interlaced highly pol- larirl) Economies; and ished brass, copper, and aluminum strips that span an area approximately 1 yard by 16 Deeriiorirl O. Brown yards wide. Several other artisans were involved in various aspects of the project, includ- (Glraria Wear Airiea) and ing helping with fabrication of the actual piece. The commission was part of the U.S. Greg Brook (Sri Lanka), General Service Administrations Art in Architecture project, which stipulated that a Family Srndiea small percentage of the federal buildings cost be used for artwork. VNNl.S3.g0V KENTUCKY ALUMNI 7