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1PAGE 4 THE KENTUCKY KERNEL TWO ALUMNI PAGE Subscribe for THE KERNEL Published By And For University Alumni And Help the Association McATEE SHOE SHOP Edited by Shoe Artisans With a Reputation WORKMANSHIP UNSURPASSED RAYMOND KIRK Secy.-Trea- s. PRICES LOWER ON S. LDIE OFF MAIN Alumni Assn. EXPERT, CLEAN This is the seventh year that he has been an active member of the AND SANITARY Last week office a He has been I ITAITIWI n ATT1TV large number this letters mailed out of alumni association. to alumni of principal of the Athens High school BARBER SERVICE the University of Kentuckyliving in for six years. Lexington. Tho'letters were personal Carolyn Frances Lutkeraeir, B. S. Football Men Are Guests of letters asking that dues for this year Naturally the letter Honor at Luncheon Saturday be paid. for only those who had was 1916, has a perfect record as an alumnot nae. She has been active in the assointended PRESIDENT James Park, '15 December 2; Fifty Attend "Where College Men Go" paid their dues for this year. Owing ciation every year since her graduaAffair to a mistake in addressing the letters tion. She is teaching home economics 117 E. HIGH ST. H. M. DAVIS, Prop. several were sent to those Lexington High school. Her Mrs. Rodes Estill, .'21 ARE ELECTED alumni who had already paid dues in the FrankfortLewis street, FrankOFFICERS address is 419 for this year. In this office we have memThe Lexington Alumni Club of the been forced, from lack of funds, to fort, Ky. She also is an active Raymond L. Kirk, '24 SECRETARY-TREASUREUniversity of Kentucky held its first use student help this year and conse ber of the Frankfort Alumni Club. ALL MAKES luncheon of the year last Saturday quently for the most part those who at the Lafayette, hotel and its mem- assist are not well acquainted with Arthur J. Rankin, B. C. E. 1916, has EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE bers were hosts to the football squad, the work. When these letters were moved from New Orleans to Millsap, and the coaching staff of the Univer- addressed the student engaged in the Tex., where he is a civil engineer. George H. Wilson, '04 Dr. Walter Hillenmeyer, '11 sity of Kentucky. This luncheon, in work failed to distinguish all of those "Dr. E. C. Elliott, '02 Wayland Rhodes, '15 honor of the football men, is an an- alumni "who already had paid their J. E. Torrence, LL. B. 1916, has nual event and is held each year on dues. This accounts for the letters to just sent in a check for his dues for Wm. H. Townsead, 12 Special W. C. Wilson, '13 the first Saturday after Thanksgiving. those already paid up. We wish to this year. This is the third consecu TYPEWRITER In the years gone by it was tho cus apologize to these alumni and assure tive year that he has been an active He is tom to entertain only the senior mem them that it was purely a mistake. member "of the association. EXCHANGE bers of the teanrbut this year the list If you already are receiving The Ker- mayor of Eau Gallie, Fla., where he KENTUCKY AND was extended to include the entire nel please ignore the letter. If you went in 1925. He still is engaged in Opp Courthouse Phone 1792 WEST SHORT ST. squad. There were about fifty pres- have not received proper credit for the practice of law. reprinted an In another column on this page will be found ent at the luncheon. your dues, The Kernel would not editorial which appeared in the Lexington Herald of Saturday, Miss Marguerite McLaughlin, pres- come to you each week. Jessie Acker, B. S. 1915, tells us This editorial deals with the progress of the UniDecember 2. ident of the Lexington Alumni Club, that she has moved from Bethany There also College, at Bethany, W. Va., to Den presided at the meeting and presented versity of Tennessee within the past few years. Pres. James Park of the International this year from Hickman where she ton, Tex., where she is teaching in is a comparison drawn between that institution and the UniverAssociation who was the only speaker. taught in the high school last year. the Texas Stafte Teachers College. sity of Kentucky. In recent years the legislative bodies of TenPresident Park made a brief and in- Her address is Box 503, Princeton, W. This college is the largest of the nessee have appropriated large sums for the expansion of their teresting talk to the members of the Va. eight teacher's colleges in Texas and The appropriations have been so large that adeuniversity. DIRECT LINE FROM squad and voiced the appreciation of one of the largest in the United quate buildings and equipment have been added to care for the alumni, students and friends of Jean B. Slater, B. S. M. E. 1923, is States. Her address is Box 344 T. C. It also an approximate increase of 400 per cent enrollment. the university, for the showing the another member of this class who is Station, Denton, Texas. points out that private citizens have been awakened to the growteam made this year. He stated that a candidate for the roll of honor. He university in so far as to make the season has a perfect record as an alumnus. no alumnus considered ing importance of a great state Edgar E. Johnson, B. M. E. 1914, is TO Tennessee. anything but a success when Centre He is with the Alberger Heater Com another alumnus who has a prominent large contributions and bequests to the University of told the coaching pany of Buffalo, N. Y., and has been place on was defeated. He All Points in the our roll of honor. While the editorial does not go so far as to state just why staff that for the first time in his with this concern since his gradua- He has been active in the association NORTH, EAST, SOUTH years of association with the uni- tion. His address is 149 Highland each year since his graduation. He is the increased interest has been manifested in the University of versity there had been a maximum avenue. Buffalo. Tennessee, it is easy for us who are in touch with the life of a a sales engineer for the Buffalo Forge Cincinnati, New Orleans, Jacksonville, The Caroliaas of praise for them and a minimum of Company and his address is 200 Lor-in- g state maintained university to see where the stimulus originated! fault found. and St. Loals avenue, Buffalo, N. Y. He was Roy H. Farmer, B. S.'l921, is a It goes without saying that the alumni of the University of At the close of the meeting the an farmer and is living in Midway, Ky. married in 1919 to Miss Frances Tennessee are largely responsible for this increase in interest nual election of officers was held and He was married to Miss Louise MarConvenient Schedules to All Points It goes without saying that the throughout the entire state. the incumbent officers were vin in 1923. given widespread publicity to the needs of their alumni have for another year. These officers are: Mr. and Msr. W. C. Wilson, who For Tickets, Reservations, Descriptive Literature and alma mater and that they have advertised the fact that the Marguerite McLaughlin, president; Marie Rodes Barkley, B. S. 1920, both are members of the class of 1913 Information, Communicate With University must grow and expand each year in order that it be W. Viley McFerran, vice president; has to her credit a perfect record ever and were graduated with the degree CHAS. F. BIGELOW able to take care of the youth of that state and keep pace with Helen King, treasurer, and W. C. since graduation and this year we of A. B., have sent in their dues for W. R. CLINKINBEARD Brown, secretary. It was decided at have placed her on our roll of honor. the year. Since they are so well Division Passenger Agent the other institutions of the South. City Ticket Agent the meeting that a similar luncheon She is teaching home economics in the known to all alumni we will say only 118 East Main Street, Lexington, Ky. past few years, out of hundreds of thousands Within the be held for the members of the bas- College of Agriculture of the Uni- that they-st- ill live at 235 South Limeof dollars spent in new buildings for the state maintained schools ketball team and that the Lexington versity of Kentucky. Her address is stone street and that "W. C." still is club assist in entertaining the visiting 737 South Limestone, Lexington. and colleges in Kentucky, the University of Kentucky has failed commissioner of public works for high school athletes next spring durr to receive its proportionate part So far the people of Kentucky Lexington. m ing the State High School Basketball have not been awakened to the importance of the University of Gilbert Frankel, B S. M. E. 1919, Tournament. Kentucky. They have not been fully informed as to its services Thomas Jefferson Lee, LL. B. 1912, is assistant to the chief engineer for services which go far beyond the actual-givi- ng to the commonwealth the Buffalo Forge Company, of Bu is still living, in Merigold, Miss., Or falo, N. Y. He has an almost per where he is an attorney. He recent of instruction and higher education to the students who feet record as an alumnus missing ly sent in his check for dues for this come to the campus. Me only one year since his graduation. year, making him an active member The University of Tennessee student body has grown from He is living at 567 Delaware avenue, for three years running after being During the. same time inactive for some time. 756 students in 1919 to 3,000 this year. Fred A. Engle, A. B. 1923, Is teach- Apartment 18, Buffalo, N. Y. ing biology in the Winchester High the enrollment of the University of Kentucky has reached 2,500 Benjamin D. Wilson, B. S. 1909, school at Winchester, Ky. His adCharles Lee Morgan, B. S. 1918, is with more than 1,000 in 1919. dress has been changed to 352 Boone another who is on our roll of honor. this year will round out 14 years as Is avenue. This is his fifth year as an He has been an active and paid up an active member of the alumni as There is not a single alumnus in Kentucky who would not He has been a member alumnus, and each year he has been alumnus every year since his grad sociation. some influence with his senator or representative if he have paid up and active. He is another uation. He is an associate professor since before 1914 and has a place on but took the time to talk to him or write him a letter. A simple candidate for our roll of honor. in animal husbandry, in the the Clem our roll of honor. He is professor and clear explanation of the University of Kentucky, its needs See a son Agricultural College at Clemson of soil technology in the department and its manifold services, would go a long way toward getting of agronomy of Cornell University. Charles D. Graham, B. SM. E College, S. C. COMPLETE LINE -for it the much needed funds. There is not one of us who would His address is Caldwell Hall, Ithaca, 1923, is another of the younger alumnot take a great deal of pride in our alma mater if it should beY. ni who has a perfect record in the At Our Store Ellis Ewen Drake, B. M. E. 1917, is N. Let us all work come the greatest in the South, as it should. association. He has been active each superintendent for the Federal we can take a part of the responsibility for Golde Theo Lazarus, B. S. 1907, together so that year since his graduation. Last year Company, of Patterson, N. J. SPECIAL PRICES TO COLLEGE TEAMS now Mrs. E. Oppenheimer, is another A little judicious publicity right now will go a he left St. Louis and accepted a posi- This is the fifth making it that. year that who is on our roll of honor. She has Heating and Ven- he has been an consecutive tion with the York long way when the general assembly goes into session. O O active alumnus, and been an active member of the alumni tilating Corporation, in Philadelphia, if we have our way he will continue I EVERYBODY LIKES GIFTS association since before 1914. She is is 1502 Locust to be Penn. His address j j active from now on. He was From Our Sttock of Useful and street. He was married to Miss Lou married to Miss Ernestine Wood in living at 107 Francisco street, Misj j Pretty Christmas-Thing- s girls of the neighboring state. sion, Tex. ise Burks, A. B. 1926, last year. 1921 and has one son, William Drake, "The summary shows that in 1919 who is five years old. His address is Perrin Rule, B. M. E. 1907,is genRuth Hugson, A. B. 1923, is teach- Box 1827, Patterson, N. J. there was a total of 756 students in eral superintendent of the Iroquois in the school at all departments of the University of ing EnglishW. Va. high went Steel Company, of Chicago. His adShe there Princeton. William S. Moore, B. M. E. 1917, is dress is 1534 East Sixtieth street. Tennessee. Of necessity an enlarged Smith-Watki- ns sales and office manager for the Lou- Mr. Rule is another alumnus who is Out program for the university was Lexington Herald isville office of the Armstrong Cork on our roll of honor. He has been an launched. Increased attendance made dormitory. Incorporated Advancement Made at Tenand Insulation Company. His this necessary. The expanded facili"Kentucky will congratulate Ten- is 3023 Wentworth avenue. address active member of the association for nessee During Past He be- 14 years. Next to the Postoffice on East Main ties resulted, however, in an even nessee upon the progress which has came an active alumnus last year and Few Years greater attendance than could have been made at the state university. now that he is again on our records it Phillip M. Riekin, B. M. E. 1906, is been anticipated. Today there are is likely that he will remain active. ,,mm. n m. .n;.,., COMPARES U. K. PROGRAM nearly 3,000 developments there another with a record that has been ayiinummimmiMHiiiimiiiimiuiiiiiini students in the The recent The 1925 legislature are of perfect since we have been keeping university. This does not count the inspiring. Miss Lena M. Phillips, LL. B. 1917. an accurate record. He has been acThe Lexington Herald, of Saturday, summer session, university extension Tennessee annroDriated S315.000 to 2, carried an editorial and junior college. These figures are (he university for buildings and auth- tells us that she has moved her of- tive every year since before 1914. He December Fuel which set forth the wonderful prog- interesting in connection with the orized short term notes to the amount fices to 233 Broadway, New York is vice president of the Equitable D. C. of 350.000. The 1927 legislature pro City. She is an attorney and coun- Company, Inc., of Washington, ress that has been made at the Uni- the progress which has been made at vided for $2,500,000 for building prog- sellor at law and also president of His address is Beverly Courts and he versity of Tennessee within the past the University of Kentucky. ress. Of this amount $500,000 a year the Business and Professional Wom- has offices in the Union Trust "At a was given to few years. It ably compares the Dr. Frankdinner whichupon the occas- will be spent beginning July 1, 1927. an's Club. She was elected to this L. McVey progress of that university with the ion of his tenth anniversary as presi- To make this program more effective, post last year. Albert Newton Whitlock, A. B. progress that has been made on the dent of the institution it was pointed Knox county, Tennessee, cooperated Carl Betttngcr, B. S. 1916, is a 1906, A. M. 1908, is an attorney and University of Kentucky campus. The out that the enrollment in actual col- in furthering these plans to the exof appropriating $300,000 chemist and pathologist and still is is a member of the firm of Murphy editorial sets forth so clearly what lege students had increased from tent has been done there and shows that 1,000 to 2,500 during the ten years of through a bond issue for the purchase located in Casper, Yyo. Iiis address and Whitlock, Missoula, Mont. He has offices at 511 Montana building-- . it is just what should be done here his leadership. Had it been possible of property connecting the units of is P. O. Box 446. He has been active for several years that we have taken the liberty to re- for the University of Kentucky to the present campus. The program Armiel Carmen, B. S. 1916, is prin- and never has been inactive for long for n?w buildings at Knoxville plans print it here. have instituted a building program the additional building of a boys' dor- cipal of the Athens High school and during the time since he was "A copy of the 'New Building Pro- similar to that in progress at the gram' of the University of Tennessee University of Tennessee it would not mitory, a gymnasium and auditorium his address is R. F. D. 9, Lexington, building, a new administration buildRecord has just been received. This be surprising if the enrollment of the periodical publication of the Univer- actual students at the University of ing, a new additional girls' dormitory, a new public library, a college of edusity of Tennessee outlines the recent Kentucky would not now be 5,000. cation building, a new engineering developments in the expansion pro"The University of Tennessee, dur- building, a biology building and a gram of the University of Kentucky's ing the is, your grade when class work and " perperiod from 1925 to science building. sister state. gonals " are typed on a Royal Portable, most 1927 has added an alumni building, The Alumni office would appreciate it if you would send into this "In addition to the liberal appropri"The survey also shows a remark- an anatomy building, a cafeteria, a modern of lightweight writing machines. office addresses of any of the graduates listed below. able increase in the magnitude of central heating plant, a home econom ations of the Tennessee legislature Nowadays long-han- d writing is quaint as a and the funds raised by Knox county, service which the University of Ten- ic building, a practice house, a junior John Emerson Hestand, '00. celluloid collar Royal-type- d means easy to is performing for the boys and college, a law college and a girls' Tennessee, the citizens of Martin and nessee the county of Wheakley, Tenn., have write, easy to read. Phone the Royal Repreappropriated $100,000 each for the sentative to show you the new color compurchase of property in connection Gibson Walker Taylor, '01 binations of the Royal Portable ask him with the junior college. Under the about the pleasant plan of gradual payments. SEND 'EM IN FOLKS! terms of a will of a Knoxville woman, $25,000 was received by the university and a deed of gift to the city of Mary Wickliffe Austin, '02 (Mrs. Francis'Harrison Ellis) 0 Tennessee, a man and wife gave Enclosed find check for ?3.00 for Alumni Dues for 1927-2worth of property to the university for use as an experimental farm. Flemen Coffee Taylor, '02 The alumni also raised $50,000 not long since for the purchase of certain Name Degree Class property as a World War memorial. "To Kcntuckians it should be most Leola Ditto, '02 (Mrs. Guthrie Chilton) interesting to learn of the steps Tennessee has taken. The progress which Address for sending Kernel. PORTABLE TYPEWRITER has been made at the University of Clarence Albert Galloway, '03 Kentucky during recent years has been sensational. Occupation. "Six new buildings have been added John Ralph Lancaster, '03 Authorized Agents but only two of these have been added Remarks: through the means of state appropriTRANSYLVANIA ation. At least Tennessee is making PRINTING CO. a progress in higher education which Charles Leon Peckinpaugh, '03 (Incorporated) challenges the interest and admiration 108 North Upper of the entire South and which will strengthen the citizenship of the Ten- Helen Louise Jeager, '04 (Mrs. Carl G. Ramsdell) nessee of the future." ALUMNI ASSOCIATION of THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY CLUB iLEXINGTON n FOR LEXINGTON ALUMNI Ky. Viaduct Barber Shop R TYPEWRITERS Rental Rates to Students STANDARD THE UNIVERSITY SOUTHERN RAILWAY SYSTEM LEXINGTON -- AND WEST 3j ! GOLDSMITH'S They Tell Basket Ball Equipement Championship Stuff r EDITORIAL 3 SHOWS PROGRESS AT U T. The Sets ALUMNI two-ye- $50,-00- LOST LIST Okeh! Co. 2