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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 9, 1927

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Tins KENTUCKY KKNttfL field Blount and Mr. Blount, in New the Kappa Sigma fraternity. , Athletic Conference Smyrna, Fla., Saturday afternoon at The young couple will make their The annual meeting of the Southern j 5 o'clock. home in Knoxville where Mr. Cole has Athletic Conference opened here i w!k lta.Jnni4an Mb tVa ' rv.fei bill The Rev. Father Bealmeyer per- an interest in a drug store. AUUISU.J ucau4Ui KIO SOCIETY NOTES CALENDAR Friday, December 9 Alpha Delta Theta tea dance at 3:30 o'clock at Patterson hall. Southern intercollegiate banquet at the Lafayette hotel. Saturday, December 10 Chi Omega sorority luncheon at Chimney Corner. Chi Omega alumna luncheon at Lafayette hotel. Delta Delta Delta tea dance at Patterson hall at 3:30 o'clock. Kappa Sigma dinner at 6:30 o'clock at the Phoenix hotel. Alpha Sigma Phi dance at 9 o'clock at the Phoenix hotel. Phi Sigma Kappa dance at the fayette hotel. La- -- O Weddings Gregory Watson The marriage of Miss Emilie Gregory, of Lexington, Ky., and Mr. Brandt L. Watson, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Watson, of Twin Lakes, Pa., was solemnized at the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. Bryan Whit- - Non- - and the smootliest writer you have ever used! Sure YouH pay $5 for tlie Junior 1 YouVe got a GOT something! That saves money. And you've got PRESSURELESS TOUCH. That saves tiring yourself out writing themes and taking notes. We've thrown these 'new Duofolds from the roof of a skyscraper, from an aeroplane 3,000 feet aloft, and from the rim of the Grand Canyon, and not one has F Hale and hearty colors Mandarin Yellow (new), Lapis Lazuli Blue, Green Lacquer-Re- d, Jade and flashing Black and Gold d. 35 years of experience, 47 improvements, 32 pen patents all have been incorporated in this Master Pen. See what it does for you. Faux Pin Cowfant. Jjuamux. Wa. 0 xarKer (9 . "Geo. S. One caution: See where Farker-DUOFO- LD" the pen points? Do a litde detective work. Look for that imprint on the barrel Duofbld Jr. Color Cootobatlos-- K. of each pen. There for Engineering Dance Due to an error in the dance list in the dean of men's office, the dance of the Dicker Engineering Society was announced wrong last week in The Kernel. The dance will be given at the men's gymnasium, on Saturday night, December 17. Tickets may be procured from members of the society or from Mr. J. D. Dicker. The Ker Layafette Barber Shop your protection', the dealer's and our own. Chas. Reeder, Prop. Trad. Mirk U. 8. PaLOSe You'll 7 like : OI '7 it. - Cool as final exams. Sweet as passing. Mild as cafe au lait- mild, but with that rich, flavor that bangs your smoke-gon- g right on the nose on fire-uYou'll like this every Prince Albert in the bowl of a pipe And how! full-bodi- Dance One of the first things you notice about P. A. is that it never bites your tongue or parches your throat, no matter how wide you open the smoke-throttl- e It it one tobacco that never wears out its welcome. You can stoke and smoke to your heart's content, with P. A. for packing. Get some Prince Albert now and get going!. a tEE.11 LLLLKjELLLLLLM ! I TUXEDOS tion of i need for a Tuxedo at this season of The the year is very pronounced. a Tuxedo that is precisely correct in every The Picadilly and Cavalier ever essential. they combine good taste and good value. P. A. It told every-whe- in tidy red tins, d pound and tin humidors, and pound ctyiltl-tlt- " tr humidors with top. And eiweys with every bit of bite and perch removed by the Prince Albert proctn. FRINGE ALBERT the national joy smoke! correct the year need for" detail is are such A Tuxdo set of studs and links in case. up. THE "PICADILLY" chstra. Chaperones for the occasion were Mr. and Mrs. Stoesser, Mrs. Gile9, Mr. Ball and Mr. Dicker. $25 $35 1 Black silk butterfly or plain ties. $ EUPPENHE I M ER ' "CAVALIER" As the most joyful time approaches it is very important that our personal ' Black patent oxfords smartly styled. $50 be above reproach, the cost of keeping ones self in tip top shape appearance in regards to clothes, it seems that every man, $ Tuxedo Vests ' tory service. BECKER A Tuxedo makes an ideal Christmas gift foe the young fellow at home or away at school. Graves, "Cleaners That Satisfy" 6211550 m m iHlllllimil new Arrow open one and wo stud Shirts with extra center pleat and the new patterns. honey $Q.50 ox & Co. Incorporated- - 212 S. LIME 8 SHIRTS . 'The back Tux wide $6.50 to $10 woman and child should look as if (hey just stepped out of a band box-- . Call us for quick, satisfac- Phones the m - THE AAA accessories. - Holiday Affairs vnn f J VV anil selec- For- All Formal Kentuckian Dance The Kentuckian staff of the Uni versity of Kentucky entertained with their annual Kentucky benefit dance, Saturday night, from 8 until 12 o- clock, in the men's gymnasium. Music was furnished by Toy Sandefur's or- - Christmas Time Is Clean Time SZtrkYo kJbVTAW find ed long-burni- ng KajraoUa Tobacco , wiutos-SalanN. C S m- - OPEN a tidy red tin of Prince Albert and give your olfactory nerve a treat. Never have you met an aroma that had so much Some fragrance, Fellows. And that's just a starter. Load up and light up. . . 0 127, R.J. Cmmptmr, For The Af tViia VilltJ Tea Dance The Delta Zeta sorority entertained in honor of their pledges with a tsa dance last Saturday at Patterson hall from 3 until 6 o'clock. The room was artistically decorated witht ferns. Music was furnished by "Peg" Langon's orchestra. About three hundred guestst were presents k and how! p. Wl A& U , come-and-get-- NEAR LIME of the active chapter "who were guests, Misses Louise Bloomer, Mary Elizabeth Beadles, Elizabeth Hardesty, Mary Thompson, Nancy Duke Lewis, Esther Combs, Caroline Rounsavall. Elizabeth Thompson, Mildred Hart, Jean Preston, Barry Briggs, Mary Powell Elliott, Elizabeth Brent and Emmy Lou Ford. nel regrets this error, ahd hopes that no mconviences will result irom tne mistake. PA-- EAST MAIN ' Brockway. Members Ovcruzc37 Bd toi BAYNHAM SHOE CO. semi-annu- al SANITATION smoothest-talkin- g, 1 Jl d, "We are at present operating what we believe to be the most sanitary barber shop in Lexington," says Charley Reeder, proprietor of the Lafayette Hotel Barber Shop. "When a customer enters our shop our barbers wash their hands with antiseptic soap before starting work. Our hair brushes, lather brushes and combs are used on only one customer a day. Then they are all thoroughly sterilized at night. We use powdered soap exclusively for shaving and Sani-te- x neck bands to keep the hair cloth from touching the neck. Our linens are never used on more than one person. It would seem that it would be necessary to make an additional charge for these precautions but we don't. Our rates are the same as other high grade .shops and our staff is composed of only first rate barbers." K roughest friend couldn't distort it out of shape for you. Ts It's a fact that what is jten is longer remembered than what is heard. When you dress tomorrow, think that over. Then remember that FLORSHEIM Shoes helpyou look your best at all times. be-"- Gold pen points with iridium tips (choice of six styles) to suit your hand exactly but so tempered that your When to ct(emember FLORSHEIM Shoe? the-Blu- -- 1 14 Collopy Cassidy James T. Hedges announces the engagement of her niece, Miss Sara M. Collopy, to Mr. James Lyle Cassidy. The marriage will take place during the holidays. Miss Collopy was a junior in the College of Agriculture at the university. She is a member of Phi Beta, musical sorority, and Alpha Xi Delta, social sorority. Mr. Cassidy was graduated last Phi Beta Pledging year from the university. He is a Phi Beta, honorary musical sorormember of the Alpha Sigma Phi fra- ity, held formal pledging Saturday ternity. afternoon at 1:30 o'clock at the home of Margaret Gooch on Hambrick aveFollowing the pledging a denue. Sorority Luncheon Zeta Tau Alpha sorority enter- lightful ice course was served. tained with an informal luncheon SatThe new pledges are Misses Louise urday in honor of Mrs. W. F. Moore, Godbey, Janet Lalley, Ann McFar-lanOlivia Perkins and Alice Young. of Louisville, the president of the Active members are: Misses Geral-din- e Delta province, at the chapter house Cosby, Rowena Noe, Katherine on East Maxwell street. Best, Mary Brawn Bradley, Sarah Dean Anderson Leaves Dean Paul Anderson, of the College Callopy, Katherine Carey, Mary Ellen of Engineering, left last Saturday on Dale, Louisa Dudley, Edith Fuller, Jane Gooch, Margaret Gooch, Nancy an extended business trip East. He addressed the Boston Engineers Godbey, Mary Virginia Haley, DorClub on Monday, December 6, on the othy Johnson, Maxiiie Lewis, Dorothy subject, "Recent Progress in Heating Monroe, Rosanna Ruttencutter, La Una Ramsey, Josephine Frasier and and Ventilating." From the 6 to 10 of December, Mrs. Lola Robinson. Dean Anderson was in New York atPage Five) tending the annual meeting, of the (Additional Society American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the meetings of the advisory committee of' the National Power Exposition, which will be held this week at Grand Central Palace in New York. On the evening of December 8, the Kentucky Alumni Club of New York, held the dinner, at which Dean Anderson was a guest of honor. Pan-Hellenic Sorority Luncheon. The Kappa Delta Sigma sorority entertained with a luncheon at Chimney Corner, last Saturday, the pledges hosts to the active members. The decorations were of red and white carnations and tapers, with red and white mints and other details to carry out the color scheme of red mt and white, the sorority colors. The pledges who were hostesses for 'he occasion were, Misses Florine Hamilton, Jean Rensberger, Camille Handy, Adelaide Jackson-- Anne Gordon Parker, Jane Ross, Doris Striker, Mary Gaines Cartinhour, Kate Green, Marian Hunt and Katherine Shearer. Their chaperone was Miss Frances Mrs. News has ben received here of the marriage of Miss Monica McClure-4- e Mr. Robert Cole. The wedding was solemnized in Louisville, Saturday afternoon. Miss McClure was a popular member of the Delta Delta Delta sorority and attended school here last year. She resides at Leitchfield, Ky. Mr. Cole is from Barbourville, Ky. He was graduated from the university last year and was an active and outstanding student. He is a melmber of Yetit's 28 lighterihanxvhea made with rubber And it writes immediately, and keeps on writing, with merely the pressure of irs own light weight you simply guide it. It clears the track for THINKING. And! it's a satisfaction, too, to "pull a good one" when you write or lend. Lafayette hotel. Thursday evening at 6:30 o'clock the coaches entertained with a dinner at the Phoenix hotel. This morning the visitors wro taken on a motor car trip through Grass where places of historic interest were visited. Friday evening, the conference will close with a banquet at 6 o'clock at the Lafayette hotel. Mr. S. A. Boles is the chairman of the program committee. Other members are Mr. S. C. Sanford, Dr. W. D. Funkhouser and Mr. Harry Gamage. Engagements Cole McClure iHI broken. That's another thing: formed the ceremony. Following the ceremony a reception was held and a buffet supper in two courses was served.. In the center of the dining table was the wedding cako which was cut by the bride. The bride and bridegroom left later for a wedding trip and on their return will be at home at 640 North Faulkner street, in New Smyrna. Mis. Watson was graduated from the University of Kentucky in the class of 1926 where she was a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Mr. Watson was graduated from the New' Smyrna High school and finished his education at Rollins College, Winter Park, Fla., before entering business with his father. Lehman Mckown The following invitations have been received here: Mr. and Mrs. William George Lehman request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter - Elizabeth to Mr. George Ivan McKown on Saturday, the tenth of December at eight, o'clock in the evening Presbyterian Church Midway, Kentucky Enclosed were cards: Reception immediately following ceremony at the home of the bride Please reply. 1 Breakable -- PAGB THREE I comb