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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 9, 1927

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE a : Afternoon Tea Study Class Meets The study clas3 in international reconducted by the Woman's lations Club of the University of Kentucky,! held their meeting last Tuesday evening at 7:30 o'clock. Prof. Alvin E. Evans, dean of the university College oi law, spoKe on, .jurisdiction 01 me World. Court and of the League of Nations." Davis, grand vice president, and Mrs. tof Famous Psychologists." W. F. Moore, of Louisville, president of the Delta province. FRATERNITY ROW Chaperones were Dean Sarah M. Mr. William Griffin spent the wek Blanding, Mrs. W. A. Straussman, Mrs. George Wilson, Miss Dora Berk- end at his home in Shepherdsville. Mr. Richard Lewis visited at his ley and Mrs. Eda Giles. home in Bardstown last we"k end. 1 About 200 guests were present. (Misses Margaret Owens and Lucille Sorority Tea Zeta Tau Alpha sorority entertained with a tea dance Friday afternoon from 4 until 6 o'clock at Patterson hall, in honor of the pledges of the Music was furnished by sorority. Peg Langdon's orchestra. Honor guests included Mrs. W. E. Mothers Club The Mother's Club of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity entertained with a tea at the chapter house, Monday afternoon, from 3 until 5 o'clock. The guests included the members of the Lexington chapter and members of the Louisville alumni chapter. A delicious salad course was served. Conyers, of Somerset, spent the week end at the Kappa Kappa Gamma house. Miss Dolly Cox has returned from a trip East and has resumed her studies at the University of Kentucky. Miss Lucy Davis has returned from a week's stay in New York. Messrs. B. R. Sanders and R. B. McClure were week end guests at the Alpha Gamma Rho house last week. Messrs. Reynolds Ackerman, David Bishop and Van Buren Ropke visited their homes in Louisvillo last week J HlllimiK3HIIIIIIHIICIIIIIIIIIIIIC3IIIIIIIIIIIIE3lllillllllllCIIIIIIIIIIIC3IIIIIIIIIIIIC3IIIIIIIIIIIIE3llllllllllllt A Gift For Mother 1 ""A Box of 1 Victoria home-mad- e " PECAN ROLLS NUT BRITTLES CANDY PUDDINGS " r- at the Delta Zeta sorority j Phone 5961 President of Lexington Club Cafeteria Meal Hours Lunch Dinner 1 7:00 to 8:15 11:45 to 12:45 6:00 . 5:30 to i I Open between meals in the morning for Sandwiches, Milk, Hot Drinks, Candy and Ice Cream UNIVERSITY CAFETERIA Basement Administration Bldg- - It Won't Be Long Now The Lexington Alumni Club was host to the football squad Saturday at the annual luncheon given at the Lafay-tt- e hotel. Many alumni anil friends of the association were pres- ent at the banquet. Miss Mareuerite McLauehlin. pres ident of the Lexington Alumni Club, presided ana introduced dames rarti, presid-n- t of the National Alumni As sociation. Mr. Park expressed the thanks of the alumni throughout the country for the splendid way in which the team has nlaved and shown its indomitable courage during the past season. He also said that tne ammni appreciat-- d the work of the coaching staff. Results of the Centre game completely evened the score of any defeats in other games 'this year, he said. Mr. Park predicted that Ken tucky would soon take the place it deserves in the Southern Conference. After the luncheon the following officers were reflected: Miss Mar guerite McLaughlin, president; Mras Helen King, treasurer; W. C. Brown, secretary, and Viley McFerran, vice president. Start Planning Your ra-- CHRISTMAS it. MEALS . NOW and Place Your Order With Us Early for TURKEYS DUCKS CHICKENS GEESE GUINEAS OLD HAMS and FRESH EGGS Moore-Disho- n Poultry Co. CORNER JL.IME and WATER STREETS "WHOLESALE PRICES TO FRATERNITIES" For Mother For Dad A ilk umbrella, lovely enough to suit her fastidious taste, and practically priced to suit your pocketbook. Sixteen ribbed, carved bakalite or wooden tops, with ferrules and tips to match. In red, black, blue, green, brown, and purple. Attractively boxed in special gift containers. One of the new shaving sets made by Houb-iga- nt in the Royal Fern odor; a "scent especially created for masculine -- taste. The smaller sets contain soap, shaving cream, talc, and lotion. The larger have, in addition, brilliantine and hair tonic. (By William Rentz) Joseph's coat of many colors is put to shame, and no doubt this son of Jacob would have turned green with envy had he but seen the curtain that now bedecks the stage of Romany theater. hanging is a d This product made by inmates of the Eastern State hospital for the insane, and every stitch of work was done by ,ho3C deemed mentally deficient. For sev n months 100 occupants of this 'nstitution labored tirelessly upon his curtain, which was to be a gift "rom one stae institution to another The drapery' is made up of 14,000 small panels of velvet sewed together by hand and constitutes a square of "0 by 70 feet. The most remarkable thing about the curtain is that it contains no less than 500 variations of color, which colors would prove beyond doubt the versatility of the well known Chameleon should he endeavor to crawl across its v lvety surface. The idea for this drapery was originated by Miss Anne Wbrthington Calahan. teacher of art. multi-color-- . $3.50 to $6.00 $3:50 to $18.00 - FIRST FLOOR To Delighi Sister .. To Gratify Brother . $1.50 to $8.00 $1.50 to. $6.50 JEWELRY DEPARTMENT The Girl Friend GIFT SECTION The Boy Friend . You'll be sitting pretty if you give her a gorgeous Deauville vanity, with lipstick attached, 7.50. in blue cloisonne and sterling silver one of our diminutive pottery lamps, boldly decorated in gay peasant colors, with parchment shade ta DEPARTMENT HE will approve your selection of linen initialed, hand drawn, or plain, with and 2 inch hems. hand-kerchei- n 1-- 4 1-- match. 25c and 50c MAIN And One More Suggestion FLOOR . -- You will find this a happy solution here. Practical Gifts for SI. - . Have your purchases wrapped at our special gift ' wrapping desk, where tissue and seals may be secured at a nominal cost, and packages wrapped ready for gift giving. Gifts purchased here will be mailed, postage prepaid anywhere in Kentucky. great department store transformed into a treasure house of wonderful gift things for all the family and the home. Pay us a visit a nd your gift problems will find - . Room-mat- e SHE will appreciate Czecho-Slovakia- .--' $5.00 to $10.50 JEWELRY $1.00 to $5.00 For the . . Please him with an automatic cigarette lighter made by Clark and Ronson. Conservative, metallic, or collegiate colored leather bodies. A wide selection of others GIFT SECTION GIFT HEADQUARTERS For All Central Kentucky .. Snappy containers for his smokes. .Some, in metal, with .automatic cigarette releasers, others with a pivoting' container that swings back into place when not in .use. $3.50 ad - - - Mother - - - "Sister Brother 1 TOILET GOODS DEPARTMENT Splurge on a string of lovely bubble pearls.' Shining golden globules strung on a delicate Ear-ring-s, chain. hat ornaments, and brooches to match. Joseph's Coat Is Put to Shame by Romany's Curtain TILL CHRISTMAS. WW , Co-ed- s Miss Marguerite McLaughlin Is lHWHWK3HIIIHniliaiinilllllllt3llllllllllllHllllllllllllHIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIHIIIHI Breakfast of Busy Eds and house. Alumni Give Banquet For Football Squad Bentons Sweet Shoppe 145 S. Lime To Facilitate the Xmas Shopping was a guest over the week rnd r u Made in our own shop. i Offers Gift Suggestions end. Miss Christine Hopkins, from Louisville, stopped at the Kappa Delta E house last week en. route to the high school meeting of Press Association n Georgetown. 1 The Delta Chi fraternity announce the pledging of Mr. George Heffner, of Chicago. Miss Mildred Cowgill, of Owens-bor- o, Chocolates - PAGE FIVE KSflttEL Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Miner will entertain with a tea this afternoon at 8 o'clock at their home on Waller avenue in honor of the Psychology Sem-- : inar. Doctor Basset, of the university faculty will speak on "Anecdotes SOCIETY NOTES - .WTOCX The Main Store of Holiday Happiness