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Image 11 of R. L. Polk and Co.'s Lexington City Directory 1914-1915

Part of Lexington City Directories

VICTOR BUGAERT (I0. lll *35 wm f; — . -—FOR FINE DIAMONDS·—— l 14 il. L. ·POLK & Co.’s LEXINGTON CITY DIRECTORY R ‘ Post Office-Continued ' Rural and City Delivery l)ivisiou——tiet>rg‘e R \Va1‘ren. ` I supt; james C Mahoney. john lil lirvine. Miss Mar» garet Carroll, Frank \\` Smith, George I. Britting~ · C ham and \\vll] ll Prather clerks. To this division is . _- assigned the supervision nl- all mail matter delivered " in the city hy carrier. tlirough lock boxes or general delivery. lloxes rented and keys issued and returned ; The delivery of special letters hy messengers; also j A` the supervision of the rural carrier service in Fayette — ° eountv ° Letter Carriers-i\\' S ;\nderst>u. .\rthur li -\.dains, Ex _ j Bailey. C li Bowman, Raymond Cropper, rll M i Crosthvvaite. .·\ li Diamond. 'l`homas (iittnn,A\V R ‘ . Owings. R l*` \\'llll2lHlS,Vl"l'21lll< R Diamond. NV \l\" - Thoinpson, ()tta 'l` jones. joseph _ll llukle, Samuel Y] \V Marrs.·Samuel R McCoe, \\` R Montague, Robert _ L Oots, Andrew: Scott. Benjamin H Simeox, john ll - Snovvden. li l. Simcox. Clarence N \\ielch _° Rural Carriers——Marshall Alverson, Elijah Ctnmingham. ‘ john Gilchrist, lieorge (i lleltn, lidxvard \\i jack~ _ son, C M Marshall, john ll Scruggs. I S \'andever. ` j TI Marshall, ll (guy (iordon. VV C S Hayden Y K Substitute Carriers—George R llukle, ll ll \\”allace. \\'m · Green, Barak 'l` Foley, Umar 'l` Smith. jacoh l-l Laval I Board of Civil Service Examiners-(Qeorgc .·\ llateman. .. sec; Samuel Marrs and james C Mahoney, memhers . _ Application for examination for positions in the post- ;§ office and information till civil service should he made - . to the secretary i Rural Routes in Fayette County Serving the Following if ‘ · Pikes ._ Route No 1—RlCh1llOll(l, Mt Tabor, l') .\l'Il1Sll'()ll§ it Mill and Tate`s Creek Pikes }_ Route No 2—\7Cl'SEllllCS. Yanineter Lane, llosvvorth l.aue. ?_° Elkchester, Redd`s and Frankfort Pikes l Route No 3-—Russell Cave. Tron \Vorks. l larp. lnnis and ` Maysville Pikes Route No .t—\Vinchester, \\'alnut Hill. llriar Ilill and , _ Bryant Station Pikes {JQ Route No 5—l*larrodshnrg. Keene, Military, Shannondalc 1 and Parker Mill Pikes { Route No 6—Saundersville Lane, (ieorgetoxvn, Spur. ‘ Yarnallton_ llethel and Leestown Pikes .; Route No 7—N€\\7t<`)\\'Il. lron \\iorks, het Newton and Rus- i 1p sell Cave. Mt leloreli. l.emon’s Mill and Huffman Mill §` Ql Pikes Iii _ ` i _ V . ,_ I . I. kl, -`¤v·.iy¤s· .-,4... .. .... ...7. __ . .. ‘ — ’ ‘ ~ " ARI