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3 > Image 3 of R. L. Polk and Co.'s Lexington City Directory 1914-1915

Part of Lexington City Directories

. r i i` I 6 1NTRODUcTORY. LEXINGTON has a large number of choice retail i houses. The city is the retail market of Central Kentucky. i . i LEXINGTON is tl1e wholesale distributing point for a . C , large southern and eastern territory. Among the commodities . - distributed may be mentioned, groceries, meats, hay, grain, feed, lumber, china ware, drugs, dry goods, notions, hardware, V _ implements, cigars, tobacco and woodenware. It has splendid ' i flouring mills. V LEXINGTON is the greatest loose leaf tobacco market in Abi), the world, which is the growth of five years time. During the Alph season of 1912-13, 41,000,000 pounds were disposed of at an Bam average of $13,23 per one hundred pounds. The payrolls of gink . . . ar - this market total more than $15,000 per week during the mar- Cem, Af ket season. The facilities of the market were doubled last Chur _ year by the investment of nearly half a million dollars of Chin new capital in new plants. The capacity of the market is cglw 5 O more than one hundred million pounds of loose leaf annually. Cla; ; LEXINGTON being one of the oldest cities in the Fire country has many historical associations and points of interest Flfe . . Fiscx . which appeal to the tourist. .HOSi I LEXINGTON boasts of two line colleges for women. Lil>r= Sayre and Hamilton. Hamilton College is the womens col- lxilhl Y C lege of Transylvania University and has a large attendance. N5; i The Sayre College charter was written in 1854, and the PreS PML ident of Vassar College said it was the first institution in Poli Christendom chartered for the education of women. Mathew P<>Sf i- Vassar said it was from this charter that he obtained the idea ' . I _ of chartering Vassar College. Run Z. The publishers desire to express their appreciation Ol Schf _- the liberal support which has been given them and to pr0miS Y that every effort will be made to make each issue of the Stat directory a credit alike to both publishers and patrons. Sm; ; _ R. L. PoL1< & co., If; $5 N. High St., Columbus, O. Publishe1'5 Uni Q' . i_, ~.-- ,..,.. , . .` l . _ ~ Je;