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4 > Image 4 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2011-12-13

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-4- President Capilouto said that Mr. Butler has been one ofthe classiest people that he has met since arriving at the University. Thankfully for the University, Mr. Butler has agreed to stay on and assist during the transition of a replacement. Mr. Butler will continue to manage part of his portfolio until the search is complete. President Capilouto said he hoped to find the appropriate time to celebrate everything that Mr. Butler has done for the University. He asked the Board to join him in acknowledging Mr. Frank Butler. Mr. Butler was given a round of applause and a standing ovation. President Capilouto then referred to PR l. He knows all ofthe Board takes particular pleasure in reading the many accomplishments outlined in PR l. The University of Kentucky is truly remarkable. He introduced Nikky Finney, who is UKs first National Book Award winner for poetry and featured in PR l. Professor Finneys work has stirred the souls of readers at the University and all over the world. President Capilouto encouraged the Board members to read her book entitled H edd O]jc1nd Split, which he had given to them. He talked about Professor Finneys acceptance speech that she gave at the award ceremony. Actor John Lithgow said it was the best acceptance speech he had ever heard, and it truly was outstanding. As a native of Montgomery, Alabama, President Capilouto said he took particular pleasure and was deeply moved by Professor Finneys poem Red Velvet. This poem is what makes poets great. You feel like Nikky Finney knew you all your life, even when you were six years old in Montgomery, Alabama. He remembers that time of tunnoil and vividly remembers the buses, or the ones he took at least weekly in his youth. The times and tribulations and the scars and growth of a community certainly never leave ones mind. Professor Finney deeply stirred his thoughts as he read her vivid account to the poem Red Velvet. President Capilouto acknowledged Dean Mark Kombluh and the Interim Chair of the Department of English Marion Rust, where Professor Finney holds her appointment. He thanked them for attending the Board meeting and asked Dean Kombluh to introduce Professor Finney. Dean Kombluh said it was an incredible honor to introduce Professor Finney because she truly represents the best ofthe University of Kentucky. The University of Kentucky has a three-fold mission: to advance knowledge, to teach a new generation, and to affect the larger society. The University advances knowledge in innumerable ways but none more insightful than Nikky Finneys poetry. It is poetry of beauty and with infinite meaning. The National Book Award given to her was UKs first National Book Award ever. It recognizes the power of her words, and for the University, it honors the fact that UK has had her working with students for 20 years. This power echoes through her inspired teaching. At a reception for Professor Finney, several of her students got up and talked. Listening to her students talk about her in the classroom and in her office is a transcendent experience. Professor Finney really changes peoples lives. Equally important, Professor Finneys achievement is about the universitys Land Grant Mission. Her poetry, as much as the research in agriculture and engineering, is designed to reach out to the community to inspire insight and to truly improve lives. Nikky Finney is a treasure, and the University is honored to have her on the faculty. Dean Kombluh expressed great pleasure in