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7 > Image 7 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2011-12-13

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-7- the retreat. He said that he had the privilege of echoing it in his Investiture speech entitled "The Kentucky Promise. He conducted focus groups as he visited many communities endorsing what the Board concluded at the retreat. He shared what will be the universitys guide and principles to further chart the course. First, everyone needs to keep mindful and be mindful ofthe priorities and mission of the University. He wants to work to further enhance and improve the universitys transparency. He heard often that it was just not enough to be a diverse university. The University of Kentucky has to be inclusive, and it is important to continue gathering infonnation from key constituents. A principle that has served him well in his administrative career is find good people, set up a good process, and trust it. Here are some meg or steps that will be taken over the next several months. Many have heard discussions and concems expressed about the administration at universities across the country and at UK. The first office that he will take under examination is the Office ofthe President. Listed below are questions that will be answered as decisions are made for the best organization to serve this University: Are roles and functions clear? Are we the right size? Do we need to be streamlined? Those are the kinds of questions to be answered. He wants it to be a leaming organization where he receives feedback and acts on it constructively. He wants to develop that kind of culture across all ofthe administration at UK. Based on what was concluded at the Board retreat, steps have already been taken to enhance the undergraduate educational experience. There will be more recruiters in the field. Top scholarships will be increased. The Honors Program will be expanded. And, the marvelous living and leaming environment that many have read about in an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education will be improved. This is just one example that featured the universitys first generation scholars program. President Capilouto said there needs to be a transfonnation of many of the facilities on the core campus. It has got to be attractive to students. It has got to support the creativity that is in many ofthe undergraduate programs. It has got to be a fantastic work enviromnent for the faculty so they collaborate and develop partnerships and relationships to extend their work and better educate the students, and always, to remember the universitys commitment to fellow citizens in Kentucky. As part ofthe facilities transfonnation, a public/private partnership to revitalize residence halls has been explored. He asked Vice President Angie Martin to come forward and give an update on the public/private partnership. Ms. Martin said she was pleased to give the Board an update on the status ofthe housing development plan. At the October Board retreat, housing was identified as a top priority because the