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7 > Image 7 of Guide to civilian organizations. Henderson County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

- ]_ - if ` HENDERSON COUNTY CIVILIAN ORGANIZATIONS g AMERICAN LEGION, WORSHAM POST #40(American Legion, Department of Q Kentucky, National American Legion), 225 North Elm Street, Henderson. A g Founded 1919. Commander, J. T. Armstrong, 446 North Main Street, Henderson. Telephone 5724. Adjutant, C. E. Montgomery, 909 South gg Main Street, Henderson. Telephone 2267. Terms expire July, 1945. Qi Membership: 570. Qualifications, service in the Army, Navy or Marine E Corps during World Nar 1 and honorable discharge therefrom. g Committees: Executive, J. T. Armstrong, 446 North Main Street, Henderson. - ` Ii Purpose: To defend the Constitution of the United States, maintain ' QQ law and order and to pledge ourselves for mutual helpfulness. m Normal Civic Activities: Cooperating with civic clubs in charitable =I matters and organizing benefits for members. Also sponsored active ji company of State Militia. % Defense Activities: Engaged in Auxiliary Police, Red Cross Assistance, 2. Child Care, Collection of Scrap Metals and Other Metals, Recreation. N] Interested in Air Raid warden Service. ? Local Publications: None. ik A ERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY, NORSHAN UNIT=# 40 (American Legion fp Auxiliary, Department of Kentucky: National American Legion ?Q Auxiliary), 225 North Ehn Street, Henderson. Founded 1923. Q President, Mrs. Charles Montgomery, 909 South Main Street, A Hendcrsom. Telephone 2267. Secretary, Mrs. Alma Morehaed, Sand lane, Q Henderson. Terms expire July, 1945 g Membership: 40. Qualifications, mother, wife, sister or daughter of Q a legionnaire. . 1% Committees: Executive, Mrs. Charles Montgomery, 909 South Hain Street, j Henderson. fi Purpose: To assist the American Legion, also cooperating with civic fi organizations. S Normal Civic Activities: Cooperating in child welfare and other ? charitable work, including donations of various items to hospital- Q ized veterans. 3 Defense Activities: Engaged in Sewing and Preparation of Surgical 5 Dressings. Interested in Interviewing. V Local Publications: None.