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Image 7 of Guide to civilian organizations. Henderson County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

- ]_ - if ` “ HENDERSON COUNTY CIVILIAN ORGANIZATIONS g AMERICAN LEGION, WORSHAM POST #40(American Legion, Department of Q Kentucky, National American Legion), 225 North Elm Street, Henderson. A g Founded 1919. Commander, J. T. Armstrong, 446 North Main Street, § Henderson. Telephone 5724. Adjutant, C. E. Montgomery, 909 South gg Main Street, Henderson. Telephone 2267. Terms expire July, 1945. Qi Membership: 570. Qualifications, service in the Army, Navy or Marine E Corps during World Nar 1 and honorable discharge therefrom. g Committees: Executive, J. T. Armstrong, 446 North Main Street, § Henderson. - ` Ii Purpose: To defend the Constitution of the United States, maintain ' QQ law and order and to pledge ourselves for mutual helpfulness. m Normal Civic Activities: Cooperating with civic clubs in charitable =I matters and organizing benefits for members. Also sponsored active ji company of State Militia. %‘ Defense Activities: Engaged in Auxiliary Police, Red Cross Assistance, 2. Child Care, Collection of Scrap Metals and Other Metals, Recreation. N] Interested in Air Raid warden Service. ? Local Publications: None. ik A ERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY, NORSHAN UNIT=# 40 (American Legion fp Auxiliary, Department of Kentucky: National American Legion ?Q Auxiliary), 225 North Ehn Street, Henderson. Founded 1923. Q President, Mrs. Charles Montgomery, 909 South Main Street, A Hendcrsom. Telephone 2267. Secretary, Mrs. Alma Morehaed, Sand lane, Q Henderson. Terms expire July, 1945 g Membership: 40. Qualifications, mother, wife, sister or daughter of Q a legionnaire. . 1% Committees: Executive, Mrs. Charles Montgomery, 909 South Hain Street, j Henderson. fi Purpose: To assist the American Legion, also cooperating with civic fi organizations. S Normal Civic Activities: Cooperating in child welfare and other ? charitable work, including donations of various items to hospital- Q ized veterans. 3 Defense Activities: Engaged in Sewing and Preparation of Surgical 5 Dressings. Interested in Interviewing. V £ Local Publications: None.