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8 > Image 8 of Guide to civilian organizations. Henderson County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

- 3 - AMERICAN RED CROSS, HENDERSON COUNTY CHAPTER(American National Red Cross), City Building, Henderson. Founded 1865. Chairman, S. O. Heilbronner, Ohio Valley Bank Building, Henderson, Telephone 2291. Secretary, Mrs. WL T.Thre1keld, 212 Washington Street, Henderson. Telephone 2566. Executive Secretary, Mrs. Hallie H. Lindsay, 527 Cherry Street, Henderson . Telephone 2571 or 5529. A _ Terms expire December, 1942. Membership: 1041. Qualifications, contributors of one dollar or over annually. A A I Committees: Chairman Volunteer Special Services, Mrs. Ruth P. Hardy; Production, Mrs. J. O. Strother, Mrs. J. L. Tanner; Accident Prevent- ion, Mrs. E. C. Edwards, Mrs. O. Toy; First Aid and Life Saving, x Mr. Martin Roberts; Home Service, Mrs. VL T. Threlkeld, all of Henderson. g Pupposeg Emergency aid plus service to veterans and members of the A U. S. Armed Forces. Normal Civic Activities:Production of garments, surgical dressings I for disaster and war relief. First Aid instruction and advice on 1 heme hygiene and nursing. . Defense Activities:Engaged in Sewing and Preparation of Surgical Dressings, Red Cross Assistance,First Aid, Collecting Books. Training for Motor Corps Service, Interested in Preparation and ., Serving of Food. A Local Publications: None. ` A 2 BENEVOLENT PROTECTIVE ORDER OF ELKS, LODGE #=206(B. P. 0. E. of the United States), Third and Main Streets, Henderson. Exalted Ruler, I H. H. Farmer, 408 Chestnut Street, Henderson. Telephone 5144. Secretary, William Spoehr, 1124 North Main Street, Henderson. Tel~ ephone 5522. Executive Secretary, Jacob Zimbro, Kingdom Hotel, _ Henderson. Telephone 2091. Terms expire April, 1943. j Membership: 550. Qualifications, must belive in the existence of _ a Supreme Being and agree to support the Flag of 6ur Country. - Com ittees: House, W. C. Cooper, 205 South Elm Street, Henderson. Purpose: Fraternal, charitable, social and teaching of good American citizenship. . , Normal Civic Activities: Cooperating in all civic organizations. Defense Activities: Interested in Hospital and Clinical Assistance, A Red Crass Assistance, Collection of Scrap Metals and Other Metals. J Local Publications: None. ` re