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3 > Image 3 of Kentucky farm and home science, vol. 5 No. 2 spring 1959

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

-~> _ entuek Research Results 1n B1lf I HI By FRANK B. BORRIES, JR. ml PESTICIDES DID NOT HURT eals were used, each mixed with (laptan, a lungi- ""` FLAVOR OF STRAWBERRIES eide; later, eight more materials were added to the I y _*__ Pg[iCid(-js usgd 01] S[]urb11~ig g1Ovu ut [hg K6;]- Sl)I`ily 1)l`()g1`il]H ill](l Silllll)lCS CllCI{(l. r\SS()(Tlil[(l \\`lLll I Llltiliy .-\gti(1ultu1`al Experiment Station had no ap- KITS. Tl(Tl1Il0l` lll (TOIl(lll(`[ll1g this project were Carl h* parent detrimental ellect" on the llavor ol the berries, E- Cl**]>l*** D]>i**`i****** Ol- H01`**F**l***1`, uml _I (ii- i r Il r@g@;[](jh [;[g[-1);u]l d(idd_ l{()(ll`lgl.ll, l)l)2ll`ll11ll[ ol` EIlL()lll()lOgy illltl BOLJIII}'. . ln |`aet, the panel lound t;hat when taste dillerenees "N<>** 0* *l* *******`*1*l5 *$*l hull 11**Y 1]>]>111`*** R") wgye ()l)Syy(t iu two jmmmgesy nw 1)S[j(;j(t.Uut(] detrimental elleet on the llavor ol` lrozen strawberries, _),_ S;[]]]l)IS yygyg judged l)[{1.{uS[ing than [hg O[hg]S_ \'ll Oll [ll()S SZIIIIPICS llill`\'CS[C(l ()ll (lily ill`Ll` Sl)1`ily- ur, The tasting work was carried out last year by Mrs. ***gy *]*6 l****l *`l*O*`*$**<`*\\' ('Xt`(ll('lIl ll`<('\ The taste panel in atlion. )IClIll)l`S Oli llllS IIISIC ]1i!l1Cl tlnntgli stnne ol lltettt Ilil\'(' lt)\\'(llt>lIglI ltll ks lt> l`(tllIt( <** c`;,|u;nc(1 [mica and preserved stlaWl>0`1`*S l`*`<>*** 1******** tlwiy nstl`nIness as ltttnbet 111*0*. A thatreceived various pesticide treatments: Purpose ol` the A partitions was to promote objective reactions. tt.mt/nitro! on Page sl . l(l{N'll`(jK\' I\I{Xl .xst> lloxna $(1|lZN(2lZ$lRlN(} 1955) 3