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155 > Page 155 of "Cherry and black" : the career of Mr. Pierre Lorillard on the turf / by W.S. Vosburgh.

CHAPTER XVIII CONCLUSION T HUS we have traced the story of the "cherry and black" jacket from Saxon to David Garrick, from I873 to i90i, through twenty-nine years of rac- ing and its vicissitudes; beginning with the days when the "blue with red sash" of the McDaniel Confederacy rode triumphant with its Harry Bassett and Spring- bok; succeeded by the period when the "maroon and red" of the Nursery rose again to power with Sultana, Olitipa and Fiddlestick; only to be followed by the "white with red star" of Mr. Astor, with Vagrant and Baden Baden. Then comes the "blue and orange" of "Prince George," with Harold, Spinaway, and Sensa- tion. Anon, we have "the Dwyer dynasty" with Bramble, Blackburn, Hindoo, Miss Woodford, Tre- mont, and Hanover, interrupted by the triumphs of the "tricolor" of Cassatt and the "orange and blue" of Haggin, the "all scarlet" of Morris, and the "all black" of Withers. Now we have the era of Keene and the "white with blue spots," and its Domino, Com- mando, Sysonby and Colin. But through all these E 155 J