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9 > Image 9 of The Kentuckian 1959

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

I TOO PARTY This first section will be a true "student life" section only in part. It isn't meant to picture all that happens in the life of an average UK student, which is impossible. Rather, the following pages are intended to reflect some of the undeniable highlights that are common year after year at the University, and to present certain customs or institutions that students are at least vaguely acquainted with. We have omitted some things that have appeared too often in past yearbooks, striving for a fresh perspective. No doubt some things on the next pages, such as campus scenes or the "contemporary" pages may seem to have no business here, since each of us ar too close to these things to appreciate them. But if criticism on this point can be withheld until the year 1979, perhaps the portrayal of the campus as it is today and styles as they are today will have more justification then, even as a 1939 yearbook, in all its oddities, certainly must be justified as far as 1939 graduates are concerned.