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Image 31 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1884-1885)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

i STATE COLLEGE OF KENTU(¤1;Y. 31 I _ In the first year ot` the student at the College ottenses will . · count one-third less than in the above scale. The Faculty will ` - classify to suit this scale the oitenses ordinarily eonnnitted by y students. At the end of every month tbr wliieh lQl1L‘ nmnber of _J demerits recordedagainst any student is less than 10 the dilter- V ence between 10 and the number recorded shall be dedueted l`1·om = his aggregate record ot` demerit. . G5. Any student whose reeord ot` demerit at the elose of a ‘ session shall amount to 100 tor tl1at session, shall, xpm _f?eef0, be dismissed. _ Discipline and 1901102. ‘ G8. \Vhen a student has been reported tbr any grave mis- j - demeanor requiring severe punishment, the Commandant shall order his arrest, either directly or through the Adjutant. _ ($9. ln case of violent disturbance, open contumaey, or other _ outrageous conduet on the part of a student, the otiieer ot` the t day, or any member of the Faculty present, may place the g ottender in arrest, and order him to his quarters. ln all such cases the arrest nmst be promptly reported to the Commandant, _ and by him to the President. i 70. A student placed in arrest is in duty bound to obey the orders ot the otlicer making the arrest, and the conditions . · attached to it, on pain ot dismissal. Any student guilty ot` breach ot arrest shall be dismissed. T1. No student in arrest is allowed to exercise command, but shall eontine himse`lt` to his quarters until released, unless otherwise specially ordered, except when required to be absent tor the pertorinanee of some ot` his aeademie or military duties, I and except on a necessary occasion, and tbr meals. y T2. No student in arrest will make a visit to the comn1and— ' ing or other oilicer unless sent tor. ln case ot` business he shall make known his object in writing, and he shall not apply lor the usual indulgenees granted to the students. ’ T3. Xe student will be released from arrest exeept by the t President or by the Commandant. · T-1. A student placed in eonlinement tor punishmentshall be subject to the same regulations as a student in arrest; and a it breach ot. continement, or a tailure to perform any extra duty I