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Image 4 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1884-1885)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

Z 4 . ANNUAL REGISTER OF -2 " By the act of ineorporation, and the amendments thereto, _ constituting the charter of` the Agricultural and Mechanical Col- , g lege ol` Kentucky, liheral provision is 1nade for educating, tree of i é - tuition, the energetic young 1nen ot` the Commonwealth whose E i _ means are limited. The Xormal Department, for which pro- vision is also made, is intended to aid in building up the Common l School system hy furnishing properly qualified teachers. This { _ (lollege, with the associated departments which will, from ti1ne l to time, he opened as the means placed at the disposal of the A Trustees allow, will, it is hoped, in the no distant future, do a l great work in advancing the educational interests of Kentucky. . Q Being entirely undenominational in its character, it will appeal l with confidence to people ot` all ereeds and of no ereed, and will _ Ol1(l(‘2l\'0l‘, lll St1‘l(‘l; ('Ulll`<>1'll1l(y Wltll tllC l`C(1\ll1‘01Il(ll\tS Ol) lts ol`- ganic law, to afford equal advantages to all, exclusive advantages to none. The liherality of the (Tommonwealth in supplementing T l V the inadequate annual income arising from the proceeds of the land scrip invested in State honds will, it is helieved, enahle the 'lll'l1$lL‘(‘S to lwglll illlll ('Lll`1‘y 011, UPON il $(71llC COlHI\1Cl1S\l1‘zlt0 \\'lt~l1 l lll<‘ \\'1llll’S ol. <>1ll‘ lietbple, the ()])01'¢LtlOl1S Oil tllO lIlStlt\1El(>ll \\'ll<>S0 _ » llllllltlgvlllcllt {intl 0\’(‘1‘Hlgl\[ l\:l\'0 l)CUll 00111111llt-Utl to tl)0l11 tlw _ l · General Assemhlv of l{entuckv. i ' ] I l < l I z i I 1 . M I 1 . l