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8 > Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 21, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

- - - '"r-jy- "5?""' THE GYM. MILITARY BALL 9tol FORMAL T! W. W. STILL DENTISTS Drs. Slaton & Slaton Gaaranty Rank Fhone Films Kodaks BhIMIbk S61S ! 192 W. Short, Lexington Briar 'eat today gtt 'em tonenaw All Makes TYPEWRITERS Sale or Rent Special Rental Rates to Students Dealer: L. C. Smith and Corona Typewriters S STANDARD Opp. Courthotm WEST SHORT ST. Phone 1792 BATTERIES? TIRES? ROAD SERVICE? Taylor Tire Co. Phone 3931 346 E. Main St. For One Week Only Beginning Feb. 24 thru March We are selling a box of STATIONERY 1 HI-GRA- 69c for Box contains 60 sheets and 50 envelopes Transylvania Printing Co. (Incorporated) Near Fayette Bank N. Upper Street W. B. MARTIN Barber Shop 153 South Limestone SATURDAY 20c SHAVE 35c HAIRCUT 15c SHAVE PRICES: 40c HAIRCUT itiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiimtmttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiniimmt Junior League Bookshop LATEST FICTION FAVORS TALLIES Chimney Corner Building Esplanade iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiinmma iwiliiiiiiiiiHiH'Mi11 RENT A STUDEBAKER or a NEW FORD Nites and Sun. Only. Hour Charge Sat No Deposit Required from Students Studebaker U-Drive- -It Co. LEE W. WILKERSON, Mgr. 333 E. Main NOTED SOLOIST Board of Student Publications Announces Complete Board of Student Publlca-- '' tions (hereafter called The Board) shall be composed of ten (10) members who shall each serve for the tenure of one year, the present Board being In effect the remaindThe Board er of the session 1929-3- 0. shall annually be composed of the following members: The president, and secretary of the University Men's Student Council; the president and University tho of AssociaWomen's tion; the president, and secretary of the Junior Class; and two faculty members of the Department of Journalism. The student members shall automatically become members of the Board each year upon assuming the duties of their respective offices in their organizations. The faculty members shall be appointed each year by the Head of the Department of Journalism. 2. The Board shall be empowered to elect the editor, the managing editor, and business manager of the Kentucky Kernel. 3. Nominations for the positions of editor and business manager of the Kentuckian shall be made to the Board by petition, each petiof tion to carry the signatures thirty-fiv- e (35) bonafide Junior students of the University. The Board shall pass on the qualifications of the said nominees and: present such names as it may choose to the Junior Class which shall then ballot In regular election for the men whom they favor for these positions. 4. The Board, in regular session, shall have power to remove any or all of the above named officers for cause. 5. The Editors of the Kentucky Kernel and the Kentuckian shall be permitted to attend all meetings of the Board, but shall not be entitled to vote upon any matters under consideration. 6. The Board shall have general supervisory power over all matters affecting student publications and final authority upon all financial matters of all student publications. The Board is empowered to decide what transactions are financial In determining jurisdiction. 7. Seven members met In duly authorized session shall be deemed to constitute a quorum, provided that no session shall be deemed authorized unless notices have been sent by the secretary twenty-fou- r (24) hours in advance to each member of the Board. 8. The Board shall have power to summon any person to obtain upon all questions information within its jurisdiction. 9. The Board shall have the right to demand financial reports affecting all publications under its control at such time or times as it may deem desirable. 10. In case any officer of any student publication finds himself in conflict with any other officer of the same, he shall have the right to present his grievance to this Board which shall have the piwer finally to adjudicate it. 11. The President of the Men's Student Council annually shall be Chairman of the Board, and the Secretary of the said Council annually shall be Secretary of the Board. The minutes and records of said Board shall be kept and properly filed. 12. The Board shall have power s, subject to to amend its the approval of the University Senate. 13. This instrument shall have full force and effect from the date of its approval by the Board. 14. This instrument shall bo spread upon the minutes of the Board and shall become part of its permanent records from the date of its approval. Adopted and approved, February By-La- WILL SING HERE ws 1. The CQUIRREI O FOOD J- - C. E. Barnes Well, now that we've helped Tom Riley dispose of his fan mall, and read our one letter for the week, we can again become slaves to our "dear" public and grind out the usual assortment of witless wisecracks. can't help but admire the bravery of the editor down at We Virginia Tech when he openly admits that a great deal of good is to be gotten from "bull sessions". For a long time we've been of the opinion that some of the most valuable bits of information that we've secured in college have been through the medium of information gained In this happy way of spending time. Perhaps after all there is an excuse for sessions of various types. Psychologists tell us that we forget about seven tenths of what we learn, (and I sometimes think that wrong) they are about three-tentso much of the material that we acquire in class room dlscussons will never be of any future value to us. But who can forget what a particular individual said about a certain person in that big session on the Saturday night after the Lambda Chi dance? sesWe heartily favor student sions except perhaps the kind that have no constructive excuse for happening, but are only to disseminate illegitimate information. Sessions help an lndivdual to stand the critical comments of his associates, and aside from that, give valuable training in that is a necessary attribute for one who hopes to get along with his business associates. We wonder what the old world is coming to? Just the other night a car stop in front of Pafl Hall and two dusky Romeos endeavored to load up two young ladles who, were clearly opposed to the idea of going for a ride. Only the timely intervention of a heroic law student, who rushed in (and out) with scant concern for life and limb deterred the ruffians from their questionable conduct. Not only that, but we were also favored to a grandstand seat at a certain performance at the Belmont wherein a certain "colllch" boy proceeded to break up the glassware on the table, a la the Legion of the condemned. Oh well, it's not our war. we saw Rafaclo Diaz, tenor of the Metropolitan Opera Company, and Robert Perutz, Polish violinist, will give the next concert in the Artist Scries at the Woodland auditorium Monday night at 8:15 o'clock, under the auspices of the Lexington college of Music. Mr. Diaz is recognized as one of the most brilliant tenors of the Metropolitan Opera Company, and is also a concert artist of taste and refinement. A critic recently said: "Mr. Diaz has a voice of velvety softness and limpid with sweetness; a voice mighty in volume and bewitching in its highest notes." Mr. Perutz has conccrtlzcd with success in Austria, extraordinary Germany, Russia, the Balkan States. South America, tho United States, He will leave the and Canada. United States in May for a six months concert tour through the Orient as assisting artist with Louis Gravcure. Tickets arc now on sale at the Lexington College of Music. The down town sale will begin tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock in the lobby of the Phoenix hotel. Wildcats Prepare For Hard Contest With W. &L. Team (Continued Prom Page One) scoring machine this year Include St. Johns, Richmond, Bridgewater, North Carolina University (twice), Duke, North Carolina State, Virginia (twice), Maryland (twice), William and Mary, Sewanee, and Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Washington and Lee has lost to West Virginia and Duke. West Virginia is not a Southern Conference team. In Southern Conference games played this season the Generals have scored an average of 36 points, to 25 for opponents. After playing Kentucky, Washington and Lee has only V. P. I. to face on their home court February 25, before entering the Atlanta tourney. Some Interesting statistics, compiled from the first 12 games follow: head over heels for the dizziest blond? Of course, there are all kind of exceptions to such a generalization but it's an established fact in many cases. The only good answer that we know is that people invariably like to dominate somebody. The worthwhile fellow cannot ordinarily make a chump out of a girl that has as good a head as his, or the girl with all the attributes of a Venus cannot consistently fool the campus hero, but they can always get away with murder on somebody with less experience than they. Anyhow, it's a great old world and we wouldn't miss speculating on the affairs that are developing for anything. If this spring weather don't hold Out of a pure faintness of heart off we're quite likely to think that we will not list the many choice old adage about the groundhog is pure bunk. Perhaps after all the weather is being promoted by the amorous activities of the campus Romeos who persist In rushing the season whether the signs of spring are here or not. After we look over some of the combinations that have begun to form, we're more impressed than ever with the attraction of oppo-site- s. Did it ever occur to you that a perfectly wonderful girl, GENERALLY is attracted to the campus reprobate, or that the most outstanding fellow on the campus fall Phone 7070 8i:tttmn:nttt:::tttu::n:tt:ttttj Hanna, g Wood, ,.g 7 19 1 6 2 2 4 8 3 TffTiKl 138 64 46 37 25 0 19 16 11 Barasch, f Martin, f Burke, g Fulton, c Leslie, f Pilley, g T 151 3 62 25 l 1 0 We Have on Display the New Improved VIBRO-SHAV- R. W. SMOCK E The Electric Razor Watch Year Watch $5.00 Careful Watch and Clock Repairing Work Called For and Delivered PHONE 7638 157 S. LIME Telephone Service Phones Ash. 21 or 640 MICHLER, HUTCHINSON'S FLORIST, Inc DRUG STORE ' 417 E. Maxwell St. Phone Ashland 1419 "Leave your order with Miss Carrie Bean, our agent, at the Book-Stor- e or Post Office." Prescriptions Main and Deweese lIMIIMIIIIItllMIHIIIMItlinilllllllltllllMIMIIIItlllllllllMIIHIIIinilllllllllllllllllllCfllllllMllljl CHIMNEY CORNER TEA ROOM Serves delicious lunches and dinners at special prices to University students. Beautiful and spacious rooms for parties, teas, dances, banquets. MAUD VAN BUSKIRK, Student Representative Esplanade Phone 7740 hHIIIHIllllt3IIIIIWIIIIC3IIIIIIIIMIICIIHIK3HWtllHHnimHHW3inilHIIIIICIIIIHI The Clothes Shop 175 Phone Ashland 2259 East High Street LET US WORK IS GUARANTEED YOUR OVERCOATS TO PLEASE WE CATER TO STUDENTS RE-LIN- E "SERVICE OUR MOTTO" anttmnmm"?' tm""H"MMHmiMiiinninnit AT BENTON'S Home Made Candy Fresh Daily, Buttered Cream Nut Goodies, Caramel Pudding, Salted Nuts, Mints FAMOUS FOR OUR CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKES Benton's Sweet Shoppe MBIHIIIH The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring, Tra-la-l- a mmmmmc i BARRYMORE IN HIS FIRST Piece Spring Suits cleaned and pressed Ladies Spring Suits cleaned and pressed Ladies Spring Woolen Dresses cleaned and pressed TALKING PICTUXt GENERAL CRAC adventure gal lant chivalry royal intrirve W and false women the blood-luof battle the wild adventures of a MM l soldier of fortune, m v who oresuts ins MMa heads of men and the hearts w om e n flllk MIAm with equal mm mmmmm facility. Suits Made To Order Pressing $1.00, Up Prince of Wales Slipper Ties MIA These tie around the ankles and have smart tassels Braided Silk Brown, Tan or Black JIM rim Him $1.00 iniiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiuMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiMwuuiiiiiiiiiiiimtmtrj at 11 75c 3 JOHN kmiuiiinimnnmimuumnniiwinnniiiwiiiin Lexington Hatters and 111 P. B. Robards COLLEGE BOYS' TAILOR Dry Cleaning f Cox, HAVE INSPIRED US HOW ABOUT YOU? Speaks to Students About World Peace Phone Ash 929 Individual Scoring Player FG Foals 9 53 Williams, c bits of scandal that are being divulged In the current Issue of the Kampus Kat. People will only do well to remember that no personal digs are intended but only a reflection of the humor of the 141 South Lime campus, however perverted that may be!. riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmm Y..W. C. A. Secretary Miss Anne Wiggins, of New York City, international secretary of the Young Women's Christian Association, was the speaker at the regular vesper services Monday weekly night in Patterson Hall. Elizabeth president of the associaCramer, tion, presided at the meeting, and Miss Margaret Lewis, student secretary, introduced the speaker. Miss Wiggins, who is in charge of the annual student pilgrimages to Europe, told of the purpose of the pilgrimages, which is to bring about a better understanding between the American and foreign students with the ultimate aim of gaining world peace. The first pilgrimage was in 1925, when a representative group of twenty-tw- o young including women, two Negroes, went on an official mission of friendship to the foreign nations. Since one-ha- lf of the students and d of the wealth of the world are in the United States it is the duty of American students to lead In the building of a highway for the students of the world to march toward world peace, according to Miss Wiggins. Miss Wiggins also met with the Y. W. O. A. cabinets of the University, and Transylvania and Hamilton Colleges. Music by THE KENTUCKIANS Subscription $1.50 The Grand March Sponsor Presentation Scabbard & Blade Pledging 11, 1930. all the Latest Fiction in our Circulating Library We-hav- e i 4 Featuring IN THE 204-- 7 I W I THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE EIGHT TO-NIGH- nest uodv Aval an e nm. " 29mm 1 Lime Alterations 21G S. East Main Street Dry Cleaners Phone Ashland 6284 New York Hatters and Dry Cleaners 112 West Main Street Phone Ashland 3725-- x 4 -- it.