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mailable p. rr FRATERNITY ROW QOCIETVI iT .. Our beautiful Ballroom available for ternity and ority formals. Other attractive private dining rooms for lunch- - teas or eons, Founder's Day banquets. Stu- dents organiza- tions are given special consider- ation. j I Campus Club for the coming year were a meeting of the Campus elected at club Wednesday night. In addition, one new office was created, that of Director of Athletics, to which Willllam Ferrell was elected. New officers are: Perry Snyder, president: Alexander Bruce, vice- president; Harry Varlle, secretary; Max Dillon, treasurer; and Clyde Adamson, sergeant-at-arm- s. Retired officers are: Edward Du val, president; Charles Fury, Alexander Bruce, secretary; Perry Snyder, treasurer; and Arthur Eyer, sergeant-at-arm- s. Officers By J. D. ADAMS Tho Wildcat thinllcs will meet their second Southern Conference test of the season Saturday when they face- - the University of TennesAs Tennessee see cinder artists. was the only team to defeat the Big Blue in dual competition last year a great struggle Is expected, and both teams won their meets last week-en- d, the Vols defeating by the overwhelming score of 83 H to 33. The Volunteers have the best track team ever to represent the Knoxville institution duo to the fact that the University of Tennessee has abolished baseball as a collegiate sport, and every athlete on the Vol campus Is out for the track team. Mindful of the defeat Imposed up on them, by the Orange and White last season the Wildcats arc anxious to whip the boys from the hills of But the chances are Tennessee. highly probable that when the return to their lair they will carry the scalp of the Wildcats. The Sprinfield demon, "Ship wreck" Kelly, will again flash against the Vols Saturday. The blond Kentucky captain, who was high point man In the Vandy meet last week end, will enter the century, the 220, the broad Jump, and will assume an additional burden when he enters the 440. The Volunteers will remember "Shipwreck1' from last year when he took first place in the 100, 220, and 440. and was second in the broad Jump. He will also hurl the Javelin Saturday. Led by such men as Clark, Cap tain Corbett, Hickman and Haun the Volunteers will put up a strong fight. Especially In the field events are the Tennesseans strong. Boasting of a shot putter, Hickman, who is also well known to the 'Cats as a football player. He threw the iron ball 44 feet last Saturday to better the Tennessee record by two feet and is expected to do as much this Saturday. Kentucky will send Seale and Andrews out to stop him if possible. Captain Corbett of Tennessee has lifted himself over the high bar 11 feet, 6 inches this season, while Kentucky will offer Hubbell and Porter or Turley. Hubbell vaulted 11 feet last Saturday against Van- derbllt, and the others have shown Improvement In this department. The 'Cats will miss "Hoot" Gibson, who was hurt last Wednesday when his pole broke while he was In the air. In the broad Jump Corbett the big Tennessean, the only man ever to defeat "Shipwreck" Kelly In a dual meet, will again be on hand to defeat the Springfield ace, the results of this event will be watched with much interest as Kelly has With improved over last year. "Scaly" Roberts and Fred McLane back in form the Big Blue will give the Tennessee high Jumpers, Green-bla- tt and Hamlett, a tough time. In the discus throw Kentucky will present two stellar performers in Tuttle, and Andrews who will be opposed by Greenblatt. The javelin throw should bring another victory to Bud Cavana the Big Blue's field ace. Undefeated this year, the big boy should win handily. The mile run should provide the fans with many thrills as the entrants are about evenly matched. 'Jake" O'Bryant veteran Blue mller and Haun. Tennessee, are apparently even In ability and the other Dean C. W. Reeder To Speak April 25 O. D. nHltMWHtlIIIIHIIIIIIIIIinHIIIIIIIIIHIfllltlHWIHWK3HIHHl It's all the rage am m Junior Dean C. W. Reeder, of the College of Commerce and Administration at the Ohio State University, will be the principal speaker 6 at a meeting at the Committee on R. O. Stoll, Dean W. S. Taylor, Improvement of Teaching, at 1:30 Coach Bernie Shlvely, Kendall p. m., Saturday afternoon, April 25 Holmes, Horace Miner, Glenn Wle-ma- in McVey hall. The subject of his Albert Kikel, Morton Walker, talk will be "Improvement of TeachKenneth Andrews, and Ben LeRoy. ing at Ohio State University." will President Frank L. McVey The officers of the fraternity are, Carey Splcer, president; Ben Har- address the committee at 7 p. m., rison, vice president; and Howard Friday, April 24, In McVey hall. Williams, secretary-treasure- r. Ac The subject of his talk will be tives include, L. G. "Floppy" For-que- r, "What Constitutes good Teaching." Dean Reeder Is In charge of in Gordan Finley. Rex Allison, Stewart Augustus, Bill Young, Jim-m- le structional problems in the College Chapman, Jack McGurk, Jake of Commerce ana Aamimsiraaon at Ohio State University and is Bronston, Bill Trott and Louis familiar with what is being done in other colleges in the matter of the onio improvement of teaching, , Afternoon Tea Miss Artie Lee Taylor assisted bv State is outstanding in its attempts the reading room staff will enter- to Improve college teaching and a tain the library staff at tea at her program emphasis has been placed home on South Limestone streeet upon the question relative to the this afternoon from 3 until 5 o'clock. Improvement of teaching. 'iiuuiiiuiic IC1IIIIIIIIIIIKJIIIIIIIIIIIIC3IIIIIIIIIIIIUIIUIIIUHK3IIHIIIIIIU I Lover, wife and husband meet la a crowded sub way train... iony muei or same-imcu- Tennessee man and Baker will fight It out for the place money. Conditions are the same In the half mile as in the mile, the boys being clocked In about the same time. O'Bryant and Saunders of (he local squad and Crane of Tennessee are entered in the event. Burress, star Wildcat will be extended to the limit to win his event as Goddard and Fitzgerald, the Orange and White are speedy, Goddard going the route in 10:31 while the best time the Kentucklan has made has been 10:40 and Corbett of Tennessee, Shipley and Emmerich, Jof Kentucky, will be evenly matched In the high hurdles for 120 yards. The best time for Corbett is 16.6 seconds, and Emmerich and Shipley have been clocked In 16.5 seconds. Williams and Wicmann of the Bluegrass Institution and Clark, the slight blond from Tennessee, will stage a fierce dash for honors in the 220 low hurdles. Kelly and Foster or Mllllken will do the gruelling 440 yard dash for Kentucky, while Tennessee will offer Crane who went the distance In 5214 last Saturday. With "Shipwreck" Kelly back in form there should be little difficulty for the Blue in winning the 220. Clark will be the only threat the lennessee vols can offer to the Kentucky phantom. The hundred yard dash will be a feature event of the day, with Shipwreck Kelly facing stiff opposition from his own team mate John Heber, who has done the route In 10 seconds. Tennessee's little dash man can hardly hope to cope with these great Kentucky sprinters. The track meet last Saturday was best attended meet In years at jthe university, and a large crowd Is expected to attend the Wildcat-Voluntefracas Saturday Ry GERTRUDE EVANS Students of the University of Pittsburgh have been charged with "profiteering" in the operation of the cafeteria. One of the chief items listed was prunes. The prunes, for which there is a great demand among the students, is 1,100 per cent. The prunes are bought for 8 cents a pound, which makes 13 ten-cedishes, or a total of $1.30. s: This should Interest the Princeton a men's dancing chorus of 32 members has been organized. The director says that the public in general is tired of Women's choruses and thinks that there Is a big future in choruses composed of men. What does the men director think the (to say nothing of the college stu dents) secure all the front seats at musical reviews. But then the little damsels, old maids and possibly the married women who would flock to the front sections might pay. at The next epochal achievement of medical science was predicted by Dr. Morris Flshbeln, editor of the Journal of the American Medical association, will be birth control by vaccination. Dr. Flshbeln had Just Co-eat Purdue are really ener finished the translation of reports per cent of the concerning sensational experiments getic. Twenty-nin- e girls enrolled in the school of home of Russian women. Dairy Trojan. economics last year earned part of their expenses and at the same The Junior Prom Committee of time carried the regular schedule University of Denver was charged of work. with libel when one of the members Dean Everett Lord of Boston Uni was alleged to be purchased $260 versity says that due to the increas- worth of prom favors without aued capacity of a college graduate a thorization. It was not genuine, college degree is worth $72,000. How however, but merely a publicity Important a graduate should feel stunt. A very clever stunt. and doesn't. No novelty Wlfey: "There's an A Vale filiimniis believes that a. old clothes man at the door." Hubby: "Tell him I've got all I New York branch of the university at tne notei uuunore wouia oe a need." LUNCH at BENTON'S We serve hot chicken, croquettes, soups, chilli, delicious salads and dainty sandwiches. Unusually fine home-mad- e pies and cakes FOUNTAIN DRINKS Benton's Sweet Shoppe FUDGE CAKES FOR Contest Reveals tiiiiiiiiitM"'MiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMnnimniiiMiMi That Girlsj Are Better Sleepers FAMOUS CHOCOLATE Hamilton, N. Y, (NSFA) Girls are far better sleepers than men, according to Dr. Donald Laird, "expert" on the subject of sleep and professor of psychology at Colgate University, where a recent sleep survey was held. An Intercollegiate good sleep contest was held between the men at Colgate and the women at Skidmore college. Resulting figures showed that girls have less trouble going to sleep, wake up fewer times during the night, are less restless, and have fewer dreams. In addition, fewer girls have to be called twice In the morning and in general feel more peppy and less grouchy and are less foggy mentally In the morning. Prof. Laird attributes this to the theory that members of the feminine sex are neither as active physically or mentally as men. "Only four hours may be sufficient to recuperate physically." he maintains, "but mentally may need eight hours more to be completely rested." French Club Will Be Guests of Patroness Have Luncheon at our Miss Margaret Horsfield, patroness of Le Cercle Francals, will entertain the club with an informal party Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock at her home in Warren court. This will take the place of the annual banquet given by the French club. At this time Misses Eleanor Dawn, son, Nelle Mahan. Dorothy and Susan Jane Turner will be pledged to Fleur de Lis, honorary French organization, for their out standing work in the French club this year. Misses Nelle Mahan and Mary Elizabeth Price will be in charge of the program, which will consist of playing bridge In French. modern FOUNTAIN LUNCHEONETTE A sandwich, a soda and a walk Is a health tip that is guaranteed to work, light foods are healthful and prevent that afternoon drowsiness that comes from over eating. For luncheon today, or any other time stop at our modern fountain and try a sandwuh, salad or any of our delicious fountain foods. Consolidated Drug Stores Sara (Watching love scene In Why don't you make love to me that way? Frank Say, do you know the salary he gets for doing that? The Proper Odds David R. What'll we do tonight? PHOENIX STORE Chuck Randall We'll spin a coin. If its heads we go to the movies; 100 E. Main St. If it's tails we go to the dance and if it stands on edge we'll study. movies) Incorporated CURRY'S CORNER ,101 W. Main St. ' SERVICE SEND ATTENTION JOHN'S CORNER 201 E. Main St. ONE DAY REQUIRE SPECIAL s TUX SHIRTS Caught in his own death trap! I A class at the University of California had the audacity ta order a supply of Eskimo p4cs from a drug store and tell them to eharge them to the dean of the schooL This Is an Ideal way to flunk out to say nothing of the numerous ways already known. Track Men Here Saturday XchangeS K. Banquet The banquet and initiation of Hotel Omlcron Delta Kappa, national honorary men's campus leadership Thursday night Lafayette I fraternity, was held Lafayette Judge hotel. at o'clock at the The new Initiates include 1 solution for the prevalent in Eastern universities. Tennessee Meets Varsity txmxt Miss Baroness Payne, Covington, has been visiting Miss Lucille Cook. Misses Elolse Dickinson, Eliza-so- n, Elizabeth Graham, and Winona suit, Covington, spent last week-en- d at the Delta Zeta house. Misses Kay Kennedy and Elizabeth Ann Ewlng have gone to Ann Arbor, Mich., to attend the annual convention of the Women's Student I ELEANOR SMITH 1 Government Association. Miss KenUIT V BiBllIU nedy is the retiring president, and Miss Ewlng Is the newly elected one. They will return Sunday. tnam Miss Dorothy Blatz, Louisville; Miss Louise Wendt. and Mrs. Glenn Roberts, Newport, will be guests at If your nose Is close to the grind- cil, presided as toastmlstress and the Alpha XI Delta house to atcalled on the following for toasts, tend the stone rough Founders' Day banquet of And you hold It down there long Nell Montgomery, freshman class; the sorority on Saturday evening. enough Ruth Wehle, sophomore class; Eleyou 11 say there's no such anor Smith, Junior class; and Mary In tine WEDDING Virginia Halley, senior class. thing President McVey was the princiAs brooks that babble and birds pal speaker at the banquet. Kay that sing. Themarriage of Miss Dora Kath- These three will all your world Kennedy, president of W. 8. O. A. presented the award of $100 to the erlne Hill and Mr. John S. Baugh- compose Just you, the stone, and your darned outstanding Junior woman of the man was announced Saturday, April Mr. and Mrs. Baughman campus, to Elisabeth Ann Swing, 18th. old nose. The Alpha Gamma are both from Stanford, Kentucky. Louisville. Life Associated News Baughman attended Hamll- Mrs. " Delta cup was presented by Margaret Cundlff to Alice Lang, Lex- man Is a student of the University CALENDAR ington, for the outstanding fresh- of Kentucky from which he will graduate in June. He is a member FrMay, AbtH 24: man woman on the campus. The new Y. W. C. A. officers an- of Kappa Alpha, social fraternity. Art Exhibit In the Art Center. Tau Beta PI formal dance in gym- nounced at the meeting are, Eleanor Smith, Lexington, president; EleanPhi Upsllon O micron nasium from 9 to 12 o'clock. Mrs. Nell Lconln, Morgantown, Law School Banquet, 6:30 o'clock, or Dawson, Louisville, Louisville, W. Va., district councillor of Phi Lafayette hotel. Martha Carlton, secretary; Mary Allison Threlkeld, Upsllon Omlcron, the guest of the Satarday, April 25: Traek meet with University of Morganfleld, treasurer. local chapter this week-en- d and Guests of honor at the banquet national inspecting officer. During Tennis match with the University were Pres. and Mrs. Frank L. Mc- her visit the pledges of the sorority of Cincinnati there. Tennessee, 2:30 o'clock at Stoll field. Vey, Dean .Sarah Blandlng, Mrs. which were announced at the W. A. Kappa Delta benefit bridge, 3 o'- P. K. Holmes, Miss Laura Gill C. banquet will be Initiated Friday. clock and 8 at the chapter house. Hoffman. Following the Initiation services, Erlckson, honorary Kappa Alpha house dance, 9 to 12 Miss Statle o'clock. member of Iota chapter, will enterSigma DeKa Chi Fledges Alpha Gamma Rho, informal Sigma Delta Chi, honorary Journ- tain with an Informal buffet supper dance, 9 to 12 o'clock In the Gold alistic fraternity, announces the at her home. Saturday, the Home Economics room of the Lafayette hotel. of Lawrence Herron, Covat8:15 pledging Keith Hemphill, Lexington; faculty will be invited to meet Mrs. Sigma Pi Sigma dinner ington; o'clock in the colonial room of the Edgar Turley, Owensboro; John Leonin at a luncheon to be given Lafayette hotel Commons. In Watts, North Judson, Ind., and Gil- at the University motor Saaday, AprH 26: drive has Kingsbury, Lexington, and Wil- the afternoon a Vespers at 4 o'clock at Memorial bert Luther. been planned In her honor. Followliam halL ing the drive the spring Initiation Faculty club tea, at 5 o'clock in banquet will be held at the Phoenix Afternoon Tea McVey hall. hotel. A number of out of town Wednesday afternoon, President alumnae are expected to attend. and Mrs. Frank L. McVey were at W. A. C. Baaaaei The Woman's Administrative home to the students and faculty Initiation and Banquet Council banquet was held Tuesday from 4 until 6 o'clock at Maxwell Eta Sigma Phi, national honor evening at 6:30 o'clock in the ball Place. Quantities of spring flowers ary, classical rraternity gave a room of the Phoenix hotel. Qeorg-ett- a were arranged attractively through formal banquet last Saturday eveWalker, president of the coun the house. ning in the Iris room of the Phoe nix hotel. iaiHIIIIIIIIIE2llllimUIIClllllllllllllCIIIIIIIHIIICIIIIIIIIIIIIE3IIIINIIIHIUIWHIHHIC1HIIMHIIIK The decorations were La Gold basket filled with irises, and lighted candes carried out the fraternity colors of purple and gold. The following program was pre sented: Welcome Miss Elizabeth Collins, toastmlstress. Introductions Miss Collins. is Gold Solo Miss Helen Connell. A Talk Dr. T. T. Jones. fraPiano Solo Miss Mary Esther Sheridan. sor- Address, "Rome" Rev. Robert L. Badgett. Farewell Miss Elizabeth Collins. The banquet 1 tion of Misses followed by the lnia- Katherine Walker, Margaret Rowbotham and Jean-nett- e Perry. PAGE THREE KKRNfcU SKMLWEEKLY THE KENTUCKY Friday, April 24, 1931 US m YOUR WHITE VEST in New Sandal Effects ! A fabric that is entirely new and different Paris proclaims them as the most "sensationally different" you'll .ttyle creation in years adore them too. ... Tintable any si ad if dtsired-xvith- out charge COLLEGIATE extra with ALL TUX SHIRTS ARE CAREFULLY PACKED AND RETURNED IN A BOX HOLT JACK PRIMCLI AILECN Jiim IRI. Sunday It 25c k i r4t Daily 25c TUXEDOS PRESSED i Send Your Work to Lexington Laundry Co. Phone A. 92 SHOE DEPARTMENT Mitchell, Baker and Smith lasatyrstsi MtMMtllitCaitMittMMIa.llMIIIIIHIIfflMIIIIIMIIirilimMIMIir'l t i I 50c 139 E. MAIN