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I THE KENTUCKY KERNEL. PAGE FOUR TENNIS SQUAD TO MAKE TRIP IN SOUTH The tennis squad of the university will take an extended trip through the south to meet Vander-bU- t, Alabama, and Georgia Tech In as many days. The racketeers will leave Lexington April 28, and will return from Atlanta, their last stop, on May 2. The racquetecrs will play their second match of the year with University of Cincinnati on the Kentucky courts Saturday afternoon. The Kentuckians registered their first victory over the strong St. Xavicr team of Cincinnati. Their second scheduled match, with the Berca College team, was rained out last Monday. At the time the match was called off the Kentucky team was leading In sets played. The Bcreans on their trip home met with an automobile accident and two men were injured. The match was scheduled to have been played Wednesday but due to inclement weather and Injuries to tbclr players the match was definitely called off. Coach H. H. Downing has released the remaining schedule of the team which Is: April 24 Cincinnati at Lexington. April 29 Vanderbllt at Nashville. April 30 Alabama at Tuscaloosa. May 1 Georgia Tech at Atlanta. May 5 Louisville at Lexington. May 11 Berea at Berea. May 16 Louisville at Louisville. May 21 St. Xavicr at Cincinnati. May 23 Hanover at Lexington. Due to the extended southern trip it will be Impossible for the team jo moke the northern trip which hod been planned earlier In the DRUGS mi MOTHER'S DAY May 10th MAY WE MAN'S WHIT SUGGEST PACKED CANDY. AND POSTAGE GRATIS WW SHAVING CREAM GILLETTE BLADES 39c 50c "89c ll Both c PINT ANTISEPTIC Similar to Listerine) DR. WEST'S TOOTH BRUSH 59c 50c $L09 59c Prices Every-Da- y Listerine , Glycothymoline Lavoris Pepsodent Astringisol : Sodaphen SoI-St-3- 7 Kogene 23c 42c & 79c 27c 54c & 89c 23c 45c & 89c 23c 45c & 89c 32c 54c & 89c 27c 54c & 89c 45c & $1.25 54c TOILET ARTICLES Hind's Honey and Almond Cream... Daggett & Randell Pond's Vaseline Hair Tonic Paquin's Hand Cream Woodbury Facial E. Wallace Hopper 25c Marvelous Cold Cream Vivatone Brilliantines all makes Ambrosia Face Ast. Lemon & Mag. Face Pac. 10c 23c 23c ' .'. r Mecerix 94c 54c 51c 67c 89c 45c 54c 50c & $1.00 79c 50c 89c , 89c 73c 37c & 32c & 28c & 37 & 45c & 23c & Hendersons Drug Store Motto: SERVICE Special Delivery & QUALITY Ash. 3999 :v D Best Copy Available Friday, April 24, SEMI-WEEKL- Y things and that rosea should be more evenly divided between the slstcrn. They refused to support her for May Queen, instated that she withdraw from the race, acted generally like good sisters, Bruner Is Elected Queen of the May ! the RialtO with Thomas L. Riley jmHm:mmm::ummm::mm:n::i The first part of this week we went out to watch the nagd canter In the company of two austere gentlemen of the Oarollnas. We missed seeing the pictures in time for a Tuesday Kernel review, for which we are sorry. We also suffered from our layoff by going breakfastlcss these days. TLR Of the attractions along the rlal-t- o present, the best Is "Stepping at Out" at the Ben All. This highly amusing farce was held over for the remainder of the week and it deserves It. Sec it for laughs. "The Secret Six," at the Strand, has also been held over and It Is a very effective melodrama. It is undoubtedly one of the best gangster exposes that the screen has presented. We went sound asleep watching "Klki" at the Kentucky. Rena awakened us and, after trying to enjoy It, we inwardly wlshc3 that she has not disturbed us so we left Perhaps the half we missed is good. TLR Certainly one of the most talked of pictures, both in and out of the studios, Is "Trader Horn," three-rin- g circus which begins a week's run at the Ben All Sunday. The theater seems to be going the limit on newspaper advertising for the picture. "Trader Horn" was adapted book and the from the best-selliprincipal cast members with a technical crew went to Africa for locations. Although the company stayed In the Dark Continent several months severely denting Metro's bank account of the thousands of feet of film exposed very little was used in the picture due to climatic conditions which prevented the celluloid from jelling properly. So the producers decided to Improve upon Africa by making most of the picture in Mexico and in Hollywood' with all the dialogue and sound effects done in the studios. It is said that all the company actually cot in Africa were a few ex cellent animal pictures, tropical fever, and a scandal. The last nanv How' ed Is resulting in a divorce. ever. "Trader Horn" has received tremendous ovations everywhere It has been shown. The fact that most of the faked sequences are so cleverly done accounts for the mobs not even detecting anything wrong. Harry Carey, Edwina Booth, and Duncan Renaldo are cast in the leadng roles of "Trader Horn" which was directed by W. S. Van Dyke. It has an intriguing story, and the action is said to be tnnu ing. TLR For your brief biography this Lew Ayres was born In 1908 week: in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He went into stage work and crashed movies in the leading role of "All Quiet on the Western Front." He Is soon to be starred by universal. TLR "Front Page." the oath-Aile- d newspaper play by Ben Hehct and Charles McArthur, Iras been filmed by United Artists under the direction of Lewis Milestone. It opens at the Kentucky tomorrow with a cast headed by Adolphe Menjou and including Edward Everett Horton, Mary Brian, Mae Clark, Pat O'Brien, Walter Catlett and several stage names from the original pro duction. "Front Page" drew pack' ed houses on Broadway during its lengthy run and everyone marvelled picture it painted of at the life-linewshawks and their language. One of the outstanding points which every critic has noted in the mo tion picture version of "Front Page" is that, while the actual swearing is, of course, barred, the direction and acting are such that one knows exactly what the characters are saying. The performance of managing Menjou as a hard-boile- d editor is said to be a revelation to those who think he is only capable of playing suave roles. Theta Sigma Phi, journalism sorority of the university, Is selling tickets for the picture. TLR was Decidedly unshowmanllke (Continued from Page One) In a special carriage for the occasion. The university concert band, under the direction of Elmer O. Sulzcr, will play a scries of folk dances for the exercises in the afternoon; exercises are in charge of special committees which have been appointed from the circle. Silver loving cups will be awarded to the organizations having the most beautiful, the most original, and the most comical floats In the parade. According to Vernon Chandler It will be necessary for the various organizations which are planning to enter floats in the parade to submit plans to C. R. Mclcher, Dean of Men, before the actual construction is begun, in order that unnecessary expenditure may be avoided. Judges for the parade have been instructed to discriminate against any float which appears unnecessarily expensive. Other nominees for the position: Mary Adair, Lexington, Alpha Delta Theta; Katherlne Drury, Lexington, Alpha XI Delta; Numia Lee Pouts, Russell; Emily Hardin, Lexington, Alpha Delta Theta; Mary Grace Heavenridgc, Spencer, Indiana, Chi Omega; Romona Iliff, Bellcvue, Zeta Tau Alpha; Mary King Montgomery, Somerset, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ruth Wehle, Lexington, Alpha Gamma Delta; Virginia Young, Lexington, Kappa Delta. attendants will ride Sneers LamMa Chi RepiMe Instead of following the usual course of other Greeks when pets are to be procured the Lambda Chis now own a baby alligator. It has a dainty pool in the back yard, snaps viciously at the brothers and generally makes us happy that we do not own it Snickers Scandal By WILLIAM ARDERY DUNN DRUG COMPANY Having served the people of Lexyears at Main ington for thirty-fiv- e At this writing (Wednesday) we select Alice Bruner to be Queen of the May. Pouts, Adair, Young and ALL MAKES Wehle probably will be Maids of Honor. IWIIMHimiWIIIHHHIIHIWimHl Ordinary OccarreHcea occurs to us that we have been told that the Triangle enfeoffment to the Cigalfs is almost at an end ...that we had two split verbs in our column Tuesday... that there Is one type of student who is more stupid than the man the fraternity man.... that the only reason we can see for playing golf, tennis, et cetera is that flic participant is afraid that his brain might function If it were permitted peace and quiet.... that we need a vacation.... that our proof reader is nearing perfection.... that everyone seems to be making plans to remain here for summer school... that there is only one thing more absurd than stagglng camp taking someone whom one is utterly deranged about.. . .that Klmcgas will gamble on . the 3 spring concertanything.will .thatenterColors Close be series taining.... fthat the military In(Continued from Page One) spection was better than we expected it to be.... that plans for a of this opportunity to see an exhibition that is considered one of the special May Day edition of The best that has been In Lexington Kernel are being formulated... that our creslve intellect should not for a number of years. In connection with the current attempt philosophy. . . .that we hope exhibit Professor Rannells has sent the May Queen of this year does not the following letters to members of ties have the escutcheonary difficulof the one of last year. the staff of the Journalism and English departments: THE GIRL WITH A ROSE "The current exhibition of water colors at the Art Center is a fine Mary Grace Heavenridge opportunity for the students to be Pal Gracle takes our rose away come acquainted with the work of some of the leaders in this field from us this issue because she is Also, I should think another of the three girls who keeps of painting. that these pictures would furnish Kimega alive; because she is always just the right kind of material for bored but seldom lets other people practice in writing a critical essay. know, which we think is truly an All of them deal with recognizable accomplishment; because she is albeen subject matter they can be talked ways active; because she has great about even by the uninitiated. I the Kimega nominee in a beauty many shall be very happy if you can honors; contests for campus nor because she is not has conveniently make use of this ex ever been In anyone; belove hibition as a sort of laboratory for cause, to quote awith friend of ours, your classes when papers are to be "she played square with a boy 'way assigned. away from here;" because, to again "For some of those who may need quote the same friend of ours, (a help In what to look for, I plan to Kappa), "she Is very beautiful;" discuss the pictures Tuesday and because she does not try to be, but Thursday evenings of this week at Is popular at dances; because she 7:30 p. m. The exhibition will be frankly tells us that we are the open every week day until May 2." worst dancer she has ever seen; because she is not too smart; because she seldom sneers at anyone; she is well liked by everyone who knows her. On H It Engineers to Leave Inspection Trip Fame at Last During the past week we received two fan letters. Unlike Riley, who receives around 200 a week, we cannot refrain from mentioning them. It seems that one of our admirers wonders how we get out of Jail long enough to write our column and the other Is perplexed that we know as many things about the Kappas as we do, since we never enter the seraglio. SALE OR RENT Dealer: L. Opp. C. Smith and Corona Typewriters STANDARD Courthouse WEST SHORT ST. iHmiiintii TYPEWRITER COMPANY Phone Ash. 1792 Dance Invitations Favors, Programs We have An exceptionally fine assortment and display, and feel sure that we can please and satisfy. Transylvania Printing Co. Near Fayette Bank jj HI Opp. Court House SENSE and NONSENSE Volume APRIL 24, 1 Number 1931 Published in the in- this time than I have terest of the students' now. I wonder where they have all gone?" of U. of K. by the Wife: "We can only hope for thq best, dear." Hutchinson Drug Co. There are many ways of doing things, A casual glance discloses: Some folks turn up heir sleeves at work, And some turn up their noses. The new stoplight at Rose and Euclid certainly makes it much easier to make first hour classes and helps the gang get home in time for lunch. . Alpha Delta Theta Trouble seems that the very charming sisters of Emily Hardin, editor of The Kernel, beauty and May Queen nominee, holder of other campus honors have decided that dear Emily has too many TYPEWRITERS Special Rental Rates to Students Exhibition of Water May to (Continued from Page One) Those taking the southern trip: E. O. Barkley, J. R. Butts, J. W. Buskie, W. B. Carrington, F. M. Cutler, S. M. Fitts, G. R. Gerhard, E. W. Humphries, W. L. Husk, C. R. Kastner, B. C. LeRoy, P. S. Pate, O. L. Sharpe, and J. G. Whitfield. Those taking the northern trip R. F. Adams. C. L. Adamson, J. E. Barlow, F. B. Bean. S. S. Bold rick, T. K. Bonzo, P. E. Borders, Miss Ellse Bureau. O. W. Chinn. A. S. Curtis, H. F. Day, N. B. Dicken, J. H. Farris, R. W. Field. J. W, Flowers, T. A. Gregg, B. D. Harri son, E. D. Hodges, K. P. Hopperton, W. A. Hunter, E. H. Johnson, A. W. Kalkhoff, A. D. Langford, L. P. Lewis, M. J. McBrayer, R. B. Met- calf, C. L. Newman, E. C. Noel, J, S. Noonan, J. W. Owens, Z. W. Pigue, R. E. Porter, T. H. Posey, D. H. Pritchett, H. S. Ray, E. A. Rehn, J. W. Ross. C. E. Sanders. R. O. Scott, N. W. Shorter, H. "V. Smith W. R. Smith, C. K. Tieche. R. G, Tucker, L. H. .Westerfleld. M. W, Whitaker. J. S. Williams, W. L, Wolff, M. F. Moorman, and Miss Carol Yoder. 1931 and Broadway, we hare now, far your convenience, a new store at Maxwell and Limestone, giving the same superb service. Our reputation for fair dealing Is as spotless as our fountain, and speaking of fountains, have roc visited ours? We serve delicious sandwiches and snappy carbonated beverages over the counter or at the curb. Prescriptions entrusted to us will be compounded with fresh drugs toy We our Registered Pharmacists. arc catering especially to the university. If you enn't come over, phone Clay 200 or 459 and our speedy delivery will bring it to you from Lexington's most beautiful Drug Store at Maxwell and Limestone streets.' adv. It Spring is "free wheeling" now, with the opening game this week, the races Saturday and golf. . . Well, since we mentioned it, our new St. Regis golf ball (regulation size) will improve your game a stroke or two, and they sell for thirty-nin- e cents or three for a dollar. Listen in every Tuesday evening at 8 p. m. Our McKesson Musical Magazine is broadcast from WHAS. Doctor: "I had a' great many more pa-- 1 Mother: "Willie, I tients last year at i heard that Instead of going to Sunday school today you played baseball." Willie: "That's not so, mother, and I have a string of fish to prove it." Don't oversleep these spring mornings; our Klarion Alarms awaken you on time, newest colors, concealed alarm, guaranteed accurate . . .a dollar well spent. Phone your wants you'll like our service. Hutchinson Drug Co. Main and Deweese Streets ASHLAND 64 Etchings and Prints Shown in New York A group of 16 etchings and block prints by Mildred Shute, Rita Mount, and Edward Porter is being exhibited during April at the Col lege Art Association in New York together with work from 26 other universities, colleges, and museum schools. Always Favor The Dealer Who Sells ICE CREAM Made from Pare Fresh Blue Grass Cream THERE'S A DIXIE DEALER NEAR YOU The show has been termed the most comprehensive exhibition of student art work which has ever been held in New York City. The works have attracted favorable comment and have been invited for exhibition at the Toledo Museum's schools during May. Excellent notices of this exhibi tion appeared in both the Art Digest and official Metropolitan guide. Admiral Byrd's eleventh hour cancellation of his lectures here because of a dog. Such practices are not recognized in the theatrical world. TLR Roam in' Rena remarked the other day that it was a break for the movie Industry when Jake Lingle, the Chicago newspaper reporter was mysteriously "bumped off." There have been at least three motion pictures traceable to that crime, "Dance, Fools, Dance," "The Secret Six," and now "The Finger Points" which opens at the Strand Sunday. Richard Barthelmess Is the star of this First National picture and is supported by Fay Wray, Regis Toomey, Robert Elliott, and Noel Madison. John Francis Dillon directed. "The "Finger Points" presents Barthelmess as a racketeering reporter who Is eventually killed. Despite the fact that all moguls of the cinema have declared that the public Is tired of gangster pictures, tney are sun grincung them out. And dat's datl (1 SCJ F9M TMOSE WW UNDERSTAND THE VIGOROUS SPIRIT OF YOUTH AND VALUE A ay FAMOUS HATTER'S Of. TERPRETATION OF STYLE. EIGHT DOLLARS OTHERS SEVEN DOLLARS AND MORI AGENTS IN THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE UNITED STATES THE FINCHLEY HAT WILL BK FOUND HEBE EXCLUSIVELY R-- s. THORPE IaoorparaUd THE MEN'S ITOBJC OP LEXINGTON" 7' 4 sons OPPOSITE FHOENDX HOTEL