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9 > Image 9 of Inventory of federal archives in the states. Series IX. The Department of Agriculture; no. 16, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

` 2 AGRICULTURAL ADJUSTMENT ADMINISTRATION :::::::::::::::::::::1:::::;:::::::::: The various commodity control programs of the Agricultural Adjust- ment Administration were inaugurated in Kentucky during the spring and g summer of 1954. These programs were replaced after the Hoosac-Mills decision of the Supreme Court by the agricultural conservation and do- ` mestic allotment program. The field program of the AAA is administered through the offices of the county agricultural extension agents and the field records are found in their custody. These records pertaining to AAA activities have been placed in the inventory under the heading "Field AgentL" These agents are, in most cases, the county extension agents acting as county representatives of the Department of Agriculture for the Agricultural Adjustment Administration. Other records relating to the programs of the AAA will be found under the agencies creating them, espe- cially under the state office of the Extension Service. BARDSTOWN FIELD AGENT Post Office Bldg. 1. TOBACCO RECORDS, Dec. 1955 - June 1955. Acreage and base pound- age, pertaining to each farm and to each farm contract under AAA. Filed alphabetically. (Weekly, official.) 9 x 12 folders, S ft., in 4 steel drawers of filing case. R. 224. (1195) 2. CORN AND HOG DATA, 1954 - 1955. Corn base acreage and production, and hog records showing production increase and decrease. (Frequently, official.) 9 x 12 folders, 8 ft., in 5 steel drawers of filing case. R. 224. (iies) 5. WHEAT DATA, 1955 - 1956. Acreage of farm and base acreage of wheat yield on various farms in this district. (Daily, official.) 9 x 12 folders, 4 ft., in 2 steel drawers of filing case. R. 224. (1199) BOWLING GREEN FIELD AGENT lO19 State St. 4. CORN HOG CONTRACTS, 1954 - 1955. Compliance papers and contracts, name, address, serial number, district, record of payment. Filed serial- ly. (Active files, occasionally; inactive files, rarely, official.) 9% x l2 envelopes, 7 ft., in 4 drawers of steel filing cases. First floor. (szsv, szes)