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Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1912-05-apr12.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

MDNUTES OF SHE BOARD OF TRUSTEES - The Board of Trustees of the State University of Kentucky met at the Phoenix Hotel, Friday, April 12, 1912, at twelve o'clock. Present: Governor James B. McCreary, lMIessrs. Barksdale Hamlett, Cassius HI. Clay, Hynwel Davies, Richard C. Stoll, Louis L. Walker, T. L. Edelen, C. B. Nichols, Jas. W. Turner, Robert W. Brown, Tibbis Carpenter, William 1. Cox, Denny P. Smith, Claude B. Terrell, and President H. S. Barker. Absent: Messrs. Richard N. WAtathen, James Breathitt and James K. Patterson. Governor MLcCreary in the chair. The Chairman announced that as this was a called meeting, only such business as was set out in the call could be considered. The Secretary was thereupon requested to -read the call, which is as follows: To W. T. Lafferty, Secretary of the Board of Trustees, State University. Sir: You will please call a meeting of the Board of Trustees of State University, Lexington, Kentucky, to meet at the Phoenix Hotel, Lexington, Kentucky, at twelve o'clock hi., Friday, April 12, 1912, the meeting to be called: 1. For the purpose of considering and acting upon the recommendation of the Committee appointed by the Legislature to investigate the affairs of the University, and to consider, act upon, reaffirm or repeal the order of the Board of Trustees made December 14, 1909, prescribing the conditions of the resignation and retirement of James K. Patterson as President of the University. April 12, 1912