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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, January 11, 1924

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL RENT A CAR U DRIVE IT AfUlOWKMMMtl Society Friday, Society Calendar Jan. 11 Delta Zeta at Patterson Hall. DRIVE IT YOURSELF CO. Between Phoenix Hotel and Western Union (Formerly at Lafayette-Phoeni- x Garage) Maxwells and Fords PAY BY THE MILE Tea-Dan- The following announcements have been received (by friends on the campus: Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Cequin announce the marriage of their daughter Sarah Kathcrine to Mr. Oakley Ray Brown on Wednesday, December twenty-sixt- h Nineteen Hundred Twenty-threFulton, Ky. Mr. and Mrs. Brown arc both graduate students of the University and were prominent in activities while on the campus. Mr. Brown was a member of Alpha Sigma Phi, social fraternity, and Mrs. Brown was a member of Phi Upsilon Omicron, honorary Home Economics fraternity. e. Dance for Omega Rho Miss Thclma Ellis entertained with an informal dance during the ho'liday season, in honor of the Omega Rho fraternity, at her home in Avalon Park. The house was attractively colors. Christmas decorated with Chaperoncs were Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Lipscomb, Mrs. J. B. Miner, Miss Lillie Kohl and Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Ellis. Among those present were: Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Carson L. Horlacker, Mrs. Jack DeLong, invite you to be present at Misses Edith Roland, Audine Thompthe marriage of their daughter son, Lois Heath, Marie Colliver, Anna Rose Elizabeth Miller, Ruby Eflis, Frances to Virginia Newman, Anne Brown, Mr. Glenn Bennett Tinsley Gormley, Anna Dodd, Mary Graham h on Thursday, December the Williams and Myrtle Stevens; Messrs. Edward Bradley, Bailey Baxter, WilNineteen Hundred Twenty-thre- e liam Gormley, James Dodd, James at high noon Bryant, Sturgie Maurie, Raymond Methodist Church Lick-er- t, Trumble, Otho Ard, Raymond Hartford, Kentucky. Bryce Petrie, Joe Brown Williams, Mr. Tinsley was a member of Phi Hermon Taylor, Virgil Johnson, Jack Kappa Tau fraternity and was gradDeLong, Ora Carter, A. L. Atchison uated with the class of '22. and Professor L. Horlacker. twenty-sevent- Mrs. Lillian Fratman announces the marriage of her daughter Alleen Everman to Mr. Curtis Watt Deering on Wednesday, December twenty-sixt- h Nineteen Hundred Twenty-thre- e at Louisville, Kentucky. Mrs. Deering was a graduate of the University in '22 and was a member of Kappa 'Delta fraternity. K A. J. BAKER TO GIVE SERIES OF LECTURES AT MUSIC COLLEGE Is of National Prominence; Thn Faff Organ- izer of Society of Theosophy Alwyn J. Baker, M. A., National lecturer and organizer of the Theoso-phicSociety will give a series of lectures at the Lexington College of Music, 441 West Second. The first lecture will be on Monday, January 14, at 8 p. m. The subject will be "Reincarnation The Key." The fol lowing lectures will be "Invisible Forms and Forces" and "The Great Creative Plan." The lectures are illustrated. The subjects discussed will be: Evolution in the Light of Religion; the Mechanism of Man's the Life After Death, and says Mr. Baker Theosophy harmonizes religion and NO 1&D TAPE SUCH AS REFERENCE, ETC PHONE 1594 science and gives scientific basis for l. the The meetings are open to the public and will be followed by a general discussion. super-physica- Kentucky Belts SILVER AND GOLD PLATED BUCKLES New Silverplate Goldplated Year $2.10 $2.25 STOP IN AND REGISTER FOR ONE FOR YOUR SIZE Start it Right! Heintz Jeweler With a Clean and Press; In price much less, Or even a stitch-J- ust Call 5906 East Main St., oppo. The Phoenix Lexington, Ky. UNIVERSITY PRESSING SHOP U. K. Men, Managers. al M t M M M MMMMMM Hot Chocolate for Shivering People Lexington Drug Company MMMM MMMMMMMMMMMM m t MM MMMMM MM ' - MM - Again we Are With You MEET ME AT BENJAMIN FRANKLIN 0 Printer, journalist, diplomat inventor, statesman, philosopher, wit. One of the authors of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, author of Poor Richard's Almanack; and one of the most eminent natural philoeopbera of his time. But nobody had thought to do it Fountain of Youth MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM HOME MADE CANDIES By bringing electricity down from the clouds over a kite string, it was a simple thing Drop in after School TRY OUR LUNCHEONETTE to prove that lightning was nothing more than a tremendous electrical flash. For centuries before Franklin flew his kite in 1751 philosophers had been speculating about the nature of lightning. With electrified globes and charged bottles, others had evolved the theory that the puny sparks of the laboratory and the stupendous phenomenon of the heavens were related; but Franklin substituted fact for theory by scientific experiment Roaring electrical discharges, man-malightning as deadly as that from the clouds, are now produced by scientists in the Research Laboratories of the General Electric Company. They are part of experiments which are making it possible to use the power of mountain torrents farther and farther from the great industrial centers. FANCY MINTS Benton's Sweet Shoppe Come in and Get Acquainted 145 S. MM Limestone Lexington, Ky. Phone 5961 MMMMtM MMMM MMMMMMMMMM de Electrical machine bearing the mark of the General Electric Cota-pan- y, in use throughout the world, are raiting standards of living by doing the work of satt-lio- oa of mea, GENERAL ELECTRIC Dresses & Coats (Safe at this store excfushvtt Correct Apparel For Women and Misses Corner Short and Mill Sts. Lexington, Ky. M