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3 The Kentucky Kernel ON TUBSDAY PUBLISHED Newppr th of BtudenU oi Ibt Unlvtrflty t P. K. MEMBER FRIDAY AMD A. ytw. BnUr4 M Utlncton, Ky, Subscription 13.00 Poitodlcc m ttcond dMa nuui nuur HERE SMALL THE KERNEL PRIM ALL STUDENT RIOHTS WILBUR O. FRYK FRANCES HOLUDAY WILUAM AHDKRY THOMAS L. RILEY MAINTAIN . Etor-ln-CWMuuitni Editor AMfeUnt . . . . ASSOCIATE Mm, you must eaten too spirit ol tnc aoy tne angcl but yen I know her there she l-sspirit of banta Uiuus. Many pcopiu nave au- - over there in the blue. She's tho one. covered tins spirit, and tuat is wnnt manes God what a racket? Not the orchestra unriitmas so giorious. Littio cnildren arc muuc surely why don't they tone it down?' nappy, tne poor get nelp in tneir cneeness jour Dlflerent? Yeh maybe. What's the use? nuy, tno privileged ciaas nnd joy in scrvico, anu Drink? After all do. care don't enrist becomes tno center oi tne tnougnt oi uu. "Mo banta ClausI 'inanic Uocil lie lives, aua he lives lorever. A tnousand years from now, Virginia, nay, ten times ten tnousond years irom now, ho will continue to mane glad tne ncarts of childhood" and mankind. Editot Dramatic Editor MAumiiig EDITORS YOUTH It Is a ANN if I CAYWOOD TALBOTT. ARE ATHLETICS ON THE WANE? Distinctly uid mot nupuiuun, announcement in the realm of Kentucky coilcgiato athletic activities this week Is that emanating from the president of Kentucky Wesleyan strlKing the death knell to football at that institution, tilgnincant as it applies to Kentucicy Wcsicyan, it Is even more significant as an expression oi tho possible tenor of tne stand to be taxen by institutions of like scope and realm. To tne student body at the university wnere lootban life, is such an integral part of the idea of collegiate existence wltnout representation in that sport is inconceivable. Yet to the smaller colleges and universities of the country tho step taken by the officials of Kentucky Wesleyan is a solemn warning of what appears to Tho Kernel as the inevitable. The question most frequently asked as a result of the action of this neighboring college concerns the national outlook of college football. Are athletics on the wane? Incongruous as It may appear at first glance, the banning of football at Kentucky Wesleyan Is a most emphatic denial to this assertion. Collegiate football has taken a greater hold upon the student body and the public than has any other activity of Its nature in the present decade. True It IS that football is becoming more and more a "big time" affair, and that as such it must certainly draw farther and farther away from those smaller institutions unable to deal with it as such. That the football and athletics in general are not-owane, however, is, after careful consideration, an incontrovertible fact Students at Kentucky Wesleyan will not derive much satisfaction from the fact that the officials In their instituion were but following the wise course in their action. It has been a great blow to those who during their college careers have gone through defeat and victory with their team. The Kernel can but express sincere sympathy toward the student body of Kentucky Wesleyan who in years past proved such worthy and sportsmanlike opponents of our own Wildcats in that sport Just abandoned. ... ... LITERARY IS THERE A SANTA gfLfVWWSWWWWWWWWWWYWWWwWWWfVW . ; For a Real Hair Cut and Shave j ij Before You Go Home j! uisoi! g I j! STATE BARBER SHOP i S. LIME jj "LET LIGHTNIN' SHINE 'EM" OPPOSITE MEMORIAL HALL 1 ! iizs .vs ui ui iwj iiviiniiuiiii ,iuwiiiwiin mil ji ill inn wn inn mil .""l Chnstmas f llfP(f irOfCl 4 Friday, December 19, 1930 ROSE BOWL GAME NEW YEAR'S DAY ENDS BEST YEAR pmmmmimmmmmmimmmmimmmmm LUNCH at BENTON'S We servo hot chicken, croquettes, soups, chilli, tfeHcis salads and dainty sandwiches. . UnvsNally fine pies and cakes howe-mad- e good dance somehow I hardly expect ed that it would be. lane for Instance that ASSISTANT BOTTOM ugnting scheme bet Pedro thought of It nice Jullt OUIowy oiiect of tne orchestra too not so brassy gooa Virginia Nivln Virginia Hatebw Dtnlil Ooodmn LeulM 'inompou Horace Mmtr on waltzes always liked them anyway. mm HlWi Editor just to sit and watch couples and more couples JOHN MURPHY ASSISTANT NEWS MDITORS rfiiaing smootnly along tne lloor. Strange fasWilliam Staler Sua Dtckarton Lawrtnca Herrou cination aoout it all as If ono entered a now Bodaty Editor SLLEN UINIHAN xand. Look at that big blond now bet she's AHSlflTANT SOCIETY EDITORS Emily Hardin a rotten dancer no, it's tier partner that's Dtanor SmltD SOCIETY REPORTERS Polly Raea twice he's stepped on her foot. Martha Falconer Drink? No thanks, I'm on tho wagon. By VERNON D. ROOKS SfafU EdlUr Aatlatant byuru Laiuii the way, Hank, is tho lady friend here? Fine, El but McDonald SPORTS WRITERS I'll Iook. her up. Better watch out nope I'd Edgar Turlty 'iouy Roa Joteph Conboy Katnryn William rather not. See you later. Lawrence Crump Ralph Johnson y Take Hank now best pal ever but can't Harry Dent Otorga Kay SUabeih Eaton Charlea Maxaon a party without liquor seems to think the Woodson Knight Brandon Price two go together liquor and women. Often SPECIAL WRITERS Fannie Ourle Woodbead wondered about it but say, who's that with P. Davis Rankin Gertrude Evans Edytne Reynold Buck? I like that dress, blue taffeta, I think, REPORTERS Just about match her eyes probably. I ought Harry Varlle Eleanor Dawson to know her face seems familiar and she's Virgil Oaitsklll Kaihryn Aulenkamp Mary Prince Fowler John Bertram smiling guess I do know her. Anyway I think Xmmett Whipple Beuna Matbla Buford Upham Eulah RiddeU I'll dance. Kaihryn Myrlck Turner Howard May I cut? Sorry, Buck. Malcolm Barnea Mary OaUoway Griffith Mary Virginia HaUey ailbert Kingsberry Eyes are blue, and lashes long knew they WUliam Martin Cameron Coffman Mary Alice Salyers. Starr Mendel would be. She looks rather surprised, maybe lack- Keyser o. b. corfman I don't know her ought to say something but James day never mind I'll try that new step. Tricked STAFF BUSINl COLEMAN R. SMITH Buaneat Manager her no pretty smooth dancer and light as a Betty Tipton Lucille Howerton feather. Damn why do people have to break? W. W. Sacra orant campoeu Hullo, Ray, pretty good party eh? No, not ADVERTISINO STAFF Advertlalag Maaagfr tonight, In busy. ALBERT J. KTKEL H. P. Klrkmaa Fred Hodgee Guess I'd better get the duty dance don- eAt Jamea Morgan have to dance with that girl from home nice Circulation Manager girl RALPH KERCHEVAL but not much of a hoofer. KENTUCKY KERNEL PLATFORM Now to find what is her name? No matter, University Expaastea A Csaapu Beaatlfal she wears a blue dress. Here we are same DUatmlntton of University News to Keatacky smile something about her reminds me of that w Strict Observance ef Laws aaa Better Scholarship girl on the coast last summer 'cept she's different. I'd like to know her name must be SECTION quite young probably someone's little sister, KATHERINE PHELPS, Editor Isn't she quiet? That's what I like though, Just CLAUS? to dance most girls talk too much. SATIETY In answer to the above question, Francis P. Slipped? Sorry. Sing a song of love, a song of love a Church, then of the New York Sun, wrote to a Hold her tighter ellm waist hardly an arm- song of hate, little girl named Virginia, and said In part fuL Someone's cutting, is he? Then close the book and rest, 'tis "Yes, Virginia, there Is a Santa Glaus. He ought to Join him but I'm in growing late. There's Fred exists as certainly as love and generosity and no mood for his funny stories. That girl in the Eft, devotion exist, and you know that they abound green women like that ought not to drink-ma- kes For if the singer sings too long and give to your life Its highest beauty and Joy. frowzy. of love, or hate Guess I'd better dance them Alas I how dreary would be the world If there with Hank's girl talks a lot I knew but she The night brings dreams, of horrid were no Santa ClausI There would be no Is attractive. shape child-lik- e faith then, no poetry, no romance to Thanks. And sleep that falls to rest. make tolerable this existence. We should have ROBERT E. SHARON. Now to return It's a pleasure to find someno enjoyment except In sense and sight. No one like her somehow not like the others. body can see Santa Claus but the most real LOVE Wonder if she'd like to stroll outside might things In the world are those that neither chil not A little smile a kiss and understand so I don't suppose we shall. dren nor men see." was ail-- But that Look at the moon shining through that window You are about to lay aside, your studies for and that corner, dim and secluded. What's in that smile and a short period to celebrate, the most beautiful that rong about the moon and the girl in my in that kiss of all our holidays Christmas. Back of this arms? Never could remember words, anyway. Heaven was mine or day Is the birth of a. babe In Bethlehem, Who Hell as black as night A smile Is important those lips so red-wo- nder gave to the world its greatest example of dedIf they should go. . . . it's done cool and sweet Just as I ication, devotion, love and sacrifice. expected. Heavens, she seems frightened. Don't Most of us have come;to; look upon this sea- cry bet she's never been kissd by a man be Heaven was mine for a son as a time for getting, what we want We month of buss-N- ow foremen are Inconsiderate. Midnight madwill go to our homes and spend most of the ness, moon, Hell as black as music? Can't tell but I must see afternoons and nights at dances, socials, or the night I her again alone. Somehow it's Just different corner drug store, and sleep late on the folROBERT E. SHARON. Sorry, please forgive me see you tomorrow lowing day, forgetting that mother and father at four? Here comes someone but I'll be have looked forward to our coming, that we After seeing one picture of Sinclair Lewis we might be with them. When Christmas day back soon. do not blame him for throwing a- Stockholm Four tomorrow. And her name? Must find comes, we expect our parents to be abundant, photographer out of the room; if we looked like forgetting that Christ said, "I came not to re- out there's Fred again guess I'll Join him that we'd be touchy too. after all he might know her. Must find out ceive, but to give." No, mother will not say what did he say? anything if you slight her; she. Is willing to "Peace on earth." The Kernel office was Know her? Guess I do know her most excepted. sacrifice for you. Neither will you be remind"Good will toward men." The Kam-p- us famous prom-trottfor the last year makes everyed of your selfish attitude of wanting Kat was excepted. 'em all and knows her stuff I'll say. Dldja thing for yourself; but keep on getting without giving, your life will fall to grow, and you ever know Dan May? Ruined him. She c'n In spite of all the objections to debate trips draw in more boobs in one night than any there is one consolation Bill Ardery's-columwill be as the Dead Sea that has no outlet. sea- - decent girl could in a lifetime. Looks like an is not in today's issue. If you would really enjoy the Christmas Kruger Morton WUk,r Virginia Dougherty EUm UonneU i! Best Copy ' THF, KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE TWO OftlclU ' By TOTSY ROSE . Football will make its final bow to tho American public New Year s day at Pasadena when the Crimson Tide of Alabama will meet the Cougars of Wasmngton State in the vuiorfui Tournament oi uoaes. For the lourth timo in the last six years a boutnern coruerence learn naa been tuiecied to lepieacnt tne H.M in tne annual Uttuionu Classic. Inis is a real triuuie anu nonor to tne boutn wnen it came time to pica tneir teams or ui name the uutsuuiuuitf team In tne country. Tnuae ay are gono loiever, me orauu oi luut-oa- ii piayea in tne oouui tms year was lar superior to mat piayeu in any otner section oi tne united btated. Of trie I'i outstanding in games piayeu una year uy soutnein teams, eigut tunes tne uuys irom Dixie were victorious, uilry ono team in tne country can question Araoamas superiority anu tuat is Waaiurigton btatu lor course we team mat exciuuu saia nocknes squad). Wasnlngion titate and Alabama were me omy two outstanding teams, except inotre Dame, to luuatr tneir naru scneuules wimout a tie or aeleat. Tne uougars won irom the nest teams on tne raclnc coast, wmie tne urimson Tiae aeieated mo cream oi tne crop in Dixie. We are tola ny me critics that these teams are evenly matcued. We douot it. We southerners ao not beueve there is anotner team in the country mat can even matcn me poweriui "none crusners" irom Alabama. The game snouid be a very hard lousht atfau. but the Crimson Tide unould win by a de cisive margin. II coacn Wade can keen his mavers on ease and enter me game in nrst class condition tnere snouid be little to worry aoout in regard to the outcome oi me FOUNTAIN DRINKS Benton's Sweet Shoppe PALAIS ROYALE DANCE CASINO Open for Winter Season Friday Night-Coll- ege 1916 Washington State 14; Brown 0. 1917 Oregon 14; Pennsylvania 0. 1918 Marines 19: Camp Lewis 6, 1919 Great Lakes Naval St. 17; Marines 0. 1920 Harvard 7; Oregon 6. 1921 Clifornia 28; Ohio State 0. 0; Washington 1922 California and Jefferson 0. 14; California 1923 Southern 1924 Washington 14; Navq 14. Penn. State 2. 1925 Notre Dame 27; Stanford 10. 1926 Alabama 20; Washington 19. 1927 Alabama 7, Stanford 7. 1928 Stanford 7; Pittsburg 6. 1929 Georgia Tech 8; Callfor- California 1930 Southern Pittsburg 14. 47; Night ADMISSION 50c Dancing Every DANCING FREE A Tue., Wed., Thank, Frl Sat. Nights 242 EAST MAIN WITH PHONE AIRLAND 642 THE SINCER-ES-T WISHES FOR A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! "THE huddle The South has never bowed in defeat to any team in me Tournament of Roses. Alabama won from Washington in 1926 by the score of 20 to la. California lans that saw mat game declare that it was me most tnrllling that has ever been played in the Rose Bowl. In 1927, tne Crimson Tide again returned to the tournament to represent the East, this tune Alabama had to put up a wonaenui Dattie tu tic a erful Stanford team, 7 to 7. The next appearance of a southern team in the Hose Bowl found Georgia Tech winning spectacular game from the University of California, 8 to 7. In this game Roy Relgels made his famous run "tne wrong way" and Tech scored a safety due to this misplay, winning the game by a single point. The game this year will mark the sixteenth time the East has met the West in the Tournament of Roses. The record follows. FOR CHOCOLATE FUDGE CASES FAMOUS CORNER EUCLID AND ROSE iiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiniiiiiiiciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiittitiiiiiiiiiiiiEiiiiiiiiiiiiciiiiiiiiiiiini . Holiday Candy Made By BRAD AS & GHEENS Candy Manufacturer 3IIIIIIIUUICllllllllll!lCllllllUIII!ICinilllUMICinilllllllK3IUHllllHWIIHIHIHIirW(IWWHai Little Red Hen Wins g National Egg-Layin- Contest at Alabama v SBBBt BBSS'-- Red hen, owned by Dr. H. B. Peacock of Auburn and Opellka, Ala., was declared winner of the sixth national contest conducted by the poultry department of the Alabama Polytechnic Institute. The winning hen. known as Lady Peacock, pro duced 45 eggs in 65 days. An Informal banquet was given Saturday, Nov. 30, in honor of Lady Ponrwir whn Vior established a new record in egg production by resting only 20 days during an entire year. Dr. Knapp, president or Auourn, tune fhn snnnlrpr nf rCCflilon and praised Dr. Peacock as an excellent breeder of poultry. Prof. George A. Trollope, who n n u i was master of ceremonies, declared that the contest has been a remarkable stimulant to the poultry IndusHe said that, 1 try of Alabama. among other achievements, the Pffff.lnvlrtff pnnt.p-.t- a nt Anhnrn have demonstrated the natural advant ages of Alabama as a poultry state. "W it ' A Rhode Island in Smartlksips f)EAUTIFUL, beautiful Silks running the mut from subdued solid colors and neat, small patterns to brilliant, flaming figures and bizarre designs. A varied selection for Christmas presenta- - IIMIUIIIIIIIIIIIIC3IIIIIMUIIMIII1IIIIIIII..IIIIII 9 .95 to $5 B SUNDAY "The Princes THIRSTY? HUNGRY? 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