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Available F Friday, December 19, 1930 THE KENTUCKY KERNEL. One Abyseynlan palace Is said to In palmier days it had already wrv b slated for a nwng station, ai-lin that capacity for the gay though earner reports indicate mat blades of the empire. II A MKKRV i I I I I I I Ml IN ffll Whether you arc young or old, H I II M I Ml 1 n AU organization parties! at special student price, witn pciauiiu oupei viaiuu. J im w m in M orcutings to you onen told must wlsn and wan again it s a happy ola rclrain. May your Christmas bo so Jolly, mi witn gicens and mistletoe and houy, With picscnts and a lot of cheer And a following happy year. m Private dining room to ae- commgaaie iraternuy mm- queis, sorority teams ana uu stations. I u IN i CHRISTMAS Bonner im METtutf UmtlaiMiid to eacn ono num eariy moin tu set oi sun, meiry unristraaa to you ad, wnetnor you arc big or small. I headauarters for University student. HI m Society By Mary Graham U n iiii Merry Christmas to each ono hi rom eariy morn 'til set of sun. II Merry Cnristmas to you all, wnetner you are big or smalL CALENDAR I III1 in in Friday, December 19 Pan Hellenic Council banquet at o'clock at the Phoenix hotel. Pan Hellenic formal dance in the in Men's gym from 9 until 1 o'cloclc Mil Phi Delta Theta dinner at the Phoenix hotel Annual party at Lincoln school sponsored by the Young Men and Young Women Christian Associations and the Pitkin club. Satarday, December 20 Marriage of Miss Mary Cloud in Bosworth and Mr. William Henry Hamilton at 4 o'clock at the Bosworth home. Phi Beta, honorary music and dramatic arts fraternity, annual HHHIIC3llllllllllli:jlllllllllllt:illllllllIIIC3llllllllllllt3llllllllllli:llllllltll uigannc I m inn s i iiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiimiMiimiimiit Lease Expires January 1 E. BROWN I I I Big Reductions to i 1 i S "Going Wild' LAWRENCE GRAY LAURA LEE ONA MUNSON Diamonds Watches, w. Jewelry, Silverware I I I "Lexington's Leading Jewelers" Jjfo MORGAN "Follow the Leader" NINE GAMES FOR BLUE IN 1931 LIGHTNING FLASHES I OF JOY! 5 By ED CONBOY I "Big Money" iiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiticaiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiHcaiiiiiiiitiiicatiiiiimiiimiii looking for a change in keg affairs for next season. The last game will be against the Florida University team. Florida had a fine aggregation of stars this year and although they played, in differently, they had a very Im pressive squad, according to Ducote, Southern Conference official. pretentious schedule that a Ken-Th- is is without doubt the most tucky team has faced and should the Big Blue win all their game, they will without doubt be confer ence champs. Prospects for next year are mighty good and now that King Football is dead, lets not resurrect him but turn our minds to sport, basketball, another and shelve old man football until next fall. Kentucky Wesleyan To Remodel Stage The stage In the gymnasium of Kentucky Wesleyan College at Win chester will be remodeled in time fnr t.h nmduetlon of two Dlavs by the Shakespeare Players In Jan According to or. wuour uary. Stout, director of dramatics at the college, many needed improvements will be made In scenery, lighting, conven and various back-staiences. Dean Farrier and Dr. Stout, wno ara in nearer nf arrangements, hone in that by staging numerous plays oe the college theatre funds may with wnicn to increase mo raised of their lives. The following Saturday will find store of equipment, whloh is now the cohorts of the Virginia Poly- very scanty. technic Institute on Stoll field. Tech has a powerful team and a great game Is expected when these two teams meet on October 24. & The thirty-fir- st of October Is re served for the memorable Crimson Guaranty Bank Building 204-- 7 Tide of Alabama. Wallace Wade Phone 3618 will not be at the southern school next season but Alabama Is expected to have another powerful team. The game is scheduled for Tusca loosa, Ala. Homecoming day has been set for November 7 and the big mixture Is to be Duke University from Durham, N. O. Onoe again, WalExpert Watch Repairing lace Wade will lead a great eleven on to Stoll field when the stalwart All work guaranteed appear sons of Wellington Duke for the first time on Stoll field. The annual fracas with the Fly RUSSELL HOCKER ing Squadron of Virginia Military at Rosenborg's Institute will be held on November 14 at Lexington. Va. The Virgin .122 S. LIME ians have opposed the 'Cats on this date for the past three yeans. ot November, On the twenty-sixt- h on Stoll field, the Volunteers of Major Bob Neyland of the University of Tennessee, at Knoxville, will give mortal combat to the buys in blue. The Tennessee game Is always a traditional fight, and now that tho enemy has bodily taken our brer feves (beer keg) we are DENTISTS Drs. Slaton Slaton lii;dllf!l!iilt AN APPROPRIATE PERFECT AND GIFT DERBY EIGHT DOLLARS ' SOFT SHAPES VARIOUS CORRECT SEVEN AGENTS IN DOLLARS AND MORE THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE UNITED STATES NOTICE! WEST KENTUCKY STUDENTS I can give you the lowest prices possible via bus to go to your home Fare to Paducah s Skull ers January. t Zeta Taa Alpha Bridge Party The members of tne Zeta Tau Alpna sorority entertained with a orioge party,, Friday atternoon in friends. breakfast at the Lafuyetto hotel at nonur ot a number oi Delicious rclresnments in tho colIf it is nl Henderson, Owendboro, Morganfield, Sturgis, UCiOCK. ors of red and green were served. Marion, Smithland, PADU0VH, Mayfield, Fulton... All Kappa Kappa Oamnia alumnae About Ii5 guests veto present. places beyond Paducah will have to transfer at Paducah. juueucon at uio Pnueiux liuwi. Alaranl Dance Given uunsttnai nuuuuys Dcgiumug at The aiumm memoers of tno Delta 12 OCIOCK. Tau Delta fraternity entertained $8.25 witn a dinner dance Saturday mgnt PI Kappa Alpha Dance at the Laiayette notel tor tne acOTHER FARES VERY REASONABLE The memuers oi tno i'l Kappa tives and pieoges of tho fraternity TRIP WILL BE MADE IN A MODERN BUS Alpna traieimty were hots at u and their guests. uauue toaiuruay evening at tnt The tabies were lighted with red unapter nuuao on itoe and Max-we- u canaies and the llgnting cttccts ol IF INTERESTED SEE the room carried out tho colors street. uarnet and gold, the colors of the symbolic of tne Christmas spirit. music for tne twenty oances iiii)iiiiiiiimuiiiiini;iitii??iniiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimimiiiiiiiiiitmg The fraternity, were carried out in tnt was lurnuned by tno Masqueraders wnicn suggested tne orchestra and attractlvo programs uecoratiun wnicn aueatcd tne were given the guests. uecorutions TONIGHT! oeason of Christmas. Mr. and Mrs. vY. E. Davis chapED Tne active were: Messrs. Hugh eroned the affair, and about loO LAST John Bagwell, Fioyu guests were present. Noimcnt, WYNN n TIMES Jean, Kichard Nolser, itoocrt Mu-lu- s, PERSONALS Brown Dlcxcrson Harris, M. ouilivan, Balpn Woodall, Jamea Mrs. B. K. Nelson is a guest at the McKooerts, Jonn Ewlng, Malcolm Trl Delta house. Foster, Wilks Glover, Max Kerr, Robert O'Dear, of Lexington, has STARTS TOMORROW-JAC- KIE Qlttord Monarcn, Harry Blano, returned from Yale University to spend the holidays with his parKalph Tucker, Clarence Yeager, COOGAN'S ents. Mr. O'Dear graduated from Robert Allsover, Mannerlng the University of Kentucky law colFIRST TALKING PICTURE Theodoro Cassady, lege last June. with Thomas Cassady, Norman Tate, AlDean and Mrs. Paul P. Boyd spent bert Kopenhaefer, A. M. Thomas, Sunday in Morehead, Kentucky, MTTZI GREEN Marion Longmlre, Robert Gibson. where they were the guests of Jonn as Becky Thatcher Fred McLane, William Anderson, Howard Payne, president of More-hea- d JUNIOR DURKIN Scnool. Normal aa Hack Finn Frank Goggin, Thomas h. Rllev. W. T. Bishop, Henry Young, David Kappa Slrma Dance Given Young, Thomas Rose, John Ross. Kappa Sigma fraternity wer Robert Core, William Core, Slfford hosts Saturday evening for a dance Garvin, Louis Beavy, Donald Glass. at their chapter house on East MaxJohn Fenn, Eugene Barnes, James well street. Music was furnished by josepn Allen, James Clyde McCoy and his orchestra. rranicei, Active chapter includes Messrs. Friend, Duke Petit, Jack Campbell, Lynn Rouse, Alfred Stoeffel, Norbert Campbell, Wayne Clark, Hayes, Leo Ross, Earl Cella, Anj. EdRoy Elklns, Wilford Graves, J. ward Evans, Thomas Evans. Wai-re- n White Guyn, Ray Robinson, WilGaylord, Glllisple Hornell, Carl- liam Belby, Harry Traynor, J. N. ton Wallace, James Salvers, James wigginton, Ray Woolrldge. 'John Reagan, Michael Murlhy, Eugene i MQimmouMQlctuxe Hlnman, H. H. Horace, Morris Hill, Ewlng, Eugene Wilson, B. Howard Ivy, Robert Porter, John Mark Twain wrote this fascinating story of boys for Frye, Charles Worthlngton, Thomas all boys from 6 to 60! Chaperones were Dr. and Mrs. E. Reynolds, Newell Hargot, Hiram Cronly Elliott, Dr. H. H. Downing, Duncan, Charles Wooldrldge, Jack Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Frankel, Lem Hosier. Pledges are Messrs. Bruce Hob-lltzGooding, John U. Fields, and Miss Carl Ball, Ralph Ball, Bob Marguerite McLaughlin. RASH'S SERVICE PLEASES Matthew Schlpe, Jack Oakle, 200 guests were present. About Henchie, Harvey Mattlngly, Robert Chrlstman, T. Polsgrove, Duke University Professors Meeting Held Foster, George Gess, John Cum A meeting of American Associa- mins, William Smith, Charles Riley. tion of University Professors was About ISO guests were present. The official football schedule for 1931 has been released by the ath THUNDEROUS ROARS letic department of the university. OF LAUGHTER! It was thought that Clemson might It is love at first flight 3 open the season against the Wild when this amorous 3 cats but it has been announced that aviator goea Bp In the Maryvllle ..College from Maryvllle, air over a girl and comes down head over 3 Term., will open the 1931 season on S3 heels in tore! Stoll field. Incidentally it will be the only game on the schedule. There are nine games on the Cat's New playing schedule. Maryland, Virginia Poly, rs and Florida are the on the Big Blue's list of opponents. Of these three, Florida ranks with EDDIE QUILLAN the nation's strongest elevens. ROBT. ARMSTRONG During the past season the Alligators defeated the Chicago Maroons, iiiiiitiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiimiiMiiiimiiint 10-Kentucky will orjen the season October 3 against the scraDDV little Maryvllle aggregation. Then the Wildcats take on the Generals of Washington and Lee Universltv from Lexington, Va. Rivalry between these two col- leges has been very keen for the past years. Kentucky has succeed ed in deieatlnir the Invaders for the past three years. This season 4. the score was The date of this game has been set for October 10. On October 17. the Universltv of Maryland from College Park, Md. will play the 'Cats there. The Marylanders are known for their strong elevens and annually give the famous Ell's of Yale the game PRACTICAL XMAS GIFTS AT LOWER PRICES held Monday night at 7:30 o'clock in Mcvey nail. This meeting of tne local chapter or the organization was heia to maicc plans lor tne meeting ot the national organization, to to bo held in tne muidio of OFFICIAL GRID SCHEDULE LISTS on r PAGE THREE SEMI-WEEKL- Y STUDENT PRICES Commercial Rent Co. -Ford Austins Fords Chryslers LOWEST RATES IN CITY 133 East Short Street Ashland 3145 Look your best for the Formal Dance tonightl BEAUTY STARTS WITH THE HAIR Embry Beauty Shoppe Specialists in all lines of Beauty Culture Mrs. Ethel Jeaea Boyd IPhone Ash. 5740 Mrs. Arllme Shockaey 4th Floor Embry & Co. ROSE STREET CONFECTIONERY EXTENDS TO THE FACULTY AND STUDENTS THE FINCHLEY HAT OF THE FLOWERS UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY sons FOR ALL OCCASIONS GREETINGS "THE MEN'S STORE OF LEXINGTON" MICHLER WILL BE FOUND HERE EXCLUSIVELY r. s. THORPE & rOR (Incorporated) Opposite ' Phoenix Hotel Florist 417 E. Maxwell Ik Ph. Ash 1419 A MOST MERRY XMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR OPEN AFTER THE DANCE TONIGHT , 141 E. Main