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j to refrain from arguing religion their grandmothers, irom with sleeping until noon, and advised the cultivation of their dads. "These." ne assured his listeners, "are little hints, not given to me by Dorothy (Continued from pace on) ed. Cooperation of student groups Dlx." "So, I wish you all a Merry with vigilance on the part of mem- Christmas, a happy new year, and bers of the faculty, must eliminate a return to school with good health," such things as the paths across the President McVey concluded. grass, cigarette stubs and papers strewn about and driving and parking problems, was the conclusion of the president. Rifle Comprehensive examln a t i o n a which have been suggested by many writers of higher education, were (Continued from Page One) designated by Dr. McVey as "very William Eades, A. Henderson, 1020 interesting procedures." Students, he said, should consider the need letter men and I. C. Evans, 1929 R. for constant appreciation of the O. T. C. man will undoubtedly problems of life in the twentieth prove to be a nucleus for the 1930- century and the education of them- 31 R. O. T. C. team. selves to these needs. The following men only arc In wishing the students a Merry cnristmas, rresiaeni Mcvey aa scholastically eligible to qualify monished tnem to carry taBAk ta for the university rifle team and their homes a spirit of enthusiasm to shoot In competitions to be held and Interest He counclled them prior to Feb. 3, 1931, the com- mencement of the second semester: "Between Us" Is Talk At Convocation Schedule of Matches Teams Made for 4 Friday, December THE KENTU PAGE FOUll If Best Copy Available f I Down on the h. 8. Payton, C. D. Wallace, A. P. Stallord, 8. H. Robertson, 8. F. Musselman, T. Fuller, 8. Barney, W. C. Waches, F. M. Settle, J. E. Rnmon, K. D. Little, O. B. CofT-mn- n, W. C. Florence, M. T, Walton, C. F. 8tono, J. V. Rogers, J. Powers, P. H. Johnson, O. M. Christie, E. P. Barnett, O. W. Chlnn, J. H. Ewlng, T. P. Mantz, W. Q. Brown, and J. O. Pasco. Following men are eligible to qualify for the R. O. T. C. team and to shoot in competitions to be held prior to Feb. 3: 8. F. Mussel-ma- n, W.H.Cowley, L.8.Payton,F.8et-tl- e, S. Barney, O. Chlnn, J. Ransom, C. Wallace, B. Cragmyle, M. C. Wachs, T. Christie, W. E. Florence, H. Chatman, K. D. Little, H. Lutt-rel- l, I. C Evans, 8. C. Perry, William Eades, F. Scott, R. Bates, C. Howell, E. P. Barnet, J. Ewlng, C. Smith, A. Henderson, A. P. Stallard, M. Walton, C. F. Stone, J. V. Rogers, J. Powers, P. H. Johnston, and O. B. Coffman. Stanford Farm .iW YOUR PATRONAGE IS APPRECIATED AT THE GREEN LANTERN WW IIS oamiiN f$5 . . . pipe smokers agree with NAVY HARVARD WASHINGTON LEXINGTON'S MOST BEAUTIFUL DRUG STORE COLGATE Visit Our Fountain Try Our Specials "TROM the foothills to the bay" the curling tendrils of smoke from pipes loaded with Edgeworth rise to meet the sunset fire. 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LIMESTONE AND MAXWELL We Deliver Phones: Clay 200 - 459 8 8 TRAINS TO RialtO STANDARD with Thomas L Riley de- partment to make Its annual roport cm the past year In the theatrical world of Lexington. From the 283 feature motion pictures reviewed since January 15, 1930 up to the present date we have selected 13 reductions as the best oi tne year, lere they are: "Anna Christie (MOM) "The Big HoBse" (MOM) "The Divorcee" (MOM) "The Rogue Song" (MOM) "A Lady's Morals" (MOM) "Holiday" (Pathe) "With Byrd at the South Pole" (Paramount) "Laughter" (Paramount) "Monte Carlo" (Paramount) "The King of Jaxz" (Universal) "All ,Qulet on the Western Front" (Universal) "Whoopee" (United Artists) "Old English" (Warner Broth- It will be noted that one silent picture, "With Byrd at the South Pole," is included in this list which is composed of what we believe to be those pictures that were most noteworthy in a year of many out standing productions. TLR The year began with almost every picture containing music in some form as Its chief entertainment. Gradually, the public's taste grew tired or screen rhythm and the producers have now almost dropped that form. There were many pictures, however, in 1930 that were musical productions. We have compiled, from our records, a list which can be called "Honorable Mention." Columbia gave us "Africa Speaks" and "Rain or Shine." First National presented "The Dawn Patrol." Although Fox failed to crash the "best" tally, a good line of pictures came from those studios. The best were: "The Big Trail," "Common Clay," "Llllom," "Scotland Yard," "The Sea Wolf," "So This Is London," "Song O My Heart," "Up the River," and "LightninV Metro - Goldwyn - Mayer offered "The Bishop Murder Case," "Chasing Rainbows," "Caught Short," "Lord Byron of Broadway," "Call of the Flesh," "The Unholy Three," "A Lady of Scandal," "Let Us Be Gay." "Romance," and "Billy the Kid." Paramount had "The Vagbond King," "Sarah and Son," "The Silent Enemy," "Animal Crackers," CINCINNATI No, 32 BlM Grass Special No. 6 Express No. 28 Carolina Special No. 2 Pone de Leon No. 44 Cincinnati Special No, 16 Cincinnati Local No. 42 Qaeen Crescent, Ltd. No. 4 Royal Palm 2:55 3:45 5:05 5:25 5:50 1:45 6:30 6:50 W. W. STILL CT CT Lv. Lex. Ar. CIn. 5:55 AM 6:00 AM 7:15 AM 7:35 AM 8:00 AM PM 4:40 PM PM 8:40 PM PM 9:00 PM AM AM AM AM AM Kodaks Eastman Films Developing and Printing 129 W. SHORT ST. KYJ LEXINGTON, ET 6:55 7:00 8:15 8:35 9:00 5:40 9:40 10:00 AM AM AM AM AM R. W. SMOCK PM PM PM Watch Dally except Sraday. W. K. CUNKENBEARD, City Passenger 112 East Main St Tour Watch Work Called For and Delivered and Ticket Agent Phone Ashland 49 PHONE 7638 157 during the Holidays 8. LIME W3" Have Luncheon atsour modern FOUNTAIN LUNCHEONETTE THE BEST GIFTS FOR Consolidated Drug Stores West Main Careful Watch and Intramural Competi- tion to Continue Clock Repairing Southern RAiLWfflfSvsrEM pocket package to pound humidor tin. "Grumpy," "Paramount on Parade," "Shadow of the Law," "Tne uevn s Holiday." "Yourur Man of Man ALL MAKES OF hattan," "Derelict," and "Morocco." Pathe gave us "Swing High, "Her Man," and "Sin Takes a Holiday." Radio surprised us by navmg oniy offerings: "The two outstanding Case of Sergeant Grlscha" and "The Cuckoos." Tiffany's contribution was "Jour ney's End." United Artists had "Hen Harbor," "Raffles," and "Puttln" on the Rltz." Odd. Courthouse WEST SHORT ST. Phone Ash. 1792 Aside from Its two winners, uni versal contributed "The Czar of mff i uiuuiiui ttllMIIIHIHUHHf Broadway." Warner Brothers snowed a de cided Improvement over last year's product with "Mooy dick," -- Tne Doorway to Hen," "umce wire," "Outward Bound," and "Sinners' Holiday." TLR The motion picture of 1930 re more Intelligent direction flected than Inst year. Directors winning recognition were: Clarence Brown for "Anna Christie" ana "Romance" Edward Griffith for "Holiday," Robert Z. Leonard for "The Divor cee," Lewis Milestone for "All Quiet on the Western Front," Ernest Lubltsch for "Monte Carlo," Sydney Franklin for "A Lady's Morals," Josef von Sternberg for "Morocco," Raoul Walsh for "The Big Trail," John Ford for "Up the River," Edmund Gouldlng for The Devil's Holiday," and Jonn Milton for "Outward Bound." TLR There were several excellent examples of screen writing in 1930. The story of "Laughter" by H. D'Arrast and its dialogue by Donald Ogden Stewart, the story of "The Big House" by Frances Marlon and the story of "A Lady's Morals" by Dorothy Farnum were literary among the outstanding works done especially for the sli ver sheet. TLR Good performances were common in 1930. This Is easily explained when we consider that the majority of the players came to Hollywood from the stage where one had to have ability as well as good looks. Ann Harding, Lawrence Tlb- bett, Lewis Ayres, Frederic March, George Arllss, Eddie Cantor, Grace A sandwich, a soda and a walk is a health dp Moore, Basil Rathbone, Rose Ho- that is guaranteed to work. bart, Constance Bennett, Jeanette Light foods are healthful and prevent that afterMacDonald, Will Rogers, Ruth noon drowsiness that comes from over eating. Chatterton, Joe Cook, Cyril Maude, Robert Woolsey, Bert wheeler, For luncheon today, or any other time stop at Claudete Colbert, Chester Morris, our modern fountain and try a sandwich and the Marx Brothers take places salad or any of our delicious fountain foods. as giving some of the best performyear and they are ances of the from the stage. However, a few CHRISTMAS people known chiefly through the screen contributed memorable acting. Among them are: Greta Gar-b- o, Norma Shearer, Richard Lon Chaney, William Powell, Ronald Colman, Ramon Novarro, Milton Sills, Edmund Incorporated Lowe, Reginald Denny, Rod La Roque, Wallace Beery, and Marie Dressier, one of the very best per PHOENIX STORE CURRY'S CORNER JOHN'S CORNER formances of the year was given 101 W. Main St. 201 E. Main St. by Helen Ware in a poor picture, 100 E. Main St. One Night at Busle's." ' TLR 1930 was not without its expected Hollywood boners. "A Lady's Morals" as the title of an other wise beautiful picture is one of the more glaring. The casting of Charles Farrell in the title role of Producing Llllom" was another. "Follow Through" was still another. fo Incorporated The same for "War Nurse," "Eyes of the World," "Dlxlana," and about four score and ten others. TLR 146 St. So now we can prepare for an other year of ballyhoo and, while we're awaiting It, may we- - wish you a Merry Christmas? Special Rental Rates to Students ers) WALTON NEAR MAIN Iff. 1980 TYPEWRITERS the At this time It becomes this It, (Continued from Page One) of the fraternities, and four of the teams were independent. During the early fall, tennis and golf held sway. Tennis interested 181 men, but golf only received a response of 57 men. As these games went on, there was a horse snoe tournament In prog ress with 154 participants. Cross country brought out 73 men, who aspired to traverse the two-mi- le course in record time. As the weather grew cooler the sports started Indoors. Volley ball teams were organized; 156 men turned out for the Karnes. A hand ball joust gathered 64 men together to engage in, what is believed to be, the oldest known game. But the golfers still craved action, so the Phoenix miniature course was utilized as a means of relieving their passion. When the count was made there were 84 entrants for the scotch game. The Christmas holidays will wind up all of the fall sports, but immediately after the holidays (first week in January) there will be a foul shooting contest, and there will be no limit to the entrants from each fraternity. A lull in the sports will occur during the examinations, but a basketball tournament will start on February 2. At the same time bowling will be taken up by those Interest. LOST: Black notebook containing notes on English and psychology of advertising. Finder please turn it in at dean's office or at Kernel of Fur Trimmed W inter Coats at Great Reductions $9.95 $19.95 $29.95 flee. Moron: Gee, I feel like a three year old I John: Horse or egg? ENJOY Your chance to buy fine winter Coats at January Prices U. K. engineer reciting poetry to Miss Gay: Tell me not in mournful numbers, my life Is not what it seems. ICE CREAM SPECIAL TO STUDENTS Men's Half Soles and Heels UNIVERSITY -- First Quality GORDON SILK HOSE 91.50 U. THERE'S A DIXIE DEALER NEAR YOU Special! of K. Football Equipment Specialist $1 Made to sell for $1.65 to 1.95 Pair CITY HALL SHOE REBUILDERS 156 N. Limestone Next to City HaU Garage tiiih 4i iUfnr' - Pair