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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 5, 1926

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE THREE 1 8mtmmmmmmmmmm was furnished by the Rhythm Kings SOCETY NOTES I mttttttmmmtmMtmtmmt home of the bride in Williamstown. CALENDAR Miss O'Hara was a member of the Saturday, January C Cadet Hop In the nfternoon nt the gymnasium. The Kappa Delta fraternity enter taining vith a formal dance in the evening in the ballroom of the Phoenix hotel. O'Hara-Jonc- s The wedding of Miss Eugenia O'Hara, daughter of Mr. ond Mrs, James O'Hara, of Williamstown, to Mr. Richard Jones, son of Major and Mrs. T. Jones, of Arizona, will be solemnized on February 13, at the A Beg. l ; Founder's Day Banquet Sigma Beta Upsilon fraternity celc brntcd their founder's day on Satur day, January 23, in tho private dining room of the Lafayette hotel. The decorations were in scarlet and silver, the fraternity colors. Tapers in silver holders and red roses adorn ed the table. Miss Anna Marie O'Con nell, toastmistress, called upon Misses Edith Minihan, Kathryn McGurk, and Mary Alex O'Hara for toasts. Presentation was made by the alumnae of two silver cups to the best member of the active chapter and of tho pledges, namely, Miss Beth HuddleBton, active and Miss Eliz nbeth Shea, pledge. Charming favors of silver bar pins bearing the greek letters of the fra tcrnity were given the guests, which included tho active chapter, alumni, Delta Zeta Tea Dance Onhof the most attractive tea dances of tho season was given by the Delta Zeta pledges in honor of the active members on Saturday after noon, January 16, from 3 until o'clock in Pattorson hall. Tissue roses, in which clickers were concealed, were given to tho girls. The boy's favors consisted of whistles in the form of cigars and cigarettes Ferns surrounded the orchestra, fruit punch was served and peppy music and pledges. MATRIMONIAL MIRTHQUAKE KENTUCKY January graduating class. She is n on the campus for her cleverness and her charming personality. She was a member of the Sigma Beta Upsilon fraternity, of Thcta Sigma Phi, honorary journalistic fraternity, and of Mortar Board. She was active in student affairs and was a member of the Women's Athletic Association nnd the Kernel staff. Mr. Jones was formerly a student at Washington University, at St. Louis, where he was a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity. After tho .ceremony, the couple will leave for Arizona. Their friends here join in wishing them every happiness. j orchestra. Tho active members arc: Ruth Madison, Knthcrine Demit, Ruth Fields, Mnrearct Wooton, Ethel Bar nard, Corrino CowrHI, Ann Williams Mary Jnne Lylo, Alice Younjr, Jane Lewis, Christine Anderson, Mary Giles Thornn. The pledges: Betty Benson, Cclona Reese, Bona Latin, Nnncy Kedwcll Lydin Lathal, Louise Tilcy, Muriel Ilinks, Eleanor Bcggs, Wilma Robin son, Ella Marie Kintsler, Henrietta Howell, Mary Kate Bledsoe and Mary Allen Steers. Wednesday MinwniiiwimiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiwHittw! Miscellaneous 3- SMITH Correct Apparel for Women and Misses SC. We Have Your PRESSING REPAIRING Done By Us Will Do You a First Class PHONE Elizabeth Williams, of Louisville, spent the week nt tho Alpha XI house on S. Limestone. Tri DeltMiss Ruth Shelton, of Ashland, spent tho week-en- d nt the Delta Dcltn Deltn house on E. Maxwell. Miss Chnrlscy Smith, of Owcnton, returned Fridny, January 22, from Chicago, where she nttended tho Little Sister movement of the Y. W. C. A. nrii.1. YV riiruiuuiis (By RETT llll Mr. Grehan The deepest oil well measured 7,579 feet. Job UNIVERSITY something different In the atmosphere nt tho "President's Mansion" this particular afternoon. Every other minute some was busllv en gifgod with the dorinc. They stood five or six deep around someone, the center of attraction. If you have ever tried to get through n group of girls when they don't want to move, you will understand why it wns nearly half an hour before I could find out who it wns. Mr. Grehan, of coursel I might have known. Laughing, joking, wonderful ly interesting, so nice, nnd yet he just would not flirt. It wns wrcravatinir Well, popularity is n grcnt thine. nnd I vc always wondered why everyone wants to tnke journalism. Still that doesn't cxplnin why so many boys like it it'3 not n "snap." Oh yes, they wnnt to sec how he does it. co-e- d ever-prese- as delegate from the university. Prof. Lorndo Taft, of Chicago, famous sculptor nnd lecturer, gave two interesting lectures at tho university Thursday, January 21. The J. B. Sax Memorial fund made It posssiblo for Mr. Taft to como to tho university. Dr. and Mrs. Frank McVey will entertain with the nfternoon ten Wednesday for tho students and fnculty. Alpha Gamma Dcltn announces tho pledging of Thelmn Johnson, of Knn- 3as. miss Johnson wns pledged nfter the last issue of tho Kernel enmo nnf and this has been the first time thnt a notice of it could be published. Good luck, boys! STEAMSHIP TICKETS VIA ALL LINES AND TO ALL PARTS nnd Conducted TOURS To Europe and the Orient PARRISH & BROMLEY DRY 152 CLEANING AND South Lime PRESSING Phone QUALITY AND 1550 Around the World, South American, West Indian, Mediterranean CRUISES SERVICE SECOND ANNUAL KENTUCKY STUDENT TOU JUNE 23. AUGUST 6. Excellent Itinerary Cover Countries ENGLAND. IIOLLANEK GERMANY, SWITZERLAND and Both Ocean Passages on Stroller Dance Following the Georgia Tech game on the evening of January 22, the strollers entertained with a subscription dance in the gymnasium. The committee in charge of the arrange' If Scarlet Tanaf Ricmtt the leaukl of GIANT Conductor and Experienced LEXINGTON CHAPERONE. Accompany Party ;id I PRICE INCLUDES Trip Ocean Fare, Hote.t, Meals, Railroad Fares in Europe. Guides, Museum Entrance Fees, Briefly, New Departments ALL EXPENSES Beauty Parlor, Art Needle, Infants and Downstairs Economy Store. MITCHELL, BAKER & SMITH (Incorporated) "THE QUALITY DEPARTMENT STORE" KENTUCKY GRAVES, COX A Few More Days to Take Advantage of the CUNARDER S. S. BERENGARI A LEXINGTGON $565 Write or phone for literature describing his and other tours. JAMESMIOLLOY Authorized, Boi. 'fii Steamship Agent 646 East High Street Phone 3561 LEXINGTON. KENTUCKY .nd CO. Florsheim Sale $8.85 $4.85 to $6.85 Bay nham Shoe Co. EAST MAIN 7 It Whets Mail's STREET SUITS PRESSED 35c Appetite for Writing And Gives Him the Speed and Character in Penmanship that Helps Him Make the Grade guaranteed Ttie fen with the Taint and Over-sif- e Ink Capacity the WE don't mean thatwill Duofold put a man on the golden throne, although it helpshim to get there. But the same keen instinct that makes men successful, prompts them to claspay $7 for this sure-fir- e sic when they could buy SPRING HAT STYLES for the College Man The greatest and best assortment of hats that we have ever shown for the college man. Every style is a "knock out." Snap and curl brim styles with contrasting fancy bands in all the popular shades. See them in our front window. $ 5. slacker pens for half the Called For and Delivered SUITS CLEANED $1.50 Three Piece SUITS CLEANED $1.25 Two Piece PHONE 62 t - H1L Lexington Laundry Co. One Day Laundry Service on Call OF THE WORLD .independent following the founder's day banquet. Miss 0 Hara is a January grad jiate and is to be a February .bride. DRY CLEANING AND PRESSING CO. Belden Shoes drilled UHOKNSTEIN) V Shower 5906 Florsheim Shoes ever As usunl, Wednesday nfternoon found tho most attractive nnd popu lar plncc on the campus Mr3. Mc vey's famous ten. Hut there was Tea at Maxwell Place Dr. and Mrs. Frank L. McVey enter tained at Maxwell Place with after noon tea for the visitors who were here for Farmer's Week at the uni versity, and for the board of the Ken tucky Federation of Women's clubs. LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY CLEANING PERSONALS Delta Miss T,n:i- - FRANCE Corner Short and Mill Streets . Alpha XI I Miss Eugenia O'Hara was honored on Saturday evening, January 23, with a surprise miscellaneous snowcr at the Sigma Beta Upsilon chapter house - B. B. mcnts wns composed of John Dnhncy, Phillip Rush, nnd Dow Caldwell. Packages. money. Step to the nearest pen counter and choose your point. THE PARKER PEN COMPANY Duofold PtnclU to match tk W Lai, t) OotiUt ft., $J.50i "Bit BnlUt" Omntti, M Factory and Qtntrtl Oflctt JANKSVIIXE, WIS. vtumw Duofold Ir.S Intcrineiltttc Iie Udv Duofold J wan (ins tort New Dot Ties Just in Graves, Cox $1.00 and "THE COLEGE MAN'S STORE" Co .V