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Laura Clay papers, 1906-1920 (bulk dates), 1882-1941, 1882

Part of Laura Clay papers, 1906-1920 (bulk dates), 1882-1941

46m4Clay, Laura papersGuide to the Laura Clay papers, 1819-1959, bulk 1906-1920 46m4Finding Aid prepared by Erin WeberUniversity of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center2016 November 16Special Collections Research CenterUniversity of Kentucky LibrariesMargaret I. King LibraryLexington, Kentucky 40506-0039URL: This finding aid was produced using ArchivesSpace on 2017-03-20 14:34:16 -0400.Describing Archives: A Content Standard English University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center Laura Clay papers Clay, Laura 46m4 12.73 Cubic Feet 32 boxes, 2 folders, 3 items 1819-1959 1906-1920 The Laura Clay papers (dated 1819-1959, bulk 1906-1920; 12.73 cubic feet; 32 boxes, 2 folders, 3 items) consists of correspondence, pamphlets, periodicals, organizational records, petitions, scrapbooks, broadsides, programs, legal documents, and suffrage pins and ribbons, which document the career of Kentucky suffragist Laura Clay. Conditions Governing Access Collection is open to researchers by appointment. Immediate Source of Acquisition Gift, 1946 and 2015 Arrangement Collection is arranged by format. Biographical note Laura Clay, daughter of emancipationist Cassius M. Clay and his first wife, Mary Jane Warfield Clay, was born at the family estate, White Hall, in 1849. As a result of her parents' divorce and the inequitable property settlement which followed, Clay devoted herself to improving the unworthy position of women as a suffragist and social reformer. She was a founder of the Kentucky Equal Rights Association and the organization's first president. She was recognized as a national leader in the women's suffrage movement and served as an officer of the National American Woman Suffrage Association. However, because she wished suffrage to be granted at the state level, she left the ranks of the national movement as the nineteenth amendment was about to be ratified. She continued to be active in the cause of women's rights after 1920, and ran unsuccessfully for the Kentucky Senate in 1923. Clay also worked for the temperance movement, the Democratic Party, and her Episcopal church. She died at age 92 in 1941. Preferred Citation 46m4: [identification of item], Laura Clay papers, 1819-1959, bulk 1906-1920, University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center. Scope and Contents The Laura Clay papers (dated 1819-1959, bulk 1906-1920; 12.73 cubic feet; 32 boxes, 2 folders, 3 items) consists of correspondence, pamphlets, periodicals, organizational records, petitions, scrapbooks, broadsides, programs, legal documents, and suffrage pins and ribbons, which document the career of Kentucky suffragist Laura Clay. The bulk of the collection consists of Clay's correspondence with other suffragists, family members, legislators, and businesspeople. Notable correspondents include Susan B. Anthony, Carrie Chapman Catt, Anna Howard Shaw, Harriet Taylor Upton, Madeline McDowell Breckinridge, Ida Husted Harper, Kate M. Gordon, Alice Stone Blackwell, Ida Porter Boyer, and her father Cassius M. Clay. . The collection includes programs, petitions, expenditures, and minutes of the Kentucky Equal Rights Association, the National American Woman Suffrage Association, and the Southern States Woman Suffrage Conference. Additionally, the collection includes membership card rolls for the Fayette County Equal Rights Association and the Kentucky Equal Rights Association. There are a number of pamphlets dealing with topics such as woman suffrage, child welfare, civil service reform, the peace movement during World War I, and temperance as well as speeches given by Laura Clay and others on these topics. The collection contains periodicals, newspapers, pamphlets, and newspaper clippings related to women's issues. It also holds many of Laura Clay's personal materials, including a diary, badges, banners, and compositions. Additionally, the collection contains six of her scrapbooks, containing newspaper clippings, programs, and handwritten notes. Conditions Governing Use The physical rights to the materials in this collection are held by the University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center. Temperance. Episcopal Church -- Kentucky Women -- Suffrage -- Kentucky. Women -- Suffrage -- United States. Women's rights -- United States -- History. Women's rights -- Kentucky. Women -- Political activity -- Kentucky. Anthony, Susan B. (Susan Brownell), 1820-1906 Upton, Harriett Taylor, 1854-1945 Shaw, Anna Howard, 1847-1919 Kentucky Equal Rights Association Democratic Party (U.S.) Catt, Carrie Chapman Woman's Club of Central Kentucky Fayette Equal Rights Association (Fayette County, Ky.) Clay, Laura Boyer, Ida Porter Breckinridge, Madeline McDowell, 1872-1920 Gordon, Kate M. Harper, Ida Husted Blackwell, Alice Stone CorrespondenceSeries I. 1849-1959, undated Scope and ContentsThe Correspondence series contains correspondence to and from Laura Clay. The majority of these letters are professional and deal with some question of women's suffrage, women's rights, the Democratic Party, the Episcopal Church, temperance, or organizations and conferences pertaining to these issues. There are some personal letters, including wedding invitations and holiday postcards. Additionally, the series contains a small amount of correspondence between other Clay family members.Family correspondenceSub-series A.1849-1940, undatedScope and ContentsThe family correspondence subseries includes letters from various members of Laura Clay's family. The most prominent family members are her sisters Sarah Lewis Sallie Clay Bennett, Anne Clay Crenshaw, and Mary Barr Clay Herrick; each also worked in the suffrage movement. Laura Clay's mother, Mary Jane Warfield Clay, also figures prominently in this correspondence subseries. This subseries includes extended family members, including a number of cousins, nieces, and nephews. In the event that the correspondence is between two family members other than Laura Clay, it is filed with the sender.Sallie Clay Bennett (sister)1861-192411Warfield Clay Bennett (nephew)1910-193812(Mrs. Warfield) Esther Bennett1913-194113Brutus Clay (brother)1855-192214Cassius M. Clay (father)1864-190315Green Clay (brother)1860-186616(Mrs. Green) Cornelia Clay (sister-in-law)1863-186517Green Clay (nephew)1908-193718Mary Jane Warfield Clay (mother)1849-186619Mary Jane Warfield Clay (mother)1869-1899, undated110Warfield Clay (brother)1850-1852111Anne Clay Crenshaw (sister)1879-1923112Mary Barr Clay Herrick (sister)1861-1922, undated113Helen Bennett, Laura Bennett Garland, Elise Bennett Smith (nieces)1900-1940, undated114Mary Clay Johnston, Charlotte Clay Vernon (nieces)1932-1940115Fanny Crenshaw, Mary Warfield Crenshaw (nieces)1912-1940116Clay Herrick (nephew)1913-1924117W.C. Benton, C.M. Clay Jr., Josephine C. Gorde, R.B. Lawrence, Katherine Reid, A.C. Shackelford (cousins)1900-1938, undated118Various family correspondence1852-1940, undated119Suffrage correspondenceSub-series B.1892-1937, undatedScope and ContentsThe suffragists correspondence subseries includes letters to and from Susan B. Anthony, Alice Stone Blackwell, Ida Porter Boyer, Madeline McDowell Breckinridge (Mrs. Desha Breckinridge), Carrie Chapman Catt, Kate M. Gordon, Ida Husted Harper, Anna Howard Shaw, and Harriet Taylor Upton. In the event that the correspondence is between two important suffragists other than Laura Clay, it is filed with the sender.Susan B. AnthonySub-Series i.1892-19061892-1898211900-190622Alice Stone BlackwellSub-Series ii.1893-1936, undated1893-1907231908-1909241910251911261912271913-1936, undated28Ida Porter BoyerSub-Series iii.1906-1922, undated1906-1907291908210190921119102121911-19132131914-19162141917-1922, undated215Madeline Madge McDowell (Desha) BreckinridgeSub-Series iv. 1907-1922, undated1907-19122161913217191421819152191916-1922, undated220Carrie Chapman CattSub-Series v. 1895-1937, undated1895-1908221191622219172231918-1937, undated224Kate M. GordonSub-Series vi. 1895-1923, undated1895-1905311907 January-September321907 October-December331908 January-June341908 July-December351909 January-March361909 April-December371910381911 January-July391911 August-December3101912-1913311191431219153131916-19173141918 January-June3151918 July-December3161919 February-May3171919 June-August3181920-1923, undated319Ida Husted HarperSub-Series vii.1900-19231900-19073201918-1923321Anna Howard ShawSub-Series viii. 1904-1918, undated1904-1905411906 June-October421906 November431906 December441907 January-April451907 May-July461907 September-December471908 January-April481908 May-December491909 January-February4101909 March-August4111909 September-December4121910 January4131910 February-April4141910 May-August4151910 September-December4161911 January-February4171911 March-May4181911 June-August4191911 September-December4201912-1918, undated421Harriet Taylor UptonSub-Series ix.1898-1923, undated1898-1904511906 January-June521906 July531906 August541906 September-October551906 November-December561907 January-March571907 April-May581907 June-September591907 October-December5101908 January-May5111908 June-August5121908 September-December5131909 January-August5141909 September-December5151910 January-February5161910 March 1-145171910 March 15-315181910 April-December611911621912631913641914-1915651916-1918661919-1923, undated67General correspondenceSub-series C. 1852-1959, undatedScope and ContentsThe general correspondence subseries contains all other correspondence. It also includes empty envelopes and incomplete letters without a signature.1852-1881681882-18876918886101889-18906111891-189261218936131894 January-September6141894 October-December6151895616189661718976181898-18996191900-19016201902-19036211904 January-June711904 July-December721905 January-February731905 March741905 April-May751905 June-August761905 September-December771906 January-May781906 June791906 July7101906 August7111906 September 7121906 October7131906 November 1-117141906 November 12-307151906 December 1-147161906 December 15-317171907 January-February7181907 March-May7191907 June-August7201907 September-October7211907 November-December7221908 January-February7231908 March-April811908 May-June821908 July-October831908 November-December841909 January 1-15851909 January 16-31861909 February 1-14871909 February 15-28881909 March 1-7891909 March 8-318101909 April8111909 May 1-148121909 May 15-318131909 June-July8141909 August-October8151909 November8161909 December 1-14911909 December 15-31921910 January 1-14931910 January 15-31941910 February 951910 March 1-20961910 March 21-31971910 April981910 May991910 June9101910 July9111910 August9121910 September9131910 October9141910 November 1-229151910 November 23-309161910 December 1-149171910 December 15-3191819109191911 January9201911 February9211911 March1011911 April-May1021911 June 1-211031911 June 22-301041911 July 1-141051911 July 15-311061911 August 1-141071911 August 15-311081911 September 1-141091911 September 15-2110101911 September 22-3010111911 October10121911 November10131911 December10141912 January10151912 February 1-1410161912 February 15-2910171912 March1111912 April1121912 May-June1131912 July1141912 August1151912 September 1161912 October1171912 November 1-141181912 November 15-301191912 December11101913 January11111913 February11121913 March11131913 April11141913 May11151913 June-July11161913 August-September11171913 October-December11181914 February11191914 March-April11201914 May-June11211914 July-August11221914 September-October11231914 November1211914 December1221915 January1231915 February-March1241915 April-May1251915 June 1-161261915 June 17-301271915 July-September1281915 October-November1291915 December12101916 January-March12111916 April12121916 May-June12131916 July12141916 August12151916 September-October12161916 November12171916 December12181917 January12191917 February12201917 March12211917 April-May12221917 June-October12231917 November-December12241918 January12251918 February1311918 March1321918 April-July1331918 August-September1341918 October1351918 November-December1361919 January-April1371919 May1381919 June1391919 July13101919 August-October13111919 November-December13121920 January13131920 February-April13141920 May13151920 June-December1316192113171922 January-April13181922 May-December13191923 January-August13201923 September-December13211924-192913221930-193613231937-19591323A-Lundated141M-Zundated142Incompleteundated143Empty envelopes1866-1940, undated144BiographicalSeries II.1850-1941, undatedScope and ContentsThe Biographical series contains compositions by Laura Clay and others, biographical notes, and various artifacts pertaining to Clay's life. The artifacts include things such as unmarked postcards, recipes, personal receipts, and one souvenir book of photographs from Switzerland.Laura Clay biographical notes1886-1922, undated145Genealogical notes and obituaries1903-1941, undated146Incomplete notes1890-1920, undated147Warfield Clay compositions1850-1851148Laura Clay compositions1893-1918149Laura Clay compositions1919-19231410Laura Clay compositionsundated1411Laura Gregg, Vere Golthwaite compositions1908-19091412Votes for women bannerundated1413Postcards and stamps1915-1916, undated1414Recipesundated1415Directions for knitting socksundated1416Offering collection boxundated1417Ink pad, calendar, bridge scorecard1906, undated151Personal receipts1892-1913152Personal receipts1914-1941, undated153Map of Ireland1918302Certificates1898-1933303Souvenir de la Suisseundated1OrganizationsSeries III.1881-1933, undatedScope and ContentsThe Organizations series includes meeting minutes, budget records, expenditures, and membership cards for official organizations. Most of the organizations promote women's suffrage, including the Kentucky Equal Rights Association, the National American Woman Suffrage Association, and the Southern States Woman Suffrage Conference. There are also scattered documents pertaining to Kentucky Women's Clubs, the Democratic Party, and suffrage associations from other states. The series includes three boxes of membership cards from the Fayette County Equal Suffrage Association and one from the Kentucky Equal Rights Association.Citizens Committee for States Suffrage Amendment documentsSub-series A.1919154Fayette County Equal Rights AssociationSub-Series B. 1901-1915, undated1901-1912, undated155Roll of members A-L1908-191524Roll of members M-Z1908-191525Roll of members191626Kentucky Equal Rights AssociationSub-Series C.1889-1919, undatedHistory and Articles of Incorporation1889-1903156Newsletters1903-1911157Minutes1908-1919158Expenditures1913-1917, undated159Essay contest rules, membership lists, certificates1909-1916, undated1510Roll of membersundated27Kentucky Woman Suffrage Association documentsSub-Series D.1881-19081511Kentucky Woman's Clubs documentsSub-Series E.1900-19231512Lexington and Fayette County Joint Committee on School Suffrage documentsSub-Series F.19091513National American Woman Suffrage AssociationSub-Series G. 1889-1919, undatedMinutes1906-19081514Minutes19091515Minutes1910-19111516Expenditures1897-19121517Newsletters1911-19191518Life membership certificate, proposed amendments, publication list1889-1912, undated1519Southern States Woman Suffrage Conference documentsSub-Series H.1906-19191520Woman's JournalSub-Series I. 1910-1915, undatedExpenditures1910-191115211910-1915, undated1522State suffrage organizationsSub-Series J. 1894-1919, undatedArizona, DC, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland1909-19181524Michigan, Mississippi, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oregon1894-1913, undated161Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Wisconsin1904-1912, undated162Assorted organizationsSub-Series K.1887-1933, undatedKentucky organization documents1913-1933, undated1523National organization documents1887-1914, undated163Assorted expenditures1906-1907, undated164Assorted organization documents1905-1914, undated165Unidentified roll call listundated315 Printed materialsSeries IV.1864-1956, undatedScope and ContentsThe Printed materials series includes pamphlets, petitions, event programs, journals, full newspapers, newspaper clippings, one broadside, and one poster advertising a speech by Laura Clay. Prominent periodical titles include the Congressional Record, Political Equality Series, Progress, The Woman's Journal, Woman's Tribune, Woman's Era, and the Union Signal.Newspaper clippingsSub-Series A.1864-1940s, undated1864-189818181900-19051911906-19091921910-19121931911-191630361913-19141941915-1916195191630371917-19181961919 January-March 1971919 April-December1981919, 1922322 19201991921-1940s19101927-19323038 undated1911PeriodicalsSub-Series B. 1879-1956Bulletin American School of Home Economics1914 June1710Central Methodist Advocate1909308The Christian Life1889, 1894181Christ's Way1904311 The Cochran Special1909309Common Cause1910312Congressional Record1915, 1956166Congressional Record1919313The Courant1913 January1711The Delineator19113010The Democratic Woman's Journal1929 October-December182Diocesan News1910-19193011The Federation Bulletin for the Woman of To-Day1910 April1712Equal Suffrage leaflet1898-1900167Ford Hall Folks1915 March 281713Forth - The Spirit of Missions1939-19401714General Federation Magazine1919 September1715Illinois Equal Suffrage Association Press Bulletin1915 October1716International Woman Suffrage Alliance1906168International Woman Suffrage News1925169Kentucky White Ribbon19101610Kentucky Woman's Journal19171611Legislative Federalist1916 July1717Life and Labor1911 Decembery1718McClure's Magazine1911 December1719Methodist Review19121612Minnesota Woman Suffrage Association The Minnesota Bulletin1905 December1720The Missionary Voice1922 October1721The Missouri Woman1917 May1722National Bulletin1891-18941613National Suffrage Bulletin1895 November1723National Suffrage News1917 February and May1724The National Suffragist1916 August1725New Citizen1913-19141614New Near East1923, 19271615The New Republic1920 September 221726Old Theology Quarterly1897-19081616The Osage1910 March1727Ottawa Guardian19113012The Patriarch19041617The Perfect Faith1898 June183Political Equality Series1897-19081618Progress19073013Progress1908 January-March3014Progress1908 July-October3015Progress1908 December1619Progress1909 February-August3016Progress1909 September-October3017Progress1909 November-December3018Progress1910 January-February3019Progress1910 April-May3020Quarterly Letter1908 May1728The Remonstrances Against Woman Suffrage1729The Roosevelt Recordundated3021Sea Power1919-19201620Southern Churchman1933-19411621The Southern Review1920 May1730The Statesman1890 April1731St. Paul Pioneer Press19173022Suffragette19131622Survey1910 January 21732Talks and Tales18991733Thinkmaker1889, 18921623Union Signal18983023Union Signal1898, 1910-1912171Votes for Women1910 May3024Votes for Women1910 October3025War Work Bulletin1918 September 101734White Ribbon Review19063026Woman Citizen1911, 1919172Woman's Citizen1894-1898173Woman's Era18953027Woman's Era1910 February-March174Woman's Era1910 November-1911 January175Woman's Journal19113028Woman's Journal19173029Woman's Leader1921314The Woman Patriot1926 May 11735Woman's Progress1895 January1736Woman Suffrage leaflet1889-1895176Woman's Standard1892177Woman's Standard19073030Woman's Tribune1888178Women's Tribune1897 September3031Women's Tribune1903-19043032Women's Tribune1906 March-May3033Women's Tribune1906 August-November3034Women's Tribune1907 October3035Woman's World1897179Zion's Watchtower1907184PamphletsSub-Series C. 1885-1950s, undatedVotes for Women review and photograph1907185Woman books bibliography1950s1861885-18981871900-19081881910-19131891914-191618101917-191918111920-19351812undated1813-14What Women Are Doing leaflet19203051914, undated30619193071919-1920321 Petitions1889-1919, undated1815Posters and broadsidesSub-Series D.1910-1916Vote for the Woman Suffrage Amendment, broadside1910 October 11In safe - drawer 31Coming - Miss Laura Clay poster1916304ProgramsSub-Series E. 1898-1940, undated1898-191118161912-1940, undated1817DiarySeries V.1864-1880Scope and ContentsThe Diary series contains one personal diary written by Laura Clay from 1864-1880. Use photocopies of the diary are included.Diary1864-18802Color reproduction1864-18801912SpeechesSeries VI.1893-1940, undatedScope and ContentsThe Speeches series consists of speeches and addresses by Laura Clay and others. It also includes notes and rough drafts of these speeches. Most were given at luncheons, meetings, and other gatherings of the various suffrage associations. Additionally, the series includes undated and incomplete speeches.1893-189420119032021905-19112031912-19162041917-19192051920-19272061928-1940207undated208Incomplete speechesundated209-10LegalSeries VII. 1819-1941, undatedScope and ContentsThe Legal series contains documents pertaining to woman's suffrage as well as Laura Clay's personal legal matters. It includes bills, acts, joint-resolutions, and hearings from the United States Congress and the Kentucky General Assembly as well as some international bills and the Woman's Suffrage Amendment from Oregon. The series also contains tax documents, bonds, rent records, various court case documents, Laura Clay's will, and other wills where she is a beneficiary.Bonds1932, 19412011Oregon equal suffrage constitutional amendment19062012States population chartundated2013Rent recordsundated2014Tax documents1931-1940, undated211Bills, acts, joint resolutions for the Commonwealth of Kentucky1980-1933212Bills, acts, hearings, joint resolutions for US Congress1913-1916213Other bills, acts, joint resolutions1882-1917214Wills1870-1905215Wills1916-1940216Documents relating to various court cases1819-1914217Income tax returns1917301 ScrapbooksSeries VIII.1820s-1913Scope and ContentsThe Scrapbooks series consists of six bound scrapbooks and one folder of loose-leaf items removed from the scrapbooks. The scrapbooks mainly include newspaper clippings of articles on the advancement of women's suffrage around the United States. Additional items include programs for events and handwritten notes.There are also some programs of events and handwritten notes.1820s-1840s2211877-1896222Items removed from scrapbook1890s2231901-190223119132321897-190021903-19063ArtifactsSeries IX.1899-1920, undatedScope and ContentsThe Artifacts series contains badges, buttons, medals, suffrage banners, pins, and ribbons from various suffrage conferences and organizations.Democratic National Convention vice president medal1920281Jeweled star pinundated282National American Woman Suffrage Association Sacagawea medal1905283Buttonsundated284Oklahoma button and ribbonundated285Pocket penundated286Watch faceundated287Ten cent tokenundated288Blank pinundated289Lucy Stone button and ribbonundated2810Woman's Peace Party badgeundated2811Kentucky Educational Association button and ribbon19072812Southern Educational Association medalundated2813Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition ribbon19052814Tacoma Booster ribbonundated2815Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Woman's Suffrage Day ribbon19092816Votes for Women yellow triangle bannersundated2817Flower pinundated291Laura Clay Kentucky Equal Rights Association delegate badgeundated292Miss Clay Kentucky Equal Rights Association delegate badgeundated293Kentucky Equal Rights Association delegate badgeundated294-5National American Woman Suffrage Association delegate button and ribbon1899296National American Woman Suffrage Association auditor badge1907297National American Woman Suffrage Association chairman of committee badge1909298National Suffrage Convention delegate badge1916299National Suffrage Convention delegate badges19172910St. Louis World's Fair button and ribbon19042911Democratic State Convention delegate button and ribbonundated2912Spokane National Woman's Equal Suffrage Association button and ribbon19092913CTWC Cincinnati ribboncirca 19102914Votes for Woman ribbonundated3039Kentucky ribbonundated316Blank yellow ribbonundated317