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5 > Image 5 of Kentucky alumnus, 1920

Part of Kentucky alumnus

h .:T , 1 _ . i A I g ii; is PUBLISHED BI-MoNTHLYSEI>TEMBER, NOVEMBER, JANUARY, MARCH A MAY AND JULY OF EACH YEARBY THE ALUMNI Asso- . CIATION on THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY, g AT LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, E { Entered as second-class matter September 28, 1916, at the post-omce at Lexington, E Kentucky, under the Act of March 3, 1879. E Fg; THE SUBSCRIPTION PRICE FOR THE KENTUCKY ALUMNUS IS $1.00 PER , t Qi YEAR; TO ALUMNI, INCLUDING DUES TO THE Asso- F ef;. CIATION, $2.00 PER YEAR. F We t The Kentucky Alumnus is the oflicial publication of the Alumni Association. It is issued bi-monthly by the Association under the direction of the Executive Com- mittee in the interest of the Association and of the University. It therefore represents the sentiment and policy of the Alumni organization. _- ff I Z The Ediorin-Chief is appointed by the Executive Committee of the Alumni Associa- tion and the Associate Editors are the Class Secretaries of the various classes and the Presidents of the Alumni Clubs. { JELSON. EJ 1 C t ltOTlCl OTTlITlTlt Y. Jrk City. The editor wishes to express to all loyal sons and { A New Editor daughters thanks for their support to the Association Qi and to the Alumnus, and can only express regret at the s, Lack- Q fact that all are not so loyal. For the past many years a little body of a few alumni have been looking out for and carrying the Association over the hard spots and we need the help of the whole body right now and _f need it bad. I At the present writing there are 250 alumni who are registered upon I j it the duty done side of the ledger, truly a pitiful minority, with 2,000 who should be there. , ;tu Kl ; The Sec.Treas.-Editor job is little but a thankless one, not even LV 1 6110ugh money to buy firewood for the stove and to have a part time clerk T U Z. to keep the records in order to say nothing of a stenographer. Such a. I Y Goudition is inexcusable and we do not see where we will arrive, for Y0uIS y E, truly can not devote his time nor can anyone else do so indeinitely, and W6 0111}* took the job in an endeavor to try to stimulate enough interest L and collect enough money to put the Secretaryship and Editorship into _ V . the hands of a paid and competent person. Could such an end be ob- tained the Association would amount to something and not before. ' These are plain words but they state plain facts. There will be published elsewhere a blank form for the convenience A of EDYOIIG who might wish to join the "Contemptible Little A1my." F .y. is R B 1 .... . _ , . . A A . . .. , . ~.,`