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6 > Image 6 of Kentucky alumnus, 1920

Part of Kentucky alumnus

wl; L; 1 "f is I _ . g . A . . 4 THE KENTUCKY ALUMNUS. A f` A ` A. Governor Morrow has always taken a keen i The New Chairman interest in affairs of the University and we can ~ . ` of the Board safely predict a continued and active growth p for the University under his guidance. , ' n The Alumnus wishes to congratulate Mr. Morrow upon the per- 5, c _ sonnel of "The Board of Control" for the coming four years. The ap- .g _ _ pointment of such a Board puts the State upon a level never before ap- A `Y 7 As proached in the management of our institutions. - if ` . _ Published elsewhere, in part, is this report, which The Presidents _ most concisely and emphatically sets forth the needs Q A jj Biennial Report of the University, and we beg of you to give it your ~ ~ . most careful attention. * The advance made at the University since Dr. McVeys presidency Z { { stands upon its merits, but one can readily see from his report how the Q `. lack of funds for buildings and for administration is holding up this g 5 "Q great work. Y ;._ We of Kentucky or any other State cannot expect to have an institu- rj tion of front rank when our teachers are paid a bare living wage, for no man can be at his highest eiiiciency when he must constantly be striving Q . to meet the necessities of everyday life. Let us realize these facts and . . `E . n take steps to meet them for in our educational institutions lie our whole * J strength as a State and as a nation. v'_` One must not be unmindful of the fact that the T. `_ The Call of the Government is constantly calling for additional sub- 3 Government scriptions to the Thrift Stamp and Treasury Sav- A. A Ag ing Certificates. If the Government did not need { ~ ; this money they would not ask you to buy these securities and it is the Q I `_' Q duty of all to assist the Government at this and all times of stress from any cause whatsoever. Y ` * The Liberty Bond has thoroughly demonstrated to us the value of a ` j Hrst class investment over high or even excessive taxation and if such S ;_ securities are not bought there is but one answer-TAXES. . Q. There is being conducted through the World Trades Club { The Metric of San Francisco an extensive campaign for the adoption System of the Metric System as the standard of weights and ?` QQ; measures of the United States and thus helping to give ; _ i QA to the world a much needed standardization. A great many States have j { V gone on record approving such a measure and in a short time we believe _ 3 it will be a fact and will greatly enhance trade relations between countries. _ "_{i There is no movement which deserves a more heartY G gi The Boy endorsement and support than the Scout Movement. To be _ Scout a scout a boy must, to speak succinctly, be a little man and I _ {5,; there is nothing so valuable to a boy as an early schooling , in the art of being a man, it teaches him to be independent, to be con- Q A siderate of others, to love and to understand nature and some of hel' T , . In =j