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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 23, 1926

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

or m , .V i J. KENTUCKY KERNEL ?5S ttmttttttt:u:ttit nctivo chnptcr: Misses Elizabeth Arnold, Margaret Arnold, Carolyn Bas-coCurtis Bcuhlcr, Virginia Boyd, Knthcrinc Best, Susan Briggs, Fran Mary Coleman, ces Cregor, Evelyn Colvin, Snra Curie, Mary Ellon Dale, mmmimmtimmtmmtt Grace Davis, Beatrice Gant, Ora Gor tho week-en- d nt the Delta Delta Deltn don, Mary Gordon, Emily Gregory, CALENDAR Eugenia Harrington, Alice Hudson, house. Saturday, April 24 Sigma Beta XI announce the pledg- Lucy Holt, Louise Jefferson, Mary Mc- Lnir, Lehman, Delta Zcta tea dance in Pntt hall. ing of John W. Bates, of Mayfleld, Cnuley,ElizabethMcCormlck, Harriet Mnrin Pearl Alumni Dance from 9 to 12 o'clock, Kentucky. Margaret McWilliams, Jane Alpha Delta Theta announce the Earlc Middleton, Josephine Skain, in the gymnasium. pledging of Irene Brummitt of Sturg-i- s, Mnrgarct Simpson, Sara Shelby, Eliz Kentucky. Chi Omega Tea abeth Skelton, Cynthia Smith, Eleanor Lambda Alpha chapter of Chi Margaret Tapp, Smith, Eleanor Omega entertained with a delightful Kappa Formal Thompson, Helen Van Dcrvcer, Mnrgtea dance at their chapter house Tues-, Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority en- arct Williams, Mary Austin Waddcll, day, from 4 until G o'clock, in honor of tertaincd Saturday evening in tho Nnncy Wilson nnd Elizabeth Wood; the mothers, patronesses, alumnae, ballroom of tho Phoenix hotel with and pledge, Miss Christine Thomas. nnd friends of the fraternity. one of tho most delightful formal Alpha Delta Thcta Bridge The house was beautifully decorated dances of the year. (Music was furnAlpha Delta Theta sorority enter with spring flowers and delicate ices ished by the Rhythm Kings. and cakes were served. Tho decorations were very original tained with n bridge party at the black and white futuristic designs chnptcr house on Linden Wnlk Sat FRATERNITY ROW arranged to represent n Parisian Cafe. urday afternoon from 3 to G o'clock. The house was attractively decorat The hostesses were members of the Miss Sammie Hill, of Paris, spent ed with spring flowers. A delicious snlad course was served. The hostesses, members of the act ive chapter were: Misses Frances tnmtttiKttJt SOCIETY NOTES No doubt you are interested McGURK chestra. committee in charge of arrangements were ns follows: Louise Snyder, Wnchs, chairman, Tholmn Smith and Louise Voicrs, Gladys Dwight Hnmmcrslcy. Art, not just cloths East Main Street GIVE US A CALL 145 Millinery, Dresses, Coats, Silk Underwear for the College Girl FOR FRIDAY and SATURDAY We Are Headquarters New-baue- r, dresses just arrived from New'. York. SPECIALLY PRICED $10.00 New York Wholesale Millinery v ; 317-31- 9 W. MAIN I VV t n TJ J X IG J.X J V C KJ "H I D. Morris and O'Sullivan Rubber Heels 50c StrM&& 209 E. Main Goodyear KY$A LEXINGTON, College Musicians All Meet at the Shop of Friendly Service Tho Mi 1C1S SUPPLIES NEXT TO THE KENTUCKY THEATER INK MRS. EVA THOMAS' PENS PENCILS TABLETS Mr. Hughes also attended the uni versity where he was a member of Don't Foro-fiMother on Mothnr's Dav and That .WeS Have Special Attractive Boxes For That Occasioivffl t THEME-PAD- S Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. After spending a few days the young couple will return to Lexing ton where they will make their home. Alpha Xi Banquet Founders' day in the Alpha Xi Delta sorority was observed by a delightful banquet Saturdny evening at the La fayette hotel. The decorations were baskets con taining the pink rose of Alpha Xi and place cards carrying out the rose design. Following the annual .custom of Xi chapter in presenting an Alpha .Xi Delta jewelled pin to the pledge having the highest standing, Miss Margaret Grider was given the award, Miss Eleanor Ballantine making the presentation. The following girls were present at the banquet: Misses Eleanor Ballantine, Elizabeth Morris, Louise Atkins, Anna Louise Wise, Katherine Brown, Mrs. T. A. Ballantine, Virginia Bak er, Mrs. Kicliaru Hopkins, ftciith Moore, Helen Brewer, Mary Elizabeth Luxon, Lois Pearl, Marshall ' Paull, Mrs. Melford Berry, Mrs. C. C. Haley, Misses Margaret Jennie Mahan, Gridei', Austin Lilly, Frances White, Mrs. Irma .Bain, Lyda Andei'son, Newt McConathy, Misses Dora Ed wards, Frances Montgomery, Mary Louise Marvin, Zelma Hall, Geraldine X- For High Class Shoe Repairing Best Sewed Half Soles $1.25 STUDENT Miss Beulah Stillwell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Stillwell, of .Lex ington, and Mr. George Edwin Hughes, of Repton, were married Saturday morning in Paris by Rev. D. B. Crockett. Mrs. Hughes is graduate of the University of Kentucky and of the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. She is a member of Kappa Delta sorority and of Phi Beta, honorary music so CANDl -l A xt rk w A . for r, O'BRIEN Go To PERSONALS rority. Lovely selections of fresh crisp kJ active chapter with a bridge Friday afternoon from 2 until 6 'clock nt the Lafayette hotel. Stillwell-Hughe- s SPECIAL C! Alphi XI Alumni Entertains The Alumni association of the Alphi) Xi Delta fraternity entertained the Palmer, Edith Farmer, Prcwitt, Laura Belle Smith, Margaret Gooch, Nellie Clay Corbin, Virginia Bocook, Irene Cullis, Virginia Robinson, Virginia Heizer, Frances Stev enson, Nell Farmer, Hallie Day Bach. Pledges: Miss Irene Brummitt, Grace Alverson, Hazel Hughes, Emma Eugenia Money, Dorothy Staet-leElizabeth Yarbough and Dee Worthington. For LUNCHES The The university classes for men and women at tho First Methodist Church Elizabeth will entertain Friday evening, April COHEN SHOP in Apparel of qient the week) end np-- f Dorothy AT frnm fl in 11 o'clock. Bronddus, Cosby, Louise I P.ii liniian Hubbard, Annn Welsh Hughes, Dornr. and Mrs.Vrnnk Th" othy Schenk, Alice Knoble, Nnncy the affair and will arrange entertain-- 1 orchestra will ...h., Thursdav for Iul3' The church Wood, Ruth McDonald, Shelby Diet- ment. ion, the Kentucky Educate rich, Sara Collopy, Knthcrinc For-syth- c, furnish niuAic. Mildred Forsythe. Mr. S. A. Holes ts in charge of the cintioti meeting and Mrs. ! men's class, and Mr. J. T. Sutton of i attend' tho luncheon given Sophomore Dance the Kentucky hotel by nlur the women's. Tflic Sophomoro class sntertnined Mr. Tom Bnllnntine of Louisville various eastern colleges. with tho annual sqphom' rc cotillion, Snturday afternoon jn the gymnasium from 3 to G o'clock. & The programs were white booklets with blue lettering. Music was furna, ished by th Kentucky Kernel's or- Parcel Post Service i TYPEWRITER PADS LOOSE LEAF FILLERS Canary Cottage LOOSE LEAF NOTE BOOKS In Charge of Mrs. Mary Webber . NOTE MEMO PADS POUND PAPER NOTEj-CLSIZE UB CORRESPONDENCE CARDS COMPLETE ASSORTMENT BOX PAPER SHEAFFER and PARKER PENS PRICES REASONABLE LEXINGTON DRUG COMPANY rmm University Cafeterij meals served, on the campus, every school day. 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