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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 23, 1926

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KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGICF. then I began to got suspicious. At! the meeting nil the officers in turn nrosc and gave us the same speech only in different words, all being like this: MiM by "Women students, upholders of the atnmlnrds of the university, it grieves us very much thnt some of you aren't Time for me to do n little keeping the rules of course, most of Here we have them don't matter, they are put In crabbing myself. for you folks th0 book to fill up the paces, and so started a column we can show visitors we have rules, to ir e t your complaints nircd but this rule about automoblling is out in public, and after a spnsmodic meant to be serious, not ornnniental. attempt at contributing, you get tired LUCILE COOK of the effort and slack up. Come on spring wenther we lmvo occasionally. One of the girls in this assembly now, nnd jar loose. This column isn't CAUGHT IN THE ACT fifteen minutes in every 330 hours) (and we are looking right nt her) my own edification. just It is for What with every one coini? buzz ha i been caught out riding about 1) you, for I am merely the machine to nnd Well, there's xcrtninly plenty of ex- buzz, buzz, and all the pitchers, big o'clock in the evening with n young keep It in order. Perhaps the name citement nround this here enmpus. nnd little, having large hearing org pentlcman. To be more explicit, they Perhaps, It's duo to the nice, wnrm ans, not to mention n certain nmiend were about three quarters of a mile is npt to give the wrong impression pike, when the of the idea of the column. Don't think age in their mouths, I've been about out Nicholasvillc you have to do a lot of griping as excited as girls used to get when county patrol turns them Lexington-war- d that your letters published. What because they claim the young to get up. SHOE SHOP they first put their hairany mnn was driving with one hand, this column is for, is to give you a However, I didn't do Sherlock while with the other, he held the chance to discuss pro nnd con, the good and bad points of life. One rcg ing, not even after .that women's young lady's hand." convocation we had, but when they ular contributor is doing his stuff. When they got that far, I was so Here he is again. You go to your hnd all us Pat hnll girls to n Wo shocked I was about to leave. ImagAn clnsscs so sleepy you're dense. men's Student Government meeting. ine being thnt far out a pike and citrht o'clock class is a pest. You take holding hands! Disgraceful, I calls off your coat, lean back in your scat, it. and tlecide that you'll have some rest. "In order to punish tno young lady," You go to sleep. No trouble at all. went on the voice, "we are going to In fact it's almost a shame. You're teach her not to act so unwisely again snoring away, and enjoying life, when by "cailipusing" her for a month. Re speaking your you' hear someone member, no mutter how glorious the name. You ve heard your name, n.oor, nor how thrillingly mysterious no doubt about that, but it's the the pike, or how enticing the evening professor's voice. He's speaking loud, or the sport roadster, and no matter but you were asleep. And still you how attractive the man, don't go out heard the noise! Gosh! ain't it fierce? automobiling or the goblins will (in I can sympathize with the contrib the form of the patrol) git you, If you utor in his dilemma. I've been there, Don't Watch Out! Perhaps I wasn't snoring, but I was Well, I left that meeting with a surely asleep, and suddenly I awoke firm resolve not to go driving even to the" fact that Dr. Jennings had with one of the Pilgrim fathers, and I could toss called on me. All fact I tells Akkie as much, and at him was, "I didn'tthat understand quite adds what I think of a girl what your question." I won't say what would hold hands. "Ain't it just his answer was. awful," I says, "what's this genera "Tell me, please, just what reason tion coming to?" Akkie said nothing. She just sat there was fev that bloomin Prof, to and looked funny. Was it Akkie? send his wife to give us a test when Ye gods, it was Akkie! Akkie, the he was sick and couldn't be there? Why did he have to punish us because one who held hands! he had a light attack of indisposition? oo Was there any reason why we should' 'Dreams Dear Son: How come you asked n't enjoy ourselves at such a time? G. CRAMER, me lor only twenty-hv- e dollars .' I I see no other reason for sickness in know that's not enough, so I'm doub the faculty than to give the poor, (?) students a vacation ling it No, I don't want your fraternity once in a while. And the worst of it he sent his wife. It wouldn't pin. i have one man s pin ana one is was that have been so much like rubbing it in enough. to an if he had gotten another instructor to The registrar is pleased do it for him, but to send his wife! I nounce that a new system of registration has been devised whereby all red already have plans laid for his punishment. I think I will defer it until tape is eliminated. Shut the door, Jim, if the Prof. after this semester is over, though." Now you see what one history stuhears the bell he'll stop talking and we'd rather listen to him than go to dent thinks. I could say the same thing for a certain education class, lunch. What of it if you are broke? It'f too, only the Prof, wasn't sick. He not your money I want, dear, it's youv was out of town, so he had another instructor take the class, and we had Boston Beanpot. such a nice time discussing expendioo tures, expenses, cost, and so on. And She "Stop." we worked the cutest little problem. He "This is no boulevard." Grrrrr. Washington Dirge. I'd really like to publish more than two contributions in an issue, but if you won't send in more than two, I can't do it. Just get a little ambiLEXINGTON CLOAK tious, and write down some time what you have to object to. It won't & SUIT CO. take but'a few minutes, and it will do you a lot of good to get it off of your 343 W. MAIN chest, and it will do me a lot of good to get some more help for this column. Several of the contributions have been I just periods in a long discourse. J u s t unpacked a large couldn't use them, because they were shipment of Sport Dressabout something of which I knew es. In all sizes at a low lotting women nn. Ski. THE CRAB SESSION OIJIHREIk THE CRAB FOOD ' DIXIE ALL SHOES $3 P. 0. rtow?"-Mi- into i r Glas 1 Hox 21!)3 Correct Student ' DR. C. W. HIJRKE nott'.ing. So if you haven't scon your own pet kick In horo, write It again! more fully and I will be glad to use it. 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