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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 23, 1926

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

fTT" a ivfcJ Will Come Here For Game Tuesday II It Id LI J - ; . I ERVICTORY INSPIRATION with the Otieen Citv lonm. tlm Went! ... Mr... rcLUiH.'ll III III .'Kill illlll ....!... II L'V thing, cnusiiiR the indefinite post n ,c. ment of the frame. With the hoys in better form right now than they hnve been in past seaSocoiul sons atbo this time of the yei,r they able to turn back ti, Bears, should to a tf d Strn. 'Ut U'ji at xpense of ' Qitc'e Aggregation; "JkJ' in' Races a PI Hues 1 VI ! I UI EEN FROM TH RESS BO provided, however, that the'- piny up to the form that they displayed npainst the Georgetown Tigers Inst ! X cunnt, ending the scoring for both nnd Kills did quite well for the Blues. ti'nms. The gnmc ended with the hnll Housemother "I wouldn't smoke if1 in possession of the Green team on its I were ydu, girls." line. own Girls "Heck, you couldn't." Tex- The work of Mohney nnd (Jllb stood out for the Greenies while Ott, King as Ranger. By E OQOVEft I am pleased lo announce the addition of Tom Cochran, of Snturday afarnoon. Marion, Ky to the sport staff of Tlie Kernel and sorry to announce exhibition wtlj inspiring the resignation of Stanley Roysc, who has heen made proofreader. This ,, enough for most nny fan and rCoach'Frcd Murphy's Wildcats will locnl people thnt Kentucky showed will be n "No space," the boss says. "No bunk," I say. Therefore leot the University of Cincinnnti factor in the baseball race in the we're mutual, so please excuse tho briefness of this column this tearcnta in iho next homo pnmc here South this season. week. vesdny afternoon. contest of the PATRONIZE THE KERNEL . though the opening I suppose everybody lias seen the sign down on the window of ,'V&U-f- r B'llct; ws scheduled AD FRTISERS Weil, the shop next to The Tavern. No "KAUFMAN CLOTHING CO. SLICKERS" t t ALL MAKES J. A. Vor.dcrllnnr W. C. Stagg POOR TIGERS! The manner in which the Wildcats sat the Georgetown Tigers on their lieads out on Stoll field last Saturday afternoon is enough to warrant something much better than a last place club in the FOR SALE OR KENT Southern Conference this season. Although Kentucky has not, SPECIAL RENTAL RATES fO STUDENTS as yet, played a conference game, they should be victorious in the GAihE POSTPONED :iRST P. B. ROBARDS PRESSING Dealer: L. C. Smith -- telephone & Bros. typewriter Typewriter Co. OPP. COUilT HOUSE HfeSS?1 tttlttlttIT SOUTHERN RAILWAY maioritv of them if they pcrfonn as insniringly as they did against Georgetown. Kentucky will entertain the Cincinnati Bearcats here next Tuesday afternoon and our boys ai o eager to register their second win at the expense of the good team from Ohio Skinner twirled a mighty fine game in his first start although a trifle wild. Bradbury, the first man up, got a questionable sin gle off him and from here on he bald the enemy at bay without a SYSTEM LEXINGTON THE INEVITABLE GRIPING Although our track team lost to Vandy, there is no disgrace in the defeat as some of the pessimists of the campus have thought and said since the boys' return from Nashville If some would come out and try, instead of griping about those who do try and fail, the University of Kentucky would be better off, it appears to me TO And here's a funny headline : DAMMED RIVER FORMS VERY BEAUTIFUL LAKE And if I were that newspaper I'd be ashamed of myself. ALL POINTS IN THE North, East, South and West We were talking about the up and down style of capitalization the local papers the other morning and took the word "univer sity" as an example. "The university is down on "The Lexington Herald," I re marked. "And so's Frank Norris," soliloquised some wise bird. of our patrons 'For descriptive literature, tickets, reservations or further information, communicate with KING W. H. CLINKINBEARD nger Agent City Ticket Agent 3ast Main Street, LEXINGTON, KY. I heard they performed an operation on the local papers the other night. But I'll be darned if I can see any change in them at least they didn't miss any issues. "That's the fly in the ointment," remarked the trainer of the Yankees as Ruth's long home run Tuesday landed in the can of liniment. Clothes for College Men More than 450 courses in History. Enclish. Mathematics. Chemistry, Zoology, Modern Languages, Economics, Philosophy, Sociology, etc., are given by correspondence. Learn how the credit they yield may be applied on your collert! program. Catalog describing courses fully, furnished on request. Write today. djc Untoerfirttp Which reminds me the races irk Suits : J CHICAGO, ILLINOIS With Two Pairs Pants (By TOM COCHRAN) Spring football practice was broughMo an end at the University of Kentucky Tuesday afternoon when two picked teams, consisting of university men, clashed in a game on Stoll field. The two elevens emerged with honors even after a struggle that lasted nearly two hours. The score was 12 to 12. The Green team, led by Pisgah Ma- loney, seemed in the early stages to be better than the Blue, led by Jimmie Pence. The Greenies had things going their way during the first half but the foe came back in the second pe riod and outplnyed them. The Greenies were tkv first to score. Early in the first period Knadler, Blue quarterback, attempted to punt, the ball striking one of his own men. It in's Suits, these, right up to the minute The lines are smart, the fabrics fine, ..ttterns attractive and they're all value. in and see them SOON. H.C. "HANK" ADAMS, Campus Rep. Co. Graddy-Rya- n Incorporated 140 WEST MAIN STREET 152 South CLEANING PRESSING AND Phone 1550 Lime QUALITY AND SERVICE NOTICE To University Students The Musical Festival Rendered by the Central Kentucky Choral Society, the University of Kentucky cooperating, wilL be held at the Woodland Auditorium on the start tomorrow Evenings of May 4th and 5th Students of the university may secure .tickets without cost, at the university bookstore on the dates, April 27th, 28th, and 29th. After these dates tickets will be available only at regular price. The Elijah will be rendered at 8:15 p.m. May 5th. Artists Concert of Popular Music on May 4th he T avern was recovered by the Green team and on the first play Jenkins went through the line 10 yards for a touchdown The Maloneymen almost immediately followed this up with another. The Blues kicked off to Phinps who brought the ball back to the 35 yard line. On the next play, Mohney took a pretty pass from Jenkins and sprinted 50 yards for a score. The Blue scored late in the second quarter when King intercepted a pass and ran 75 yards for a touchdown. The score at the end of the first half was. 12 to G in favor of the Greenies In the third quarter, with the ball in the Blue team's possession on their opponent's strip, Ott made a series of line plunges and went over for the touchdown that knotted the The Orange Front LOCATION NEW ALL NEW EQUIPMENT Commercial Rent-A-Fo- rd 134 E. SHORT STREET $10.00 I FREE ie College Home Meals ar WE -- HATS Special Price Uniforms Dry Cleaned $1.00. (This includes the whole outfit). We will call for and deliver them. Tobacco NEW YORK HAT CLEANERS AND E THIS YOUR MEETING PLACE Lime K The name of Kaufman's new store by the Tavern selected from names suggested by the students university, and a prize of ?10 in merchandise given to the ppison submitting the name which used. Mail an'suggestions in at once, as they must be received not later than April 30th to be counted. Suggestions may be mailed to the Kaufman Clothing Company, attention Publicity Department. All suggestions will be numbered in the order in which they are received, and in case more than one person suggests the name chosen, the first .one submitting this name will get the prize. will be of the will will be for both men and women. Change them into the newest shapes and return them thoroughly cleaned and just like new. Sandwiches Fountain-- RE-BLOC- Phone 2386 i SHOE SHINE PARLOR A Phone 3725-- if V Ad ! In Merchandise ieons--Regul- I PARRISH & BROMLEY DRY GREENS AND BLUES TIE; GRID PRACTICE ENDS $40 $45 . of Cfjtcago OO ELLIS HALL Ye wheekums! ' ALTERING 216 S. Limestone Get Extra Credits at Home on Cincinnati, New Orleans, Jacksonville The Carolinas and St. Louis iedules arranged to suit the convenience BOYS' TAILOR . hit. DIRECT LINE FROM f COLLEGE , Phone 929 TYPE WRITERS STANDARD 1 KERNEL KENTUCKY f ' im mum in, 112 W. Main IHMUKIK KAUFMAN CLOTHING CO. (Incorporated) "LEXINGTON'S LEADING STORE"