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7 > Image 7 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 23, 1926

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KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE SEVEN Cat Trackmen Lose to Vanderbilt, 68 to 49 Conch Murphy used in players, every man on the squad getting n chance to show his wares. Five pitchers offered their slants to the Tigers during the course of the game, and allowed the Scott aggregation only three hits. Captain Riffo led the hitting, with Kentucky Pitchers Hold Miller, Vossmcyer, Anderson, Skinner, Five Tigers to Three Hits and Win and close ochind him, the First Ball Gamo of Season ; latter two with perfect percentages Riflfe Leads Hitters hradbury accounted for two of Georgetown's safeties. BRADBURY GETS TWO HITS The Harvard seniors have no com By driving out a deluge of 13 hits, pulsory drill, no compulsory chapel including n homo run by Captnin Itiffe, and no compulsory classes. We cx pect any day to read of n Harvard the Wildcats put to rout the Georgemovement for the abolition of compul town Tigers and defeated them to the sory payment of tuition fees. On, on tune of 10 to 0 here last Snturdny. for freedom! WILDCATS DEFEAT TIGERS 10 TOO Everybody Welcome to Our NewStore B. B. Smith & Co. Extends to every one a cordial invitation to the opening of their new store at 264 W. Main Street. Extensive preparations have been made to make our store a delightful place to shop. The Summer's newest Coats, Dresses, Suits, Hats and accessories have been gathered from the Fashion Marts and a handsome array of Women's and Misses' Apparel awaits you OUR PRICES remain at their traditional moderate lead in fact right now as a sort of celebration of the opening you'll find some very special prices. FIRST FLOOR FROCKS HOSIERY LINGERIE SECOND COATS FLOOR MILLINERY REST ROOM B. B. Smith & Co. 201 W. Main 'BETTER 4 VALUES Street FOR LESS" 'To Your Health and Happiness" GESS TIES S. C. MARK FOR HALF 'EM FIVE-TIMIN- Georgetown AB. R. II Bradbury, ss f Harrod, Sattcrlce, 3b Fisher, 3b 4 Griffin, p Dickcrson, cf. Rahc, If Bnrnes, lb . Wnrd, rf Vorhics, 2b 3 4 (By C. M. DOWDEN) 1 3 1 .2 Blair, c 4 2 2 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 The Kentucky track team, accompanied by Coach Ray Eklund and 29 0 Totals Mnnngcr Woods, went to Nnshville Kentucky Saturday and under n broiling southern sun lost the initial meet of the AB. R. year to Vanderbilt, the final score Miller, lb 2 being 1 4 Alberts, ss 3 0 Smith, 2b 4 Riffc, cf 2 Vosnmcydr, If 4 2 .4 Anderson, rf Croft, 3b entire team was unable to register a point. Fast time predominated in all track events, though some of the field performances were hardly up to stand ard. Partly soothing the sting of Ken tucky's defeat were the brilliant performances of Brady, Root and Gess. Brady lived up to a rep utation of being the best track man in the South by annexing 20 points, takings first in the pole d vault and dash, second in both hurdles, and tying with Roberts, of Vanderbilt, for broad-jum- p honors. In Bill Gess, the University of Ken tucky possesses a track man with a future. After running second in the quarter, Gess captured the half, ne gotiating the distance in faster time than it had ever before been traveled on the Vanderbilt track. His time was clocked at 2:02.2, tieing the South ern conference record for the distance Root took both hurdle events easily, and shows promise of developing into one of the best men in these tests in the country. The following men made the trip: Brown, Brame, Akin, Creech, Brady, Gess, Root, Coons, Kirkendall, Anglin, Tracy and Dowden. The summaries: dash Brady, Kentucky, first; Chesney, Vanberbilt, second. 4 1 Adams, 3b Crouch, 3b Ericson, c . . Derrick, c Schulte, c Skinner, p Bach, . 2 0 2 1 2 2 0 p .0 Bartel, p Clark, p Wert, p 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 PO. A. 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 2 2 0 1 1 2 1 0 0 0 11 0 0 4 3 24 1 II. 0 5 0 0 0 0 France-wa- 8 0 4 3 3 1 1 1 () () m 1 1 An 11 PO. A. 2 0 2 2 2 0 1 0 0 Stolen bases Miller 2, Riffe, Ericson. Left on bases Georgetown 8; y 10. Rases on balls -- off Griffin 35 Totals 10 13 27 8 2 3; oil' Bach I ; oil' Clark ; ofi Bartel 1 ; Batted for Bach in fifth. oir Wert 1. Struck out by Griffin 3; Halted for Clark in seventh. by Clark 1; by Wert 1. Hits ofi SkinScore by innings: in 4 innings; off Bach 0 in 1; ner Georgetown 000 000 000 0 off Wert 1 in 2. oft" Earned runs Kentucky ioi 30x 10 Griffin 7. Wild pitches Bach, GrifHomo run Riffo. Two base hits fin. Balk Bach. Winning pitcher Vossmcyer, Alberts. Sacrifice hits Skinner. Passed balls HInir, SchulHarrod, Smith 2, Riffo, Crouch, Croft. te. Time 2:00. Umpire Hcber. ' 2b-r- Brady Makes 20 of 25 Possible Points ; Performance of Root Is Outstanding 'Rumbcrger 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 4 2 0 0 0 0 CHANGE OF MANAGEMENT We Will Appreciate Your Patronage And Endeavor to Please You. 0 0 0 0 nouncing 2 1 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 Here's the game and all Baseball now has call. Mr. Never-grow-u- 1 0 1 Students Barber Shop 0 0 1 for one got J. T. SHUCK, Manager the Kozy Korner Next Door to Kentucky Theater We Have Stationery The right sort of baseball supplies will help you to develop a winning streak, Mr. Toilet Articles Candy Tobacco Captain-of-the-tea- d Fountain Drinks of All Kinds We have one of the Best Fountains in Town. Candies We Manufacture Our Own Candies and Ice Cream. We Deliver anywhere in the city. Our Parcel Post Service Reaches Everywhere. Time: 10 5 seconds. Mile run A. II. Smith, Vanderbilt, first; Van Order, Vanderbilt,' second. Time 4.49. 220-yard dash Blake, Vanderbilt, first; Chesney, Vanderbilt, second. Time :23 d high hurdles Root, Kentucky, first; Brady, Kentucky, second. Time :15 440-yard dash Blake, Vanderbilt, first; Gess, Kentucky, second. Time, 152 W. MAIN (Incorporated) PHONE 249 wwwv STARTING TOMORROW Modern Fountain in Town Masks, $1. BURKE'S Stockings, $1 SPORT SHOP pair. Bicycles, Sporting Goods, Athletic Supplies 128 N. Limestone St., Lexington R. L. POTTS, Proprietor ttucrtm:tttttttttt:tt:ttmn:utttttttK:ttttttt?mtmtnm:iKu:mm Terrill, Vanderbilt, first; Wilson, Vanderbilt, second. Time 10. oo. AU-i- low hurdles -i Big Sale Evmt of John Holland Fountain Pens and Eversharp Pencils Root, Kentucky, first; HoofV, Vanderbilt, second. Time, 2:02 Pole vault Brady, Kentucky, first; Nance, Vanderbilt, second. Height: 11 feet, 5 inches. Shot put Bryan, Vanderbilt, first; Keen, Vanderbilt, second. Distance 38 feet, 1 inch. High jump Coons, Kentucky, first; Chesney, Vanderbilt and R. Smith, Vanderbilt, tied for second place. Height 5 feet, 5 inches. Discus Peterson, Vanderbilt, first; Anglin, Kentucky, second. Distance 111) feet, 3 inches. Broad jump B r a d y, Kentucky, Roberts, Vanderbilt, tied for first place. Distance 21 feet, 9 inches. $1.00 and of Van Fit ICE BARRYMORE CR5M .TO OUR HOUSE AHD4 wat- - SOON .88 $1 Here you are boys and girls a tremendous sale offering of 500 Wahl Eversharp Pencils and John Holland Fountain Pens at SI. 00 Each Your favorite pen and pencil, at a price that has been made possible through a special purchase, and which brings to you the best pen and pencil on the market at a most reasonable price , tea m eacj Set Peterson, Vanderbilt, first; Distance Creech, Kentucky, second. 1G8 feet, 3 inches. Mile relay Vanderbilt Jones, Benjamin, Gibson Order, first. Time 3:34 JOHN BE r1heRe SI. 00 Each The John Holland Pens are guaranteed absolutely for one year have 14 karat gold pen points, iridium tipped clip and ring style $2.00 and 2.75 values. The Wahl Eversharp Pencils are nickel trimmed, the best the market affords. Pen and Pencil for Sl.SS Pen and Pencil Dixie is made from the purest materials obtainable. 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