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8 > Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 23, 1926

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE EIGHT ;......, ...... ............ . mt .,--.- MMm.mmmmmt.mmmttttHm , ffiSSSS'iSr "KMS4Fat PLAZA RESTAURANT Given Every Saturday Near Short Street Nnrtli to A CIpaii Plar.p I .imp llttmmttmmmffliimtfflimtmfflmfflmit PICADOME HANDS KITTENS DEFEAT The advertisements for the student Icating liquors, but thus far no definite DESCRIBES KERNEL KENTUCKY TEAM MEETS edition of The Hernhl will be under ARIZONA IN DERATE plans hnve been made. RANQUET FOR READERS the management of James Shropshire, present, business manager of The KerONE) (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) STUDENTS WHO WILL EDIT nel, and who will bu assisted by The TO MEET MONDAY) HERALD Kernel advertising staff, Hunter Moobest to make them tools correspond ratty, nnd John Y. Drown, nil of the y "WvVSoo (CONTINUED PROM PAGE Sheriff Konda Holds Freshmen to Three Hits and Wins Game, 10 to 3 at High School Field ; Frosh .Tim SMITH j Jay John Cnstlc Warren with the number of courses nnd come out oven, but when the war was over, I had two forks, one knife, and four spoons left over. 1 figured tncy wns just extra in case you dropped .some on the floor. Mary Lair Has Lead Stars Not in Lineup University of Kentucky. (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) Professor Sutherland also said that a debate is being planned which will coo Clnxon, Jewell Hays, Maria nnd Clnud Shouse nnd Charles hnve as Its subject the modification of the laws prohibiting the sale of intox- - Cook, of Georgetown College. Miss Marv Lair, who takes the fem inine lend, is a sophomprc in. the Col Morris Slarls Fireworks MEET CUBS TOMORROW lege of Arts nnd Sciences nnd a member of the Kanna Kanna Gamma so Morris started the fireworks nftcr oration on defeat nt the rority. Last year she took the part. a while with a Smarting under a hands of the Picadome High school nt of May Dexter in the Stroller, play what a good paper we turned out who hns while ho wns managing editor, nnd, Mr. Hamniel, Picadomn Tuesday afternoon, Coach "Fifty-fifty.- " Hnnspn's Kitten basehall team entered the leading masculine role, is n while he didn't think it could bo im in the College of Commerce. proved upon, he wished the new outfit their practice sessions with vim out Last year he attended Washington and lots of luck. Then Morris announced on Woodland Park field Wednesday t i.o University. Although this is his n.nt lie wns toastmaster nnd would Mill Thursday. Roads, Picadome pitcher, held the first year with the Strollers, Mr. Ham introduce the next speaker. So Mor exfrosh to three hits while Hansen used niel has had considerable dramntic ris gave another speech lnlroducin iiWi'liprn. This season he has played the next speaker, and then we heard Kreilimr. Roper, and perience. was Jack in two Romany plays and he is in the the next speaker which n vain otl'ort to curb lb ttiiilcli' in ' Slttiick. Eiirllt of cant of the "Beggar on Horseback" Warren. .iiiwiiiaiiIu' Pimdmiii'M runs were scored in th which will be presented by the Eng Jack rose upon his hind legs and lipped over a water pitcher and says "second inning when Roper, freshman lish department. . . . i V II.. ..i He oba luirler, was unocKcu om. m uiv "Tubbv." Warren is nn old Stroller he was glad to be with us. Polo !it first huso, and Wilson, at thin nnd played in "The Thirteenth Chair." serves that Morris was as useless as imn. nlnvcd the best came for the Outside of Mr. Warren and Miss Lair ever in the capacity oi lousuiiuaiui, no need Kittens. all the members of this years cast secin' that there hadn't been Cnneh Hansen started the season are serving their first year with the if a toastmaster since the Lightcentli Then he congratulated Amendment. with 40 candidates and has since cut Strollers. us on securin' his services as business the squad to 2G. However, a largi Philin Rusch and Al Wiemann, pres manager last year nnd hoped the new niimhui' nf freshmen have been prac of the tinimr snrlntr football and have been ident nnd director respectively one would be just as good. iinnblp. to renort for baseball. In this Strollers, are considering several of Then Morris made anotlier speecn fers from other towns to present "Ice about what a fine speech Jack had group are such outstanding athletes bound" there. They expect to present made, and announced that he would as Knadler, Portwood, Gilb and bias iVin Onera house nlnv nt the incfinin who renorted Wednesday. the next speaker, and introduce The Kittens play their next game sometime between May 12 and M. made a long speech about the next Saturday against Georgetown on the speaker. home field, and they are expected to When Morris's speech was over present u much better team, new can- Zoology Kyle Whitehead got up and said that mention it in didates and more practice being their Morris had forgot Women his speech hut he wasto the next speakWill Be Open new claim to greatness. er. Morris wanted to make another Dr. Allen Will Be in Charge speech of apology to Whitey, but Kyle MAVFIAY P.T,TT!r.TTONS TO of the Laboratory at nvs he thought Warren never would BE HELD WEDNESDAY Quicksand get through talkin' and there wasn't started no need of gettnr Morris (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) The women of the university will be again. Admitted to the laboratory of the de Mourns for Departing Seniors its pledging services at its dance. nartment of zoology of the university Whitey lamented the fact that the Will Have Parade year after In the afternoon a gigantic parade at Quicksand, this year, for the first seniors were departing this Fra time sinco its onening. This work is lmvine- heen with us only six or seven will be staged through town, ternitios. sororities, and other organi an annual event of the zoology depart years. He says that he had watched lias wasn't no reason Mrs. zations will have floats in this parade ment, and spend V. D. Funkhouser lab us closely, and thereget along just as whv wo shouldn't six weeks at the nnd nrizes will be awarded by the bu acreed to we kept Ky circle for the prettiest and the oratory as an official chaperone for well as we had been doin' if on doin' the same way we had been most comical floats. The parade win the girls. The work at the laboratory this doin'. despite the fact that he would lend nn to the enmnus where the of year. ficial crowning of the May Queen will summer will be in charge of Dr. Wil- n't be there to watch us next Morris, who seemed to be the princi circle will not liam R. Allen, associate professor in take place. The its dance on May Day this year zoology. The teaching of field work, iinl sneaker of the evenin,' made some 50 or GO but will give it the following Friday as well as the survey of that moun- more speeches and introduced somenouy night, May 7, when the high school tain region, as yet unexplored from more speakers, and then the scientific point of view will be asks if there was anything else to eat. tournament will be on. Tn Tliirn Freshman Cans the points emphasized. The equipment It developed that there wasn't, and so A new feature will be introduced for the conducting of the experiments Morris was gettin' short of wind, into the Mav Day program this year is taken from the university, and the he introduced Professor Grehan as a At a meetinc of Omicron Delta Kappa 15,000 acres of land owned by the strivin' young cub who was tryin' to national campus leaders' honorary university as well as the privately get along the best he could. Youngster Gives Advice fraternity, it was decided to inaugur owned land in this region is open to This voungster says that it was his ate this year the custom of burning the scientists. wasn't any freshman cans on the first day of May Last year scientists from other humble opinion that there rudiNo freshman will be allowed to burn states visited the laboratory, and were of us that had got beyond the ments of journalism, but the first a new cap and as he throws his sky- - much impressed with the work. forty years was the hardest, and if nippp on the fire he will cct a receipt, w. lived lone- enough, there was These receipts will be collected and hone. in this manner a check will be obtain ENGINEERS TO LEAVE speech Morris ed of those who have worn their frosh ON INSPECTION TRIP Mjlin'a made another declared (but the tiie use, and man cans durinir the year. (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) meeting adjourned. We wandered out This year the burning of the through the. lobby, and departed for cans takes place immediately our respective abodes. It was a right following the festivities on the camp Bullock Works of the In the late noble affair, and I ain't had so much us. A bonfire will be prepared on Manufacturing company. Stoll field and all who desire may go afternoon the party plans to move to fun since grandma broke her leg. the Hotel Gibbons, Dayton, Ohio. and watch the fun. Thursday will be spent at the Na- R.O.T.C. FIELD DAY WILL RTC HELD HERE MAY 26 RNOTNRERING STUDENTS tional Cash Register company. McCook Kield and the Dayton Rub.HERE NOTED SPEAKER ber Manufacturing company will be (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) inspected on Friday, and Saturday the morning will be spent nt the plant for especial proficiency, and a banquet At 2 and dance will be given lor the newiy vocations are difficult, and require a of the Delco Light company. reserve officers by the lone- steadv climb before succes is o'clock in the afternoon the busses commissioned l pvinirton chanter of the Reserve Of established. Opportunities are oiler will start back to Lexington. ficers Association of Central Kentucky Ten Men Go South ed in all businesses and the successful man is the one who recognizes them Sunday, April 25, 10 men in the at the Lafayette hotel at ( o'clock on he said. Failures often occur be engineering college will make the sev- the evening of May 20. The advanced course R. O. T. C. will cause "the eye is focused on obstacles enth annual southern trip under the rather than opportunities." direction of Professors C. S. Crouse, irive u smoker in honor of the War Mr. Driscoll asserted that too nianv D. V. Terrell and L. C. Robinson. Department board, and the company men made money an objective in life. They will reach Chattanooga Sunday sponsors are arranging a luncheon in He said that an engineer would be afternoon and make a trip to Lookout their honor on Thursday. of the The military department successful as an engineer only when Mountain. he considered his work above everyMonday, a special Pullman wil be university expects this field day to thing else. Many of his points were dropped at Sheffield, Ala., and the be the outstanding leature ot me miliillustrated by a description of the dif- party will visit the U. S. Nitrate plant tary year; and it is hoped tfiat this ficulties met in the construction of the No. and No, 2. They will also in- inunppt on will result lavorabiy ioi Woolworth and Equitable buildings in clude a trip to the Wilson dam and the local unit. Tuesday the New York of which he had charge. c plant. President McVcy Talks party will register at the Molton Ho- STUDENTS TO TAKE PART McVcy made a few re- tel at Birmingham. President The morning IN "ELIJAH" ORATORIO marks to the students and said the schedule includes trips through the requirements for a good engineer iron mines of the Tennessee Coal, (CONTINUED FROM PAGE SIX) were "loyalty, pcrseverence, enthusi- Iron and Railrond Co., and the Amerasm, and idealism." ican Cast Iron company, followed by "Elijah" by Prof. Carl Lamport, diCoke plant rector of music, University of KenThe program was concluded by the a trip to the The two parties will tucky. playing of several records on the new nt Pnivfinlfl. Brunswick Orthophonic machine, and then join and all visit the Fairfield Extensive preparations are being humorous remarks by Col. Morrow. work of the Tennessee Coal, Iron and made for this event, and arrangements have been made to broadcast the com Railroad Co, Tuesday evening a will be given the party by the plete program from the Louisville SENIORS ONLY WILL BE Courier-Journradio station WHAS ALLOWED DATES AT DANCE Birmingham Alumni Club. Other Trips Planned Wednesday morning alternative (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) One of trips have been arranged. affair by choosing these will bo through the Edgcwater VISIT partners from the junior and senior coal mine and central pumping plant Railof the Tennessee Coal, Iron and classes. Admittance cards will be issued road company, and the other will bo from the senior and junior class rolls through a cement plant. In the afterand will be carefully checked at the noon the party plan to visit the Ens-'eWorks of the Tennessee Coal, Iron door. Each card will bear the name AT and the class of the student presenting imil Railroad comnanv. Thursday will bo spent at Copper-villit. Friday at Ducktown, and Saatur-- , The place where the dance will be held has not been decided upon yet day, at Knoxvillo and vicinity, All but subcommittees on arrangements points of interest in these places will will report at the next meeting of the lie visited. The party will return to j, Lexington Sunday, May 2, 'senior committee Sunday, 10-- 3 Mid-dlet- dy, Fred Conn, Albert Klttengcr, Keffcr, E. L. Berry nnd Ronnld Poindestcr, of Georgetown College, nnd a number of students from the advertising class of Dr. Miner. long-wind- sopn-omo- I alllirP-illL- Field Work to - Su-K- y - TWO TROUSER COLLEGE SUITS -- for Sprin- g- Tailored in the College Man's manner and shown by this store exclusively in a variety of new and substantial Spring woolens and there's no extra cost for the extra trousers. $35 " 1 hydro-electrj- Snap brim Fancy band Spring Hats - - - $5 Grace-- College Oxfords - V - $6 ban-qu- SEE WINDOW DISPLAYS upper-classma- n BE' v- - Buck GRAVES, COX and CO. The Hut y "The College Man's Store"