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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 28, 1965

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

2 -- THE KENTUCKY KERNEL, Wednesday, April 28, 1965 Course Reevaluation Set A&S In Med, Ag, And General and CLASSIFIED ADS rot UNT FOR FOR RENT Furnished apartments. New, one bedroom, modern, alrcondltloned, with ceramic bath. Near UK. Days or Nights FOR SALE doors. Good condition. Call after Wednesday, April 28. 27A4t 255-41- 97 268-740- 5. 1. 81 FOR SALE Mobile home, FOR RENT Lance new double efficiency. Beautifully furnished for 4 persons. Two tile baths. Hotpolnt kitchen, alrcondltloned. Available May 1. Call 35x8, com- Homelte, two bedrooms, pletely furnished. Attractive yard. Owner graduating. Rea7. sonably priced. Call 27A4t 254-182- 8. FOR SALE 1958 Edsel Corsair, 2 door hardtop. Excellent condition. See to appreciate, $325, or 6. 27A4t make offer. Call FOR RENT New furnished efficiency. Alrcondltloned. On Transylvania Park near UK. 277-048- 1. May 254-793- Call 22Atf $100. 8. FOR RENT Furnished apartment for 3 or 4, two blocks from campus, for summer ' months only. Call 252-572- . 27A4t 6. 19S9 MOA, black, wire wheels, new interior. TransNo mission just overhauled. rust, engine excellent, $950. Call or see at 113 State St. 27A4t 278-28- 17 FOR RENT Apartment; sharp, one bedroom, furnished, to sub" TYPING let Near campus and town. Call 27A2t TYPING Fast, professional service. IBM pica. References: n, FURNISHED apartment for rent. Campbell, Ml. A. Style sheet. 60 cents per page. WilLiving room, bedroom, private liam Givens, shower bath, kitchen; utilities after 5. 17Ftf paid. Apply 260 South Limestone Street. 27A4t May-Augu- senior desires part time summer employment (approx. 25 hours per week). Experienced secretary. References. 6 pm. to Mrs. Fields, 252-947- 0, 27A4t pm. Students from who are interested in Karate and will attend UK fall after '65. Call Rick at WANTED ro 255-79- 7 FOR SALE 27A4t 0. GRADUATING 9 22Atf Available Student in Shawnee-tow- n for part time work in sales for the Broughton farm dairy. Commission basis, regulate own hours. Contact Tom Koledin, WANTED 252-165- 21A5t 277-048- 1948 Willys Jeep, drive. Aluminum top and 252-65- 252-959- WAMTTO 1ALI 28A2t pjn. 0. Tur-abi- Dr. Carpenter, who will step down as head of the department in July, said that biology courses "are spread all over campus and that these teachers never get to see one another" to discuss research projects. He said he was MISCELLANEOUS FOR RENT Modern NICE ROOM In private home, 3 room efficiency apartprovided to female student willment to sublet May ing to be companion to con31, $100 per month plus utilities. genial lady, hot more than 2 350 Linden Walk, call weekends per month when rest 28Alt of family away. Kitchen priviFOR RENT Two efficiency apts. lege may be arranged. Call 7. 277-362- living room bedroom combined. Kitchen, private bath. Newly 7. Fran Brannen, 299-464- 255-040- Phono 28A2t 5. FLOWERS For Any MICHLER FLORIST Dial 255-658- 254-15- TO.. Zoology 0 WALLACE BOOK SHACK CASIHI For your used textbooks ACHIEVEMENT! COME ON OVER WHERE THE SERVICE IS SUPER AND THE PRICE IS RIGHT 2nd WEEK! Wallace Book Shack JOHN FORD'S 46 . ' . '. . rot sau "' . mUULEEHUOEO E11H3 OULEM C2LGHES 1959 Sprite, new FOR SALE tires, fiberglass hood, new top. Good condition. Call ask for Cal Haskell. Leave phone 23A4t number. 255-296- Anatomy OF THE YEAR I ' SETJtfTE ON A IYET 28A3t Rooms. Females FOR RENT only. Kitchen privileges. Sheets furnished; laundry facilities. Call after 5:30 weekdays; any time weekends. 352 28A3t Linden Walk. LEXINGTON, KY. .. FROM CALL FOR RENT Summer living quarters with kitchen facilities. Contact Lambda Chi Fraternity Male students. $30 per month. House, 8031. TORE CO.- VINE ST. E. WALT DISNEY'S KIM STANLEY 'BEST ACTRESS Emergency Road Service" ur Is now offering you NOW! At 7:20 and 9:30 28A3t 2. 400 7 Occasion 5. . 252-712- AYLK 417 East Maxwell FOR RENT Furnished apartment, 2 spacious rooms on Transylvania Park, will accommo- date 2 women, only $80 per. month, all utilities furnished. OK GRILL Complete Automotive Service "24-Ho- 27A4t decorated. One rents for $45, one rents for $50. Water fur28A3t nished. CaU L! "optimistic" that many of these courses, particularly General Bot LOST Boys size 13B Weejun casuals. Lost In the vicinity of Please contact Haggln Hall. -- 255-818- CHAR-BROI- LOST 254-73- 10 266-802- penter, head of the Department of Zoology. st. 252-395- Call 39 Zoology, could any be combined. An old campus ruling permits the scheduling of two semesters of biology to be taken in place of zoology and lotany. But such a course would probably not be offered until the fall of 1966, Dr. Carpenter said. Courses in botany and zoology such as the ones now offered would be available in addition to biology, he said. A Ktiulv and reevaluation of tlic various biology courses taught in (he colleges of medicine, agriculture and arts and sciences will be conducted during the 1965-6- 6 academic year with the hope that these courses can be combined, according to Dr. John M. Car- - EILEEET EOULHLm"ja JULIE EEL E10 " ANDREWS -- J DICK VAN DYKE 385 S. Limestone at Euclid OPENING May 3, from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday thru Saturday (tune in the Beatles on KEKXEDY tii man Iudhimii mm umm mv, JJEUC2UT SKI tmM April 28, 8 p.m.) V WI3 mm 0. feat WLEX-T- TECHNICOLOR am row NLVKOi HELD OVER 2nd WEEK The $foflai The unconventional GLENN FORD Presents love affair that began at a and THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY'S OWN 6ERALDINE PAGE in "DEAR A MARTIN convention in New . , York XqCv M AN U LIS Product y FRIDAY 3 p.m. to 823 EUCLID AVE. 6 ALSO I p.m. UilUIM L - JH Mir-'ui-ri- in CHEVY CHASE Li I Metro (xjlJwyn Mjf and Sevw Aits Pioductions presentation ' .i l