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8 > Page 8 of Bibliotheca Americana : catalogue of a valuable collection of books and pamphlets relating to America ; with a descriptive list of Robert Clarke & Co's historical publications. (vol. 2)

America and United &watea. [S CLARKE & Co. 173 Henry (John J.) Account of Arnold's Campaign against Quebec, and of the Hard- ships and Sufferings of that Band of Heroes who traversed the Wilderness of Maine from Cambridge to the St. Lawrence, in the Autumn of 1775. Map. 12mo. cloth, un- cut, pp. 198. Albany, 1877. 2 00 174 Henry (John Joseph). An Accuirate and Interesting Account of the Hardships and Sufferings of that Band of Heroes who tra- versed the Wilderness in the Campaign against Canada, 1775. 16mo. sheep, pp. 225. Lancaster, 1812. 2 50 175 Another edition. 12mo. sheep, pp. 212. Waterton, N. Y. 1844. 2 (i0f 176 Higginson (T e W) Young Folks' His- tory of the United States. 12mo. cloth. Boston, 1875. 1 50 177 Higginson (T. W.) Young Folks' Boik of American Explorers. 12mo. cloth. Bos- ton, 1877. 1 vf 178 Hildreth (Richard). History of the United States. First Series: From the First Settlement of the Country to the Adoption of the Federal Constitution. 3 vols. Sec- ond Series: To the End of the Sixteenth Congress. 3 vols. In all, 6 vols. 8vo. cloth. New York. 18 00 179 History of North America. Containing an Exact Account of the First Settlements, their Situation, Climate, Co-m-rce, Cities, Rivers, etc., with the Present State of the Different Colonies, and a Large Introduc- tion. Map. 12mo. sbeep, pp. 284. Lon- don, 1776. 2 00 180 History (The) of the American Revolu- tion, in Scripture Style. To which is added the Declaration of Independence, the Con- stitution of the United States of America, and the Farewell Address of General Wa-h- ington. lmo. pp. 264. Frederick County- Md., 1823. 1 0: 181 History (The) of the Civil War in Amer- ica. Comprehending the Campaigns of 177.5, 1776, and 1777. By an Officer of the Army [Major Hall . Vol. I (all ever published). Map. gv0- boards, ,edgse entirely uncut, pp. 413. London, 1780. f; 00 182 History of the United States, from their First Settlement of the Colonies to the Close of the War with Great Britain in 1815. 8v'i. boards, uncut, pp. 467. London, 1826. 2 00 183 History of the War in America, between Great Britain and her Colonies, from its Commencemenit to the Conclusion in 1783, with a Collection of Interesting and Authen- tic Papers to elucidate the Hi.tory. Large map and folding plates, list of wounded at Banker Hill, etc. 2 vols. 8vo. pp. 399-432. Dublin, 1779. 4 50 184 Holcombe (James P.) Sketches of the Political Issues and Controversies of the Revolution. 12mo. paper, pp. 63. Rich. mond, 1856. 50 185 Holmes (Abiel). The Annals of America, from the Discovery by Columbus in the year 1492 to 1826. 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, uncut, pp. 584-599. Cambridge, 1829. 5 00 186 Another edition. 2 vole. 8vo. half bounds Cambridge, 1808. 4 50 188 Holmes (Isaac). An Account of the United States of America, derived from Actual Observation, during a Residence of Four Years in that Republic. 8vo,. boards. uncut, pp. 476. London ;182:3). 3 75 189 Hough (Franklin B.) The Northern In. vasion if October, 1780. A Series of Papers relating tim the Expeditions from Cam-sda, under Sir John Johnson and others, against the Frontiers of New .York, which were ssp posed to have cinnectiun with Ar-eld's Treason. Royal 8vo. paper, uneut, pp. 224. Bradford Club Series, No.6. (Only sventy. five copies printed for subscribers.) New York, 1866. 7 00 190 Howitt ([Mary). A Popular Hitory of the United States of America, from the Dis- coverv of the American Continent to the Prese;lt Time. Illustrated. 2 vol. 12:no. cloth, pp. 406, 387. New York, 1864). 3 50 191 Howland (Edward). Annals of North America. Being a concise A-emtlit of the Settlement and P'rmgress of the Lnited States, the Britinh American Provirm ee , aiiml .,exico, dating from the Discovery of America up to the Present Time (1492-1877). Illustrated Svo. cloth. Hartford, Conn., 1877. 3 10 , 192 [Ingersol (Charles J.)] Inchiqain, the Jesui's Letters, during a late Resid,:nce in the United Stawes of America. lcing s fragment if a Private Corresponldr nl::e accl- dentally discovered in Eur:spe. By s4ome Unknown Foreigner. 8vo. half bound. pp. 1 65. New York, 1810. 2 25 193 Jeffreys(Thomas). The Naturil and Civil History of the French Do-oinmiom- in N earth aud South America. Gisving a I ,rtieular Account of the Climate, Soil, Mlinm nia etc. and a Description of Canada and Ls,:-is5a. Mlaps and plans of the prin. ipal plices. Partsoneandtwo. Folio, calf pp. lm8+246 London, 1760. 10 00 194 Jennings (Louis J.) Eighty Years of Republican Government il the united States. 12mo. cloth, pp. 288. London, 1868. 1 75 19-5 Johnson (Joseph). Traditiols and Rem- iniscences, chiefly of the Americla ltevolu- tion in the South. Including Bijmgriiphicl Sketches, Incidents and Anecdotes., few ef which have been published, particularly If Residents in the Upper Country. By Joseph Johnson, of Charleston, S. C. Bvy. hAlf morocco, gilt top, pp. 592. A beautifl copy, with san Autogrsph Letter of thO 8