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61 > Page 61 of Bibliotheca Americana : catalogue of a valuable collection of books and pamphlets relating to America ; with a descriptive list of Robert Clarke & Co's historical publications. (vol. 2)

Robert Clarke & Co., Cincinnati. 61 HORTON'S SILVER AND GOLD, and their Relation to the Problem of Resumption. By S. Dana -lHorton. New edition, revised and enlarged. Svo. pp. 196. Cloth. 1 50 " This is a thoroughly scientific discussion of the silver question, and one which wfill possess a lasting value after the immediate issue in hand shall haze passed away. . . . A careful, almost microscopic examina- tion of the arguments for and against silver as full legal tender conjointly with gold. . . . It is a storehouse of facts and opinions for scholars, and it presents the existing state of European ideas and policies on the subject with a fullness not to be found elsewhere."-The Nanton. "A work of considerable general interest, and a contribution of value to the discussion of the subject in its largest aspects. . . . Thte hook is an extremely interesting one from e-eryr point of viesv. It examines mi- nutely the existing monetary situation of the United State,, and gives an exact account of all the steps taken in England in reference to the currency since the reorganization of the coinage, in 1717."- 1estminster Ievkua, London . "This hook may be expected to be read, with equal interest, by men of very opposite opinions on the mono-metallic controversy. " It ,,ill afford a tempting rspply of material for those persons who in- tend to take an active part in that discussion, as well as to the more numer- ous class of readers, who wish to inform thetselves on the monetary ques- tion, atid ,who are not prejudiced either for or against either of the two great parties who are fighting the Battle of the Standards.'-B-.ankers' Magazine. " Mr. Horton gives a careful and impartial analysis of all the different notions in regard to metallic money which the currency writers of Europe present. In this respect his book is unique. is There can be obtained in no other treatise such a complete statement of the present condition of discussion upon the currency. In addition, the author suggests his own theory. . . . He has made an encyclopedia of opinion upon the subject of his book, and has ably stated and defended his own views."-Chicago Post. "A volume which is entitled, from its merit and the scope of its treat- ment of its subjects, to the attention of all interested in financial matters. A remarkable work."-Boston Evenig'S Traveler. p ROESBECK'S GOLD AND SILVER. An Address de- G livered before the American Bankers' Association, N. Y., September 13, 1877. By Hon. W. S. Groesbeck. 8vo. pp. 32. Paper. 25