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CATALOGUE or A VALUABLE COLLECTION OF BOOKS, RELATING TO AMERICA. FOR SALE BY ROBERT CLARKE & CO., CINCINNATI, OHIO. AMERICA-Pre-Columbian. Sce a/so No-.. 2040, Dc Ctosta; 26;10, Elliot; 3484), H,,m--nett. 1 Anderson (R. B.) America not discovered by Ctolumbw. An Historical Sketch of the Disc.,ery of America by toe Norsenmen in thte T.nth Century. 12mo. cloth, pp. 120. Chicago, 1877. 1 00 2 Beamish (N. L.) The Discovery of Amer- ica by the Northmen in the Tenth Century, and Notices of the Early Settlements of the Irish in the Western Hemisphere. Maps. 8vo. cloth, pp. 239. London, 1841. 2 50 3 Belknap (Jeremy). A Dis.course intended to C.'iGrnenorate the Dkiscoery of America by C'irit-,pher Colutmbus, to which are added an Examination of the Pretensions of Mar- tin 13,1saim t., a Discovery of America prior to that of Columbus, with a Chronological detail of all the Discoveries made in the Filtc-,nth Cntury: On the Question, whether the 7lney-bee is a Native of Alner- ica, and on the Color of the Native Ameri- cans. 8vo. paper, uncut, pp. 132. Boston, 1 792. 1 so 4 Bowen (Benj. F.) America Discovered by the WXelsh in 1170 A. D. 12mo. cloth, pp. 184. Philadelphia, 1876. 1 25 6 Davis (Ak.) Antiquities of America. The Fir.t Ilolabitants of Central America, and the Dicovcry of New England by the North- mem Five Hundred Years before Columbua. Bv,,. paper, pp. 32. Boston, 1848. 75 6 Davis (A.) A Lecture on the Discovery of America by the Northmen Five Hundred Years before Columbus. 8vo. paper, pp. 23, New York, 1839. 50 7 De Costa (B. F.) Notes on a Review of 'The Pre-Columbisa Discovery of America by the Northmen " in the North American Review for July [18693. 12mo. paper, un- cut, pp. 14. Charlestown, 1869. 35 8 De Costa (1B. F.) The Pre-Columbian Disa covery of America by the N.rthmnen. Il- lustrated by Translations from the Icelandic S.agas. Edited with Notes and a General Introduction. 8vo. cloth, pp. 118. Albany, 18;8. 3 25 9 Leland (Chas. G.) Fusang. or the Diacov. ery of America by Chinese Buddhist Priests in the Fifth Century. 12mo. cloth, pp. 241. New York. 1875. 1 75 10 Rafn (Charles C.) America Disc.svered in the Tenth Century. 8vo. paper, pp. 32. New York, 1838. 7-. 11 Ratn (Charles C.) Antiquitates Ameri- canoe. Edidit Societatas Regia Ante-uario- run Septentrionalium. Studio et Opera Caroli Christiani Rafn. Large 4to -ellum, pp. 42+479 (6). Maps and fac-simile plates. Hafnis, Typis Officina Schultzianm [1845]. A fine, large copy. 16 00 12 Rafn (Charles C.) Supplement to the An- tiquitates Americanie, With two maps, and six plates of the old Stone Tosver at Nesv- port. R. I. 8vo. paper, uncut, pp. 27. Co- penhagen, 1841. 1 75 13 Rafn (Charles C.) Memoire sur la De- couverte de LAnmerique au Duxieme Seicle, pp. 52; and, Rapport des seances annuelie de 1838, et de 1839, du Societe Royale des Antiquaires du Nord. 8vo. paper, uncut. Copenhagen, 1843. 1 50 14 Ratn (Charles C.) Memoire sur Ia De- couverte De L'Amerique au Dixieme Siecle. 8vo. paper, uncut, pp. 47. Paris, 1838. 75 15 Smith (Joshua T.) The Discoverr Of America by the Northmen in the nsth