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2 > Page 2 of Bibliotheca Americana : catalogue of a valuable collection of books and pamphlets relating to America ; with a descriptive list of Robert Clarke & Co's historical publications. (vol. 2)

America and United States. [IL CLARKU & Co. Century. With maps and plates. 12mo. new half calf, gilt top, uncut edges, pp. 344. London, 1839. 8 50 16 Another copy. Cloth. 2 75 17 Williams (John). Enquiry into the Truth of the Tradition ecncerning the Discovery of America by Prince Madog ab Owen Gwvnedd, about the Year 1170. 8So. old calf. London, 1791. 3 00 AMERICA AWD UNITED STATES. 18 Abbott (iacnhj. History of the Discovery of America. Illustrated. 12mo. cloth, pp. 288. -New York,' 1862. 1 2.5 19 Abbott (Jacob). History of the Northern Colonies. Illostrated. l2mo. cloth, pp.288. New York, 1862. 1 2.5 20 Abbott (J.acku). History of the Re-olt of the American Cotosicos. Illustrated. 12mo. cloth, pp. 288. New York, 1862. 1 2.5 21 Abbott lJ.Ncob) History of the War of the Revolution. Illustrated. 12no. cloth, pp. 288. New York, 1862. 1 2 22 Adams (John). A DefenFe of the C.nsti- tution of Government of the IUnited .tates of America 3 vo ls. 8vo. law sheep. Phil- adelphia, 1797. 5 00 23 Adams ;John). A Defense of the Con-ti- tution of Governmer.t of the United States of America. 8vo). new half calf, neat, pp. 392. London, 1787. 2 .50 24 All the Memorials of the Court.s of Great Britain and France relative to the Limits of the Territories .,f both Crowns in North America; and the light to the Neutral Islands in the West Indies. 4to. boards, edges entirely uncut, pp. 349-188. Hague. 1756. 6 50 25 Allen (Paul). A History of the American Revolutisn, comnprehending all the Principal Events, both in the Field and in the Cabi- net. 2 vols. Sv. old cait; binding cracked. Baltimore, 1811. 3 00 26 America. A collection of 190 Pamphlets relating_ to America, Historical, Biography ical, Statistical. and Miscellaneous, includ- ing a number of early printed Sermons, etc. No duplicates. A de-irable lot. 4 50 27 America. The Description of, and of Vir- ginia, Maryland. New England, New Neth- erlands, Jamnaica. Blarbado)es, Florida. and Carolina. Nu-m-re very curious maps. Oblong ln-o. Now half morocco. extra, gilt top [80 pp. extracted from an old book, bound in one volume]. (About 1675.) 4 00 28 American Military Pocket Atlas; being an approved Collection of correct Maps, both General and Particular, of the British Colonies, especially those which now are, or probably may be, the Theater of War. Nu- merous maps. Svo. half bound. London [1776.] 6 00 29 American Progress. A National Mann&I of Facts and Figures, Historical, Biographih cal, Documentary, Statistical, Financial, and Political. 1492 to 1876. Edited by Iev. B. 0. Haven. 12mo. cloth, pp. 500. New York, 1876. 2 00 30 An Account of a Late Conference on the Occurrences in America. In a Letter to a Friend. 8vo. half bound, pp. 40. London, 1766. 1 75 31 An Account of the Conduct of the War in the Middle Colonies. Extrac ed frorm a late Author. 16mo. edges uncut, pp. .56. Londo)n, 1780. 1 00 :2 An American's Offering. A Recitative Ods on Events of Revolutionary Times. By a Mechanic. With Itistorical Notes. teo. paper. pp. 40. Philadelphia, 1819. ,0 .33 Ancient Right (The) of the English Na tin to the American Fishery. Map. 4ts. half bound, pp. 105. Lnndon, 1761j. 1 25 31 Anderson (Charles). An Oration on the Real Nature and Value of the American Revolution. Delivered in Cincinnati, July 4, 18.5.5. 8vo. paper, pp. 31. Cincinnati, 18;55. 50 3S5 Anderson (James). The Interest .f Great Britain with Regard to her Amc riean Colo- nies, considered. To which is addled an Appendix, containing the Outlines of a Plan for a General Pacification. 8vo. new half calf. pp. 136+36. London. 1782. 3 ,50 36 Andrews (John). Ilistory of the War with America. France. Spain,. arid lholland, commencing 1775, and ending 1793. Por- traits. maps, and charts. 4 -Is. So. fall bound. London, 1785. 8 00 37 Asmodee a New York. Revue Critique des Institutions, Politiques et Civiles, de L'Amerique, vie Publique et Privee. Mecsn, Coutumes, Anecdotes, 11 maneaqae5 etc. 8vo. sewed, uncut, pp. 503. Paris, 1868. 2 .50 38 Bancroft (George). History of the United States, from the l)isc-overy of the Amerlican Continent. 10 vols. 8vo. Bost.,n. 1870. Cloth, 2-5 00; Leather, 35 0 39 The same. The Centenary edition. Thoroughly revised, with Index. 12i0. 6 vols. Boston, 1876. Cloth, 1:3.,50; Half calf, 24 00 40 Barber (John W.) and Howe (Henry). Our Whole Country; or, The Past and Present of the United States. Historical and Descriptive. 600 engravings. 2 vols. 8Se. pp. 1496, roan. Cincinnati, 1861. 4 0 41 Another copy. 2 vols. in one. 2 75 42 Baring (Alexander). An Inquiry into the Causes and Consequences of the Orders in Council; and an Examination of the CO5 duct of Great Britain toward the Neutra Commerce of America. 8vo. paper, PP-. 179. London, 1808. 1 75 2 - -