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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

2 - Mr. Hardymon asked for a motion to approve the consent items. Ms. Ball made the motion, which was seconded by Ms. Edge. The motion was approved without dissent. (See AACR 1 at the end of these Minutes.) Mr. Hardymon asked President Todd for an update on the condition of Mary Margaret Colliver. E. President's Comments on Ms. Colliver President Todd informed the board that Mary Margaret Colliver, long-time Public Relations director for the Hospital and later for the campus as a whole, sustained serious injuries in a traffic/pedestrian accident on Limestone Street after leaving her office at 7 p.m. on March 22, 2005. To the relief of everyone, Ms. Colliver is doing well and recovering in the Medical Center. President Todd said that prayers and thoughts continue to be with her, and he looks forward to when she rejoins the board at one of the seats in the board room. Ms. Young commented that there have been two bad pedestrian accidents on Limestone recently, and she wants to be sure that the university looks hard at traffic patterns, pedestrian patterns, and jaywalking to see what can be done to prevent future accidents. President Todd said that the issue of safety on Limestone and other university streets has been referred to the campus safety committee. He pointed out that at one time, the university discussed trying to plant hedges along Limestone to force people to cross only at crosswalks. He shares the fear of accidentally hitting a pedestrian when he drives on campus and is very concerned. He has asked for recommendations from the safety committee. He said that Ms. Young's point was well taken. F. Proposed 2005-2006 Tuition and Mandatory Registration Fee Schedules (FCR 1) Mr. Hardymon said that the reason for the special meeting today came out of the finance committee, chaired by Ms. Tobin that morning. He asked Ms. Tobin to lead the discussion. Ms. Tobin pointed out that she was sitting in for Ms. Wickliffe and that the tuition increase is such an important topic that the finance committee referred it to the total board for discussion and presentation. She asked Dr. Todd to make his presentation. President Todd started a PowerPoint presentation, which began by reviewing data from 2000 to the present. (See the PowerPoint presentation at the end of the Minutes.) The university has been making progress though some difficult times. In comparison with our benchmarks, UK is in 1 5th position with respect to the level of tuition and fees. President Todd mentioned that he would like to see the board talk about benchmarking because it is under reconsideration now by the Council on Postsecondary Education