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[3] > Image [3] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1986-07-aug26.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

3 I. Proposed Amendment to the Governing Regulations (PR 3B) Mr. Lassetter moved, and Mr. Larry Jones seconded, that the proposed amendment to the Governing Regulations in PR 3B which was received by the Board of Trustees at its June 1986 meeting be approved. The motion carried unanimously. (See PR 3B at the end of the Minutes.) J. Approval of Degree Candidates--Lexington Campus and Medical Center (PR 3C) Mr. Rose moved that the list of candidates for degrees in the Lexington Campus and Medical Center sectors as recommended in PR 3C be approved. The motion was seconded by Mrs. Hayes and carried. (See PR 3C at the end of the Minutes.) K. Candidates for Degrees--Community College System (PR 4A) Mr. Black moved that the degrees and certificates specified in PR 4A be awarded to the persons named, upon certification that the requirements for those degrees or certificates have been satisfactorily completed. The motion, which was seconded by Mr. Clay, was voted on and carried. (See PR 4A at the end of the Minutes.) L. Memorandum of Understanding Between the University and Community Improvement Foundation, Inc., Madisonville, Kentucky (PR 4B) Mr. Ramsey moved that the President be authorized to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding between the Community Improvement Foundation, Inc., of Madisonville, Kentucky, concerning the acceptance of a gift of $500,000 from the Foundation to be used to defray, in part, the cost of designing and constructing an academic/auditorium building at Madisonville Community College. The motion was seconded by Mr. Black and carried without dissent. (See PR 4B at the end of the Minutes.) M. Resolution Relative to the Activation of the Owensboro Community College (PR 4C) With President Singletary so recommending, Mr. Clay moved adoption of the following Resolution relative to the activation of the Owensboro Community College entitled: RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY ACCEPTING FROM THE CITY OF OWENSBORO AND COUNTY OF DAVIESS, CERTAIN LAND SITUATED IN DAVIESS COUNTY, KENTUCKY, FOR THE PURPOSE OF ESTABLISHING THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY OWENSBORO COMMUNITY COLLEGE; FURTHER AUTHORIZING THE EMPLOYMENT OF AN ARCHITECT AND DEVELOPMENT OF PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF NEW FACILITIES FOR OWENSBORO COMMUNITY COLLEGE Mr. Clay's motion was seconded by Mr. Watson and unanimously carried. (See PR 4C at the end of the Minutes.)