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13 > Image 13 of Catalogue of the Officers, Studies, and Students of the State College of Kentucky, Lexington, Volume 5 (Session ending 1906 June 7)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

FACULTY I . v' _ (In the order of appointment.) JAMES KENNEDY PATTERSON, Ph. D., LL. D., F. S. A., President, Q Professor of History, Political Economy, and Meiaphysics. { JAMES GARRARD YVHITE, A. M., ' I Przfessor of flelothemalies and Astronomy. j ` JOHN HENRY NEYILLE, A. M., LL. D., Vice-President, ` Professor of Gree/c and Loiiiz. WALTER KENNEDY PATTERSON, A. M., Principal of lhe Academy. ` JOSEPH WILLIANI PRY0R, M D., ` Professor of Anatomy and Physiology. ' FREDERICK PAUL ANDERSON, M. E., ` Professor of Alec/umieal Engineering. CLARENCE WENTWDRTH INIATHEWS, B. S., ` Professor ey"Bomny, Hortieulmre, and Agriculture. - ARTHUR BICQUISTON NIILLER, A. M., Professor of Geology and Zo-ology. ` HIERRY LEWIS PENcE, M. S., Professor of Physics. ` PAUL \VERNICKE, Ph. D., ` Professor of grlor/ern Languages. JOHN PASCAL BROOKS, M. S., Professor of Cir!/l Engineering. , ALEXANDER ST. CLAIR IWACKENZIE, M A., F. R. S. L., I Professor of English and Logic. CHARLES JOSEPH NOR\VOOD, _ Pro_/%soor of Jlining Erzgineerizgs;. P JOHN THEODORE FAIG, M. E., Y Professor of flloehine Design. WILSON BRYANT BURTT, FIRST LIEUT. U. S. A., Commamiaizt and Professor of Jllilitary Science and Taeiies { . MILE0RD \VI-{ITE, B. C. E., M. S., _ Professor of Pezirmogy. I V CHASE PALMER, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry Y caf? =..e .-r. M