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6 > Image 6 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 77, no. 2, Summer 2006

Part of Kentucky alumnus

. v 5`c- Q ;. -46 __ ,_ . , ;, . AA , . =* ~ A A A . Q ? . A i A . ;,A Q * *` - * . T I ` I ;. I I *5 ~.E S ' s - ~ c , .A ` A. I .A ?I\|" V tri; , _ A A; A _ _ A. A " ?; i s - -:5:5 P AA .v A. . I t . J 5A` .1 f Turning Point V 'V * gi ,- - . If we are successful in our quest to transform the University of Kentucky into a Top 20 fa A public research university, higher education historians may point to spring 2006 as the _ _,/ turning point. I I I j For the first time since I became president of UK in 2001, the Kentucky General As- 'T E sembly passed a biennial budget this March.The budget was as "higher education friendly" as any I have seen in this state in many years, fully funding our Top 20 Business C Plan in 2007-08, while supporting the universitys top two capital project requests a new pharmacy building for our Top 10 College of Pharmacy and authorization to pro- ceed with the $450 million expansion of our patient care facility at UK HealthCares Chandler Medical Center. Although 2006-07 will still be financially tight, the overall commitment we received from our elected officials this year has provided UK with a much needed boost. Y __ As important as the legislative support was for this university, it has been the newfound campus energy that has me smiling. On April 24, we unveiled a $4.2 million, 74-project initiative to renovate, repair and upgrade classrooms and other facilities as part of a significant effort to improve the universitys learning and student environment. On April 27, we announced a partnership with E.ON U.S. to study technology that could improve air quality worldwide. E.ON U.S. committed $1.5 million over three years to UKs Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER) for research into the reduction of i greenhouse gases. Specifically, researchers will examine technologies to separate, capture and store carbon dioxide emitted by coalfired power plants. On May 1,we opened the $17 million Center for Pharmaceutical Science & Technol- ogy (CPST) on Coldstream Research Campus. The 20,000 square foot, stateofthe-art facility is being tabbed the "facto1y of the future," thanks to its innovative approach to formulating and manufacturing pharmaceuticals. It is estimated that by 2011 the CPST will bring in $15 million and employ up to 100 scientists, engineers and professional staff A at yearly earnings ranging from $50,000 to $150,000. I Also on May tl, I had the privilege to tour our new basketball practice facility, which is located just behind Memorial Coliseum.The facility promises to be one of the finest in # the nation. with construction expected to be completed during the coming season. i Not only were these announcements important for the future of the university, they A symbolized what this university is trying to accomplish.We are investing in our under- graduate experience, as we continue to enhance student learning. We are serving the I Commonwealth through new research initiatives. We are working to diversify and en- hance Kentucky`s economy. And we remain committed to strengthening the athletic pro- 3 grams that have brought this university pride and honor for so many years. 3 This Top 20 mission is not just about one program or area of expertise. It is about building a unique, dynamic university that is prepared to lead the Commonwealth in L the 2lst century. i President Lee T. Todd Jr. 4 KliNTU(`KY ALUMNI